Pyraminx Crystal
12 minutes 22.16 secondsSimon WestlundGood solve. Non-lucky ofc.. Lucky single atm is 2:18.8720090507
22 minutes 41.53 secondsBen BeerMy PB on the Megaminx is nowhere near world-class yet, almost double that of Stefan's, but here I'm the undisputed champ!20080826
32 minutes 54.10 secondsDan CohenFirst practice in a while. Last solve of an average.20080827
42 minutes 55.31 secondsWill Braun
53 minutes 34.07 secondsAdam WilsonIt took a bit of practice but i got my time down lower. I have a video of the solve on youtube. Here is the link:
63 minutes 57.40 secondsStefan PochmannAlso got a lucky 3:51.43. Still not lubed and locks up.20080727
74 minutes 36.85 secondsJosh RotholzHooray! I'm really happy with my times on this puzzle. It's so much fun!! My first layer edges could use some work.20080830
84 minutes 48.72 secondsTommy GustavssonI'm getting better at the last layer. A nice pussel!20090201
95 minutes 9.95 secondsWillie SiauCould've been better, i still have the screw problem -.-20081021
105 minutes 51.31 secondsMichael GottliebI can probably do a bit better when the puzzle gets worn in more.20080715
118 minutes 48.46 secondsPatrick DevaneI jumped from 13 minutes to 8.20081231