16.01 secondsMike TryczakScrambling algorithm was (I use my own notation):
d ~t d t ~l ~t ~l d t l ~d ~t d ~r d t ~d r ~t r l r ~l r ~t
I decided to pick up the Skewb again after a long break. Slightly lucky in that step 2 only took three twists (average 6.5), and I got my fastest algorithm for step 3. A video of this solve as well as my 3 step speed-skewbing solution can be found on my site.
26.34 secondsShota IharaMy site20080426
36.78 secondsTobias DaneelsDone at the Beglian Open 2008 during lunch.20080206
47.96 secondsSyoji TakamatsuIT'S EASY.
My site
57.99 secondsStefan PochmannNot "lucky", but easy steps. A friend of mine stopped with an analog watch and of course didn't look instantly when I told him because he didn't expect it that early. Then he said "7 seconds". But under the circumstances I still feel more comfortable to say 7.99 (which will give me 1st place anyway ;-). 
68.51 secondsConnor GrievesMy fourth day of practice.20080701
78.55 secondsJacob RuethWho's number one, oh wait a minute. that's me! 
89.19 secondsSam Cappleman-LynesThis was not lucky but easy. Mike Tryczak's method. 3 move first step, 4 move step 2 and two corners for the last step.20071215
99.81 secondsBlake O'Haren/a 
1010 secondsWill Klauslersemi-lucky20080814
1110.73 secondsTrey EstradaPretty lucky but I'm still proud of it.20090507
1211.71 secondsGavin NelsonAwsome solve20080515
1311.92 secondsKĺre KrigHave a few faster times, but I forgot to note if they where lucky or not.20050202
1412 secondsPeter BabcockThis was during an average, but it got crossed out for being the lowest one. 
1512.29 secondsMattias BerglundBest lucky time 10.43 seconds. 
1613 secondsAnssi VanhalaI don't remember hundredths.20050213
1714.18 secondsCasey Mihaloewwith only one algorithm. i will post my method eventualy.20070127
1814.36 secondsBrandon J. VasosI rock. Anyone know how to tighten the four main corners without breaking the sqube? I had to pop a center back in on this time.20050829
1915 secondsNoah Hevey
My cam can only take 15 second clips, and I didn't start right away, but I also didn't do the standard competition start. I just put it at 15 seconds, give or take.
1915 secondsYi Renso crazy20090214
2115.26 secondsOlivér NagyIt was non-lucky!!
With lucky case my best time is 11.52
I have them all in video!
You can find them at my hompage:
2215.34 secondsYannick Martineasy solve.20080407
2317.32 secondsJoe WallaceVery good for me.20060313
2418 secondsChris GilsdorfThis is about the fastest I can go, excluding lucky times. 
2519.37 secondsBryan O'ConnorI'm 12, got this for Christmas, im not a nerd, and it's really fun =). I'll break it soon.20080128
2619.61 secondsLucas Garronn/a20061117
2720 secondsRobert RoueI'm still a relative beginner, self taught, only one 8 move alg under my belt, so watch out!! 
2820.45 secondsOkko Pyssysalon/a20081002
2923 secondsAlex Kumakin/a20080119
3024 secondsChris Hardwickn/a 
3124.71 secondsThomas BischofI only got this puzzle yesterday, and I use my own system (1 center->one face->orient top->permute centers). Not a lucky solve, but easy.20050124
3227.80 secondsJorge BestBest time so far.20050815
3327.94 secondsGunnar KrigI have only tried this puzzle a few times. 
3428.18 secondsBob BurtonMy girlfriend gave me this puzzle for my birthday. Visit my site.20070511
3529.95 secondsTommy GustavssonJust got it a few weeks ago, using home made algs.20081231
3630.62 secondsErik ListorMy record. I was practicing for the talent show and decided to time myself. I happened to set a new record!20070212
3731.11 secondsAustin JacksonA really fun puzzle I can easily get down to sub 20 with more practice.
The Video
3834 secondsValentino TosattiDone with the PC version. I also have a solid one, though. 
3834 secondsChip BrewerMike Tryczak taught me everything I know. 
4038.46 secondsPatrick DevaneThis solve is my 3rd timed solve and probably my last timed solved before my 13th birthday tomorrow.20081127
4158 secondsSébastien Marsn/a