Rubik's UFO
111.25 secondsMackenzie Blakeone of my fastest times. i am very happy with this!20080403
212.62 secondsEmile CompionI wanted to make a video that showed what one of my average solves looked like but wound up getting my personal best. Check out the video.20061005
315.75 secondsDerrick EideDamn this was too easy lol. Didn't seem that fast actually. weird.20070815
423 secondsSam PhilzieNot lucky at all. Well, my UFO was co operating so I suppose you could call that lucky!!
i hope to get all my solves this fast.
524.27 secondsRichard PattersonTechnically 'not lucky', but just about as fluid as it could get w/ no parity. The parity typically costs me over 10 seconds, because my alg for solving this case is horrible. Sub-20 solves may be possible with a better puzzle and more algs.20050404
633.79 secondsJoshua Woelmerfairly easy now that i know all the algorithms. Now my first layer has to get better, i need a better ufo, and I'm set to get better times. This one was particularly easy, but no skips (do ufos have skips?)20070324
737.19 secondsZebadiah W. Ziegenbeinthis was very very fast. The bottom only took one move to solve. this will by far stay the best for awhile.20060311
845.06 secondsMichael GottliebNot lucky. I use a layer-by-layer method. I can do much better with a bit more practice.20070119
949.58 secondsJoe WallaceI cant turn my UFO very good20060516
101 minute 8.04 secondsJeff Soesbeworking on getting closer to a minute20050529
111 minute 11 secondsWill KlauslerI hate parity20090308
123 minutes 39.83 secondsPatrick DevaneI really screwed up on that one. I'm trying to set as many times as I can before my 13th 2 days away.20081127