11 minuteChris DeAngeliseveryone says i'm solw but im not!20081206
21 minute 32.25 secondsKegham KhosdeghianIt's a new personal best! I used a slightly modified method for this. I still need to get faster!20080224
32 minutes 20.57 secondsEmile CompionI had to redeem myself by chopping my old time in half :) I actually figured out a system to achieve this *gasp*. Sub-2 is quite possible, maybe even sub-1. Thanks for the competition Ryan, I hope we can keep this up ;).20070318
42 minutes 23.72 secondsRyan ThompsonSecond solve for speed. Saw the record, fet like breaking it. It's a really easy puzzle.20061230
53 minutesBaian LiuI dunno
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64 minutes 52 secondsEric Brackenit takes a while and a bunch of algorithms but its possible after a while20080124