Other puzzle records
MegaminxAverage of 10
PyraminxAverage of 10
Pyraminx CrystalAverage of 10
PyramorphixAverage of 10
SkewbAverage of 10
Square-1Average of 10
Rubik's ClockAverage of 10
Rubik's MagicAverage of 10
Rubik's Magic 6*2Average of 10
Rubik's Magic 8*2Average of 10
Rubik's Bricks 
Rubik's Darth Maul 
Rubik's Dice 
Rubik's DominoAverage of 10
Rubik's Fifteen 
Rubik's Homer Simpson Cube 
Rubik's Rings 
Rubik's Shells (level 1) 
Rubik's Shells (level 2) 
Rubik's SnakeAverage of 10
Rubik's Tangle 
Rubik's UFOAverage of 10
Rubik's World 
Siamese CubeAverage of 10
Fused Cube 
Textured Rubik's Cube 
Textured 4x4x4 Cube 
Keychain Rubik's CubeAverage of 10
Giant Rubik's CubeAverage of 10
Supercube Rubik's Cube 
Supercube 4x4x4 Cube 
Supercube 5x5x5 Cube 
3x2x2 Cube 
4x2x2 Cube 
5x3x3 Cube 
5x4x4 Cube 
Alexander Star 
Bandaged Cube 
Bedlam Cube 
Bevel Cube 
The Brain 
Hoberman's Braintwist 
CMetrick Too 
Cubic Mania 
Fisher Cube 
K8 BallAverage of 10
Master Ball 
Master Pyraminx 
Maze Cube 
Missing BlockAverage of 10
Missing LinkAverage of 10
Nintendo Billion Dollar Barrel 
Octagon Cube 
Orb-It (The Orb) 
Overlapping CubeAverage of 10
Peter's Black Hole 
Platypus Jackpot 
Rainbow CubeAverage of 10
Samuel Loyd's 15 sliding puzzleAverage of 10
Skewb BallAverage of 10
Skewb Diamond 
Skewb UltimateAverage of 10
Sudoku Cube 
Towers of Hanoi - 7 Rings 
Varikon 5 
Sport Stacking CycleAverage of 10

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