Siamese cube
126.93 secondsRichard WhiteThis solve was part of my Siamese Avg. of 10 WR. I can't explain this solve. It was too fast to think about. I'm still stunned. )20080712
227.81 secondsFrederick Choolol. very unclear video, must get a better one next time
332.12 secondsJosh Bergi just realized my 30.44 second time i posted was with the glue version of the siamese rubiks cube which is easier on this solve though i used a real siamese rubiks cube though.20080412
432.35 secondsDakota Harris
532.40 secondsEmerson Herrmannyay! I'm gonna keep practicing :D20081109
636.43 secondsGunnar KrigVery fast solve. I do six LL-steps in total and i skipped one out of six which is very likely, so I consider it not-lucky. Get it on video to. Check
738 secondsWill KlauslerI haven't come close since.20080816
838.83 secondsAnthony SearlePretty fast. :]20081105
939.44 secondsAdam DarganNot lucky. Everything just worked out.20080101
1041.05 secondsTristan Peñarroyoi cant believe this, woohooo!! i usually get 53 secs. on the siamese, but this is insane.20080331
1143.21 secondsJohan HolmedahlGood solve! I hope to do sub 40!20080117
1244.17 secondsErik AkkersdijkThis was a good solve, first cube in 21 second in 23 I think.20061127
1344.80 secondsJorge SanchezIt was a good solve.
1446.53 secondsMartin Parfirst solve was nice one of the edge-only olls and ending off with a z perm.
second solve was another edge only oll pll skip
just made this cube yesterday too =)
too bad i didnt get it on film my cam ran out of batteries during the solve >_>
1547.33 secondsCameron AlmasiWatch out derrick20090308
1647.41 secondsLevi Reicheltwell i made this 5 hours ago and have been praticing but i cant believe imm top ..:) It was an easy solve.:)
Heres the Video enjoy:
1747.50 secondsDylan FryeMy school bus broke down so I decided to pull out my siamese and try it again, and somehow I got this amazing time! It was my first sub- 60 o.0 but it was still non-lucky. W00t20080429
1847.89 secondsDerrick Eidemy cube is the siamese 2 dont know if that still counts. anyways this is my best time. dont know if i'll ever beat gunnar..20061010
1948.91 secondsJon PreteIm Using The Glued Model Which Is Easier but Doesnt Save Me So Much Time It Makes a Difference I Use Basically a variations of lars on f2l with something i cam up with to keep edges correct for ll then mixing a few algrorythems i knew only useing r and u faces (l and u if you turn it around) and now i get averages sub 1 minute20090201
2049.52 secondsTyler VondIt was a pll skip.but oh well. TOP 10! hahah.
Video is here:
2153.02 secondsRaymond Chardn/a20080228
2255 secondsRon van BruchemSiamese cube is best solved using a kind of corners first system. First solve edges FD and BD, then corners FRD and BRD, then orient (position is always correct) corners of top layer, then solve 4 edges of top layer, then solve edge RD and at the same time orient middle layer edges, then position middle layer edges. 
2355.37 secondsKenneth BrandonBest of my average.200311
2457.36 secondsTaylor Yatesfirst sub1 solve, no skips20090507
2559.77 secondsJosh RotholzI was so happy when I got sub-minute! I should probably be working on my 3x3 times in time for the Denver Open, but the Siamese is just so fun.20080228
261 minutePaul Andersoni was pretty happy, i didn't know it was all that great though lol.20080105
271 minute 2.45 secondsTimothy SunThis is actually really easy. 2x2x3 block (four edges around the fused part), orient edges (M'UMU2M'UM 1-3 times), 2-gen. Repeat.20060617
281 minute 3.77 secondsThomas Watiotienne1:09.22 1:10.97 (1:20.72) 1:16.44 1:13.52 1:16.94 1:14.14 (1:03.77) 1:19.42 1:17.92 1:12.00 1:19.25
I'll be sub 60 soon!!
291 minute 6 secondsEphraim Owen Mazahere's the video link of my solve
301 minute 6.07 secondsKenneth GustavssonSub WR =) Also took a 1:29 average but I know I can do better if I try some more. Method: F2L = 2x2x3 block + 2 x C/E-pairs, LL = OLL + PLL if edges are "good" else I do CLL (only 7 cases) + ELL. My ELL algs20060724
311 minute 8.47 secondsAllison Tharpn/a20081213
321 minute 18.61 secondsTon DennenbroekI built a speedcube version of this puzzle (2 Rubik's cubes and an hour work). Using my method I can solve this puzzle always in 2:00 min, 1 min 30 seconds is the limit for my method. I added some extra tricks to the 3x3x3 system. I estimate that if you design a more complex method and a good speedcube you should solve this puzzle in about 1 minute. My average is 1 min 42 sec. 
331 minute 27.73 secondsBrad DavisThis is a siamese attached by a 1x1x3 block and non speedcube quality. Also used layer by layer with 4 look LL on both sides.20080707
341 minute 37.08 secondsKristófer Már MaronssonMy best solve built it yesterday but i had studied thrawt's tutorial on youtube its very good. My first sub-2 actually thats pretty good.20080304
351 minute 45 secondsAlex Ellisn/a20080229
361 minute 52.06 secondsAndrew Middletonn/a20070414
371 minute 59.73 secondsDavid ParksI built this one and use a slightly modified Petrus method. With more practice I could get it down to 1 min 30 seconds. 
382 minutes 25.17 secondsMichael PhillipsHere's the video link of my solve
392 minutes 33.73 secondsStephanie ChowYay! ^_^20071224
405 minutes 38.04 secondsThomas Schneideruhhh.... bad, but this was the first time i took the time20090308