12.92 secondsKwon HaramKorean Pyraminx Institute
well it's quite good. solved pyraminx in 3seconds.
23.14 secondsKamil Górskivery easy, but non-LC :) my best LC is 2.2720071022
33.35 secondsGrzegorz LuczynaEasy (but not the easiest) non-LC cases.20061215
43.36 secondsTomasz KiedrowiczVideo. I will be better.20071108
53.42 secondsDerrick EideNot Lucky.
All Nightmare Long.
63.58 secondsBrúnó BereczkiWith non lucky my best lucky is 2.67 with ll skip20090214
73.64 secondsPiotr WaclawskiScramble: r' u L' U' L R L' U' L' B' U L' U R' U L B U' B' R' U' L U R B20071021
83.69 secondsSyoji TakamatsuThe scramble: l' L R L' U R' B' L B R B L' R U' R' B L U R B' L' B U' L' U
It's easy
My site
93.79 secondsMátyás KutiCheck out the video20070107
103.81 secondsSiraj AliI was racing in IRC and this easy scramble comes up. All intuitive solution. PJ beat me by .01 on this haha :)20090201
113.86 secondsWilliam SiauThe pyraminx is the only puzzle that makes me feel fast!20080903
123.87 secondsMason HoffmanThe pyraminx is extremly easy. I got it one day learned it the next and a few week after I got this time I know I can do much better though.20070601
133.98 secondsAndy Bellenirn/a 
144.00 secondsPiotr KózkaEasy, but not lucky.20080215
154.38 secondsJoseph LiaoGot super lucky, I was using Jesse Blonde's Timer. 
164.40 secondsArthur AdamsWell, that was interesting. :)20081119
174.49 secondsRonald Herbert DunphyFull steps.20071117
184.50 secondsLeonard BradfordIn 1982, after telling my friends that I could fix the Pyraminx in 7 seconds, one guy challenged me. I fixed the cube twice in a row in 4.5 seconds, and the second time he held it behind his back until he said GO!, so I couldn't plan any moves ahead. 
194.56 secondsYi RenI have sold it20090214
204.57 secondsCheung Ka Lokye,pb!20090106
214.86 secondsTrevor DavilaGreat job.20070831
224.97 secondsJames MellorTimed it on
235 secondsShotaro Makisumin/a20031001
245.33 secondsTobias DaneelsGreat smooth solve.
But i think i can do better.
255.45 secondsJon Weidleyvery nice solve it came out of nowhere.20080503
265.61 secondsOliver Nagynon lucky case!!20051218
275.90 secondsWuqiong Fanb' u l' L' R U' L R L B' R' U' L' U L U' L' B' L' B' L' R U B' R' B L
Easy, but full step.
Once I learn all 20 algs for my method and break in my stiff pyraminx, I'll soon average this fast.
286 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis was one great solve. This is the situation. I decided at about 1 in the morning to break out the Pyraminx so I did. and this is what happens. a 6 second solve. the reason it is not more precise was I was just watching the second hand on the clock and it started at 35 and ending at 41 so a 6 second solve. How great to post again on By the way this happened on Halloween so i wonder if that had anything to do with it?20061031
296.23 secondsJan GnoińskiMy best time (non-LC)20080810
306.24 secondsThom SutcliffeGot my pyraminx 5 days ago. Good solve but not really lucky20081206
316.25 secondsAndrea Santambrogionot bad20090308
326.28 secondsKenneth GustavssonAll four steps was done.. but it was easy.. almost no stops at all.20081219
336.36 secondsMarcin Jakubowski:)20071220
346.39 secondsBordas Szabolczn/a20081026
356.67 secondsSam Cappleman-LynesThis was lucky. Very. Every time I solved an edge it placed another one. I also had only two moves to fix centres and tips at the beginning and a two edges flip at the end. I was turning faster than normal as well. I'm usually slow as this thing pops so easily.20061204
377.12 secondsHadley SheffieldHoping for the NAR at nationals.20080423
387.13 secondsToshihiro Oonon/a20070114
397.22 secondsJustin GodeskyOne of my fastest non-lucky solves. Video soon.20071204
397.22 secondsIbrahim ZaidiI was solving my friends Pyramix when suddenly, I solved it in 7.22 seconds and both of us were amazed. i only started on the 10th of november 2008 and I'll keep trying. I am 13 years old.20081206
417.26 secondsKĺre KrigDont try to take a pyraminx apart. Its harder than you think to put together again.20050809
427.37 secondsOkko Pyssysalon/a20081015
437.55 secondsRory Margrafn/a20060730
448.56 secondsCameron Almasin/a20080329
458.87 secondsOtto von HellensUsing my new method. Scramble l b' B' R' U' B L' R' U' B' R' U' R' U B L' U R' L' B' U' R B' R B by WCA Pyraminx scrambler. Best lucky case 3.42 seconds (Seven moves. Scramble b B' L' U' L B R' B U' R L' R' B' L R' B R' L' B' U' L' R B R' L', also by WCA Pyraminx scrambler.)20080305
468.90 secondsJak Sonesn/a20080714
478.91 secondsChris AlmichI am getting faster and faster at this. I didnt even get lucky here, my fingers were flying.20050704
488.93 secondsBen CoateMy girlfriend just found this at her house a few days ago and I developed my own formula for it. I'll work on it a bit more and see what I can do.20050404
499.18 secondsTobie SneeringerI was bored of solving my 3x3x3 so I pulled out my pyraminx and was averaging about 18-10 seconds. Then I just got a 9.18 second solve. I was amazed.20081109
509.22 secondsBlake O'Haren/a 
519.65 secondsJohan Hillerström4 move first layer, 3-cycle for last edges, 2 tips off20070106
529.80 secondsErik AkkersdijkThis was a fast one. No lucks. I need a new pyraminx.
My Site
529.80 secondsTyler Wilkinsonnot lucky20070416
549.9 secondsAndrew DuncanSurprised myself!! 
5510.56 secondsJim HerronI got my pyraminx less then a week ago.20051008
5610.99 secondsNeil FleckGrrrr.. so close to a non-lucky sub-10. 13 Years old.20051014
5711.31 secondsRalf Lauen/a19821022
5811.32 secondsBrandon J. VasosMy own algorithims. Not lucky, but a nice solve.20050827
5911.68 secondsConnor GrievesFirst day with it, after 4 hours practice alternating from this to skewb.20080701
6011.74 secondsJed Zeinsreally easy20070623
6111.83 secondsJoël Heymbeeckn/a20060713
6212.35 secondsBernett OrlandoI saw this puzzle just 3 days before Dutch Open-2006 where Ron uncle taught me this for few min. I never touched it since then till today. Now, I like to give it a try for few days.20070430
6312.43 secondsGreg AustinDid this a while ago but forgot to post, this was done after the first layer and fixing the top corner so it was lucky although about 1/3 of my solves are like this. My pyraminx is ultra loose now though so i need a new one.20061219
6413.17 secondsEmile CompionThis puzzle is far too easy to solve. I got this time on the same day I figured it out. I only use one algorithm that I figured out on my own (two edge flip). My pyraminx pops way too often, and doesn't turn that well. I'll try to get sub-10 once I get a better one.20061030
6513.22 secondsLuke WhitestoneThis was an incredible solve. It was not lucky. The key to this great time was the placing of the edges. I put them all in 2 at a time, until the 2-edge parody which I fixed extremely quickly. (The tips were scrambled).20050105
6613.59 secondsNoah HeveyThird day I've had it. I kid mixed it up for 5 minutes and timed me on his cell phone. I was shocked. It wasn't lucky or anything I just was in the zone or something.20060309
6713.86 secondsMarcel PassonScramble: R' L' B U' R' U' L B L' B' R B' U L U' B R B L B r :-D20080206
6814.17 secondsDavid SkolnikLucky don't get lucky cases that often.I can get around 20 seconds non-lucky, probably faster if I wasn't so cautious because it pops so damn much!!20060126
6914.28 secondsBryan O'Connorgot it for Christmas and im 12. From it's really fun and easy to learn =)20080128
7014.31 secondsOuyang Yunqin/a20080531
7114.77 secondsCraig BouchardI use my own method, and it sux, but hey, when you come up with something on your own it needs to be refined, and it will, and my pyraminx was in its original package for 24 years and it is a little stiff, thanx again Stefan!!20051121
7215.01 secondsBob BurtonThere was nothing special about this solve. The puzzle was solved after I solved a second color.20050623
7315.32 secondsRyan WestI got this solve the first day i touched one. It was a lucky solve not having to orient the last two corners. I average around 27 seconds on my first day using a real one. (I've been using java pyraminxs on the internet)20070611
7415.66 secondsTristan WrightWould like to get a bit faster at this puzzle, don't need to, but would like to.20060602
7516 secondsJacob Ruethn/a 
7616.39 secondsShuichi Katsumatan/a20051226
7716.50 secondsDoug LiI've had dozens of sub-10s also, but with tips not scrambled. I really should start scrambling my tips to have the times count here. 
7816.82 secondsJoe WallaceUsing mefferts solution20060516
7917.93 secondsWelton Leungn/a20080712
8018.00 secondsMike Daileyn/a 
8118.99 secondsRobert SchlichtIt was 18.something but I can't remember what it was, so I'm putting .99. My friend Eric was very unwilling to let me use his normal Pyraminx after I accidentally drove one of the screws out of his keychain Pyraminx.20071121
8219.09 secondsThom BarlowGot it for christmas, solved it the same day :) I have no single method, I usually just go ahead on solve it however I can :)20050115
8319.60 secondsAndy Hollowayi started by trying to learn algorithms for the last part of the solve, until i realised how easy it is to do the whole thing intuitivly :D20060331
8420.26 secondsBruno JorgeI buy a pyraminx and some siamese 2x2x2 cubes. I don´t have a method to solve, I just do one face and next other and other and the pyraminx will be solve. In that case I just needed to do one face. My first cronometred was1 minute and 7.20070216
8520.53 secondsAndrew Smithhmmm, this is my 5th time solving it. I used my friends pyraminx so i probalby can't practice it enough now.20070318
8620.80 secondsEric Brackenits simple20080124
8722 secondsLevi Reichelti figured it out myself, i range from 20- seconds to 2 minutes LOL, i need a real method20080206
8827.50 secondsQuinn L'HeureuxThis was a cool solve, yay new record. Extreme Cubes20080307
8928.96 secondsDavid MellemGo me!!!20050830
9030 secondsRoyce Satonew pyraminx20080808
9130.12 secondsDante Paredesn/a20060628
9232.62 secondsThomas ClementNo parity, 3-cycle after the first layer. This thing is so hard to move.20060305
9336 secondsSébastien Marsn/a 
9438.23 secondsJeffrey HansenYesssss20090510