157.90 secondsMichael SwanUWR!!! I broke my rubik's cube and I have an ear infection i think. I don't know how that is at all related.200870705
258.25 secondsPeter GreenwoodHad to be done. Sub-60! [Team Epsilon] My cubing page20080224
31 minute 7.53 secondsBrian Cosgrove Payne4 days after getting this puzzle and practicing like a madman I did it. This is my UWR!!!! Thanks to Noah H. for his UWR vid.20070621
41 minute 19.85 secondsNoah HeveyThis was directly after a 1:32.25 solve. I was on the can. Imagine if I was actually set up at a table.
New goal. Sub 60.
Any competition? I'm not that great of a speedcuber, so it shouldn't be to hard to beat me.
51 minute 29.75 secondsZachary WisniewskiHere is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Pj6TO7UtZs20080309
62 minutesJoŽl HeymbeeckThis puzzle was a lot of fun to solve, first time I've won something with a puzzle, I've won a meal because a friend told me it was impossible to solve it :D
Second solve :)
First was 15 minutes just the time to find a method to solve it.
73 minutes 32.82 secondsJosh RotholzFirst timed solve. Fun puzzle. Very very easy.20080903
83 hours 15 minutesDerrick Eidefirst got this from my grandma and took 3 hours too first seeing it from solving it didnt even have to look online had to give it back after i solved. when i get my own since i know the method know i will get a WAY better time! :)20060714