Bandaged 3x3 cube
121.42 secondsBartosz ZawislakNice and simple puzzle :)20061230
241.96 secondsDavid ParksA kid in a class of mine said it was "impossible to do because you can't turn it but one direction at a time". I handed him a stop watch. His mouth just sorta dropped when he read back 41.96 seconds. 
343 secondsShotaro MakisumiStarted w/ all parts not in place. 
41 minute 12.98 secondsFrederick ChooThe puzzle is so random. No constant average20081116
52 minutesNoah HeveyI developed my own method over the course of a week. I only used intuition a 3 cycle and 5 cycle. Both of the algs were handmade.
I'm just glad I came up with my own method. It's quite the accomplishment. This was a lucky solve. Usually takes 10 minutes or so.
611 minutesChris HardwickI've had this thing for a while, but this is the first time I've ever solved it! I've been working on it a lot recently and came up with a lot of ideas last night. I scrambled it before I put it away and today I picked it up again and within 11 minutes I had it solved. I hope to actually be able to do this one consistently (and hopefully fast too!).