11 minute 23 secondsWill KlauslerI am the fastest!20090201
21 minute 43.06 secondsBrad DavisI don't think I can get much faster because the puzzle gets stuck alot. Not the best for speedsolving. Plus it hurts my hand after awhile but still fun.20080320
31 minute 46.03 secondsChris GilsdorfThe time was actually a little faster than this, but Steve Arnold didn't know how to use the timer. 
42 minutes 3.72 secondsSpencer RinehartThis puzzle is hard to turn!20081206
52 minutes 7.27 secondsJhonny Ruizmade two mistakes solving the top part, I should have broken two minutes already, I will keep trying :)20080415
62 minutes 11 secondsShotaro MakisumiI invented my own method, but it kind of stinks (orientation and permutation for LL, but in a weird way). 
72 minutes 20.44 secondsMichael GottliebI'm using a Megaminx-like method. I need to memorize the color scheme better!20070219
82 minutes 43.08 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis was a nice solve. I just kept going as fast as i could. My puzzle is finally starting to break in. I love the Impossiball but it is now Possiball.20060515
92 minutes 54.71 secondsFrançois CourtèsSlower than megaminx :-) But my Impossiball is much stiffer.20080910
103 minutes 52 secondsGunnar KrigFirst time I solved it. Same method as megaminx. 
114 minutes 45 secondsFrançois ReitterThe first time I solved it ! with "meffert's method".I think when someone will find algorithms or formula like those actually existing for the 3x3x3, we'll could solve it in an average between 1:30 and 1:45 (I'm working on it all my nights. :-)20050711
124 minutes 55 secondsBrian OdomGetting better at it. I can think faster than I can grip it, so I need to come up with better ways of gripping and twisting the puzzle. And of course, better algorithms.20070423
135 minutes 36 secondsRyan Thompsonsecond good solve, not lucky at all. Ive only known how to solve it since a week ago.20060126