Sudoku Cube
138.64 secondsGarrett DickersonThis will probably be my fastest time on the Sudoku Cube for a while. My average on the regular cube is only 34 seconds, so it would be hard to beat those times on this type of puzzle.20070110
242.08 secondsAlex CourrauAwesome solve! I'm getting better at seeing the corner/edge pairs. I put 3 in with their respective pieces and flipped one. I hope to average sub-60. Feels good to be on top for a change :P
-Presidente Cubin
31 minute 20 secondsAntoine Piaun/a20080104
41 minute 21.32 secondsEthan Rosenn/a20070521
51 minute 58 secondsRuben Helmstaedtern/a20081116
62 minutes 12 secondsMike DeGrafftough to look at. once i got the hang of it it was not too bad i just hd to study it like crazy20080227
72 minutes 22 secondsGreg Austini was going to post this just now and found that it had just been posted, these are hard once you've trained your brain to colours especially since you cant detect the parity until the very last minuted, i also lubed mine which really makes a difference.20061229