Textured cube 3x3
11 minute 8.11 secondsAlex KumakiDone during an average of 10. I use both sides of velcro, duct tape, a blank side, paper, and globs of superglue. I use a long method, but fast: get cross, finsh top layer, get edges of next layer, orient edges then corners of last layer, then orient edges then corners. May be improved. Just finished my cube yesterday.20080224
21 minute 10.2 secondsQuinn LewisWell, what can I say. I've been working on the textured cube a lot lately, being that I forgot I made it.just happened to find it in my closet.But anyway, this wasn't an especially difficult solve, but not horribly easy either. The F2L was easy, but not lucky. I had some easy corner-edge pairs. The different textures on my cube are raised diamonds, thumbtacks, raised stars, googly-eyes, washers, and a blank side. My starting and ending points are used to my advantage, as I start with the diamonds (which are opposite the blank side), so feeling for the middle edge pieces and first layer corners is easy.anything without a blank side goes in the F2L. I encourage anyone who hasn't tried a textured cube to do so, it's really fun! 
31 minute 15.14 secondsRyan ThompsonJust five seconds away.20070129
41 minute 24.71 secondsRon van BruchemThanks Ton for lending me his cube. We used the official timer with the competition display. I wonder what the neighbours were thinking. 
51 minute 45.80 secondsAdam Zamorabest solve of 520070120
61 minute 58.65 secondsHenrik Buus AagaardFinaly I got my first sub 2 min. yeah20070107
72 minutes 1.71 secondsTon DennenbroekBlindfolded, 15 secs inspection. This 3x3x3 Braille cube was a commercial product. It was manufactured in 1983 by a German Blind People Association. I am sure I can do 1:30 minutes. Still feel the "colors", the pins are color for me in my mind. I used my 20 year old method for this. 
83 minutes 15 secondsRichard Pattersonvelcro (soft), velcro (hard), washers, smooth, foam, and beady little eyes.20031022
93 minutes 27 secondsTony SnyderI used raised glue spots to create a Braille cube using my own version of Braille that would work in an all-directions environment such as a cube. No study, blindfolded from the start. 
103 minutes 40.55 secondsJesse Lieman-SifryAcctually done with a homemade cube, with all the sides different textures. Over all, this was a good solve for me, although it got quite irritating at times.20060324