Rubik's Domino
114.06 secondsTeo Kai Xianggood20081112
214.20 secondsStefan PochmannGot it on video. Best nonlucky single out of 200+ solves today. Best lucky was 9.51 with an LL skip (1/144 chance). I solve with black on top now cause the result looks better, the dots for 2 and 3 being parallel. I use my Domino scrambler for short high-quality scrambles.
314.56 secondsBrúnó BereczkiThis is my best solve with a bit lucky.20081206
414.75 secondsEric JohnsonNice fast solve with my custom made, keychain-core domino.20081213
520.59 secondsPascal Son/a20081112
624.33 secondsOlivér NagyIt was not lucky!
I can do it faster!
I made a video from this solve, but it is too large to put it on the internet (60Mb) :-(
726.33 secondsEthan RosenDone with the method on Jaaps20080122
827.92 secondsCaleb LauThis was done using Pochmann;s method.
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930.99 secondsRalf Lauen/a19821024
1031.57 secondsJames WattClose to sub 30, Wahoo!!!20070109
1142 secondsRobert SchlichtBack before the inside deteriorated. Tip: If the two and three cubies run parallel to each other on the white side, and the white side is in reading order, then do NOT try to disassemble the cube, because it uses a completely different mechanism.20070729