148.96 secondsChris BrownleeI have a few faster solves but they are too lucky to count.20090510
259.52 secondsBence Bartjuh!!!20081213
31 minute 2.99 secondsErik AkkersdijkDidn't remember what the exact time was so made it .99. Done in practise at WC, sub-1 is possible.20071015
41 minute 8.24 secondsMiln BaticzCould have been better.
Avarage around 1:20-1:25.
Practise practise practise.
51 minute 8.52 secondsJosh Bergsecond ever sub-1:10 solve. I had a 1:05, but that was a whole pll skip and it didnt feel right. 20080925
61 minute 11.34 secondsKamil ZieliskiI love minxing in school :D on boring lessons :D20080925
71 minute 13.94 secondsStefan PochmannBack in shape. Right on time.
[I want a flying pony.]
81 minute 17.69 secondsFeliks ZemdegsEdge pll skip.20090201
91 minute 19.55 secondsBlint BodorYeah. P
Edge pll skip.
101 minute 21.71 secondsAdam PolkowskiAfter Marina Open 2008 I'm motivated to next steps of megaminx
111 minute 24.55 secondsDerrick EideI told Erik I would beat my PB a few hours before this time. I gues i was right. lol )20071114
121 minute 32.27 secondsPasquale Lombardozzin/a20090510
131 minute 34.11 secondsSimon Westlundreally good solve! I am really improving on the Megaminx :)20080930
141 minute 35.49 secondsYu Da-Hyun6 year old solves Megaminx cube in 1:35.49 seconds
seoul korea
Born : March 19, 2002
151 minute 38.44 secondsGiulio ChiminelliSub 100 secs, not lucky, I'm quite satisfied. Now my goal is 90 secs: probably my limit for a really perfect solve.20051031
161 minute 41.65 secondsDaniel HayesI have no idea how you are doing it Stefan! You're Awesome! The Dallas Tourney put me into a megaminx mode since I was a little upset with my non-sub 2:00 solve. I'll be more prepaird for the next one!20050819
171 minute 42.11 secondsBernett OrlandoThat is fantastic for me. I was in such a mood to get my best time so far on my 11th birth day 23rd may 2007.
Thanks a lot to Stefan uncle. Still a long way to catch THE TIGER of MEGAMINX!
181 minute 44.36 secondsCaio LafetGood.20080810
191 minute 44.88 secondsGrant TregayThanks again, Daniel, for the great motivation! While taking my average today, I looked up at the clock in amazement when I finished this one. I didn't think I had done that well, and it wasn't a lucky case through skipping steps, but I guess it just flowed well. Looks like I could use just a little more work on my average, though - get rid of the 'slow' times.20031201
201 minute 45.75 secondsDennis StrehlauDone with Erik's minx:)20080812
211 minute 47.04 secondsAnthony McKnightMy 3rd sub 2 ever, my next goal is sub-2 average20081007
221 minute 47.40 secondsDan HarrisI was a bit shocked when I saw this time, it was out of the blue. I'm still not sure if there was a timer malfunction somewhere, or if something went wrong, but I think that's just because I couldn't believe this was possible for me! Easily my PB thus far.20061026
231 minute 54.36 secondsGreg BrownNo luck. Medium "f2l." 20 seconds for LL. :)20080423
241 minute 55.06 secondsGunnar KrigWoohoo, my first solve under 2 minutes. I've worked quite a lot for this, but now I will focus on the more important events until WC2007 (2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 3x3OH). :-) 20061222
251 minute 56.75 secondsFranois CourtsFinally got it ! Sub-2 :-)20090201
261 minute 59.83 secondsLevi ReicheltVideo20080626
272 minutes 0.38 secondsPiotr KzkaSo close to sub120 )20070913
282 minutes 1.47 secondsHenrik B. AagaardI got my Mefferts Megaminx and my times droped
Faster, Faster, Faster
292 minutes 1.55 secondsJack MoseleyDarn it, I wanted sub 2! I had an unlucky LL, otherwise it could have been better.20071125
302 minutes 5.75 secondsJokey ChenI'm a Chinese boy. I'm only 12 years old.I played the cube 1 year.My Rubik's cube 's average is 15.41s. There are many Cuber in China!20081102
312 minutes 7.36 secondsJol van NoortSlowly improving.20060427
322 minutes 9.86 secondsMichael PaloneCompletely unlucky, actually had all 5 corners wrong on LL. sub-2 is possible!20081007
332 minutes 9.95 secondsOuyang Yunqi20081112
342 minutes 11 secondsRon van BruchemHad to beat Bernett again. :-) Most time is lost by looking for pieces.20070218
352 minutes 11.19 secondsLucas GarronVideo20070921
362 minutes 13.64 secondsWillie SiauYES!
PB by 7secs~!
372 minutes 17 secondsChris GilsdorfLike Grant, I usually solve the same order of colors each time. This time, I saw an opportunity and switched on the last 2 faces. Not a lucky time, and I have much room for improvement. (PS Webber) 
382 minutes 22.44 secondsPhil Thomasnice! for the #28 contest on speedsolving20080715
392 minutes 24 secondsAndrew WebberI did this right after I took my average. I figured since I kept getting so close during my average that I wouldn't stop until I broke my record. (DONNIE DARKO RULES) 
402 minutes 24.39 secondsAlan TanHAHA! At times where I do bad at a certain puzzle. I do extremely well on another. Sometimes. =]
Random scramble solved w/ relative ease. I hope to get sub-2 soon!
412 minutes 24.86 secondsAlex Kumakin/a20081219
422 minutes 31.22 secondsLszl Mszrosn/a20081007
432 minutes 31.51 secondsBack Tae-youngRoll the beat, yup!!! site20090510
442 minutes 35.19 secondsParker Gaitleynice and fast. skipped edge orientation. uses grants method. only 10 days so far under my belt.20050319
452 minutes 36.56 secondsGarrett DickersonNow I just have to get a better Meagminx that doesn't click into place.20070127
462 minutes 37 secondsSagar LaudI really dont know how i finished this this fast. my friend handed it to me in school and i was done? Easy slots20081231
472 minutes 37.25 secondsLorenzo Vigani PoliVery good for me, but I think I can do better20070707
482 minutes 37.77 secondsDavid BarrI recently loosened the screws on my minx. This was the second solve I've timed in a long time.20070416
492 minutes 39.29 secondsOlivier GaucherNext sub 2:3020040819
502 minutes 42.93 secondsMichal HalczukCOULD BE BETTER.20061204
512 minutes 42.99 secondsCameron Almasii dont really remember the milli seconds so i put 99 like erik did20081016
522 minutes 45 secondsYi Renvery good20090214
532 minutes 45.62 secondsMichael GottliebThis is my first sub-3 time. I'm using a Chinese megaminx and a Fridrich-style method. I hope to eventually get sub-2.20070516
542 minutes 48.03 secondsTim SunFastest time of my fastest average. Lot better than my old 4:31 solve.20060617
552 minutes 51.40 secondsJosh FernandezWatching the colors fall in their places was great! not a bad time for a 7 colored minx (mefferts minx - i took off one side when one sticker went missing). 
562 minutes 52.18 secondsBlake O'HareI can't believe I just did that. It wasn't all that lucky either.
I decided that I wouldn't get up from this chair until I got my record back. I've been sitting here for many hours, so I think I'm going to go outside now.
572 minutes 52.46 secondsJoshua MichalikI think I can do better. I just need practice.20090510
582 minutes 54.11 secondsJoel SpangFirst sub-3 ;) Have been practicing for some time now and I'm quite happy, considering the fact that I've only had it for 6 weeks ;)20090308
592 minutes 57.53 secondsRobert SchlichtNo skipped steps! First sub-3-minute solve. 2:30 is fast approaching.20080710
603 minutes 5.64 secondsLars VandenberghThanks to Dan for the inspiration.20060607
613 minutes 8.40 secondsJohn Phungn/a20071001
623 minutes 9 secondsSean Connolly4 days before the next UK puzzle meeting. I started timing practise and got this fastest solve while taking an average of 5 solves (first solve too). Not lucky but I found pieces quite quickly this time. Method. 1: White star. 2: F2L. 3: 5xTriples (central belt). 4: F2L (for all but last layer). 5: Orientate LL edges. 6: Permute LL edges. 7: Permute LL corners (using commutators). 8: Orientate LL corners (also using commutators). I haven't practised Megaminx in ages so was surprised to get nearly 8 seconds off my previous PB.
Cosine-Systems Website
633 minutes 11 secondsWill KlauslerI am steadily getting faster.20081014
633 minutes 11 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20090510
653 minutes 13.52 secondsMike HugheyDone for an online competition with a Chinese megaminx. I still use a many-look LL there's a lot of room for improvement here.20071228
663 minutes 21.94 secondsPablo Ruiz Camposn/a20090308
673 minutes 25.86 secondsFranois SechetNot lucky, I get these sub-3:40's all the time now. It's getting really cool. Grant and Daniel, I'm coming!! Just have to divide my times by two, it means losing half the time searching for pieces and moving the fingers twice so fast. seems very possible. 
683 minutes 28.08 secondsTrevor DavilaGreat job!20070918
693 minutes 39.22 secondsSiegfried Alexander Benthienit was not my best. i did 2 wrong plls because i was too nervous20090308
703 minutes 42.19 secondsWeston MizumotoMegaminx is very easy for me.

this was like my tenth time solving it ever.
713 minutes 53.84 secondsKre KrigSwithing to 12 colors made it much easier.20050922
723 minutes 53.87 secondsJacob RuethFirst solve today. One lucky case is that I didn't have to permute edges, but I was flying!!!! Like a kite!!!! 
733 minutes 58 secondsMatyas LagosWow! my first sub-4 !20080705
743 minutes 59.08 secondsNick Crawford7th time I timed myself. Achieved on the third day after I received this puzzle. I'm using a very slow LL method I taught myself by modifying 3x3 algs so I could probably drop my time 1+ min. if I wanted figure out more.20090308
754 minutes 3 secondsBetty TregayIf they had given us three tries at the World Championship, I may have gotten this there. Oh, well. Better late than never. 
764 minutes 5 secondsDan KnightsI use the same method as with the 3x3x3. My Megaminx has 12 colors. 
774 minutes 6 secondsAntoine Piaun/a20080104
784 minutes 7 secondsTobias DaneelsThis can be faster but I have to practise my LL.
Done with a chinese megaminx, still waiting for my mefferts.
794 minutes 13.17 secondsAlex Barg10th day with the puzzle (Chinese version) sub-4 is next20080516
804 minutes 21 secondsMark Koenenn/a20080317
814 minutes 21.54 secondsCraig BouchardHo hum're insane.I don't see how you do it, but you have advanced want gigaminx.20060108
824 minutes 26 secondsEdward Kwokno skips, fairly fast recognition..will break 4mins soon.20080111
834 minutes 29.01 secondsChris ParletteI'm very happy with these times, considering I was at 8 minutes a little over a week ago! Lubing my minx certainly helped, and I'm getting a little better at finding the pieces.20060124
844 minutes 30 secondsMattias BerglundA friend timed me and i was amazed when i heard the time. I think I average just over 6 min. 
854 minutes 42.19 secondsChristian JewellThis was my first sub-5, which I am very happy with :), hopefully more to come, after some research and some new springs! I have a tiled mefferts.20061222
864 minutes 46.40 secondsCasey Mihaloewn/a20070407
874 minutes 48 secondsThom BarlowMy arm..20060621
884 minutes 49.34 secondsNikko Decembranotsamba.!! luck. may be next time i'll improve more20080227
894 minutes 52.55 secondsEmile CompionMy first sub-5, and more are still to come (I hope).20061218
904 minutes 52.97 secondsWuqiong FanGetting better, and learning 2gen algs.20080911
914 minutes 57.07 secondsArthur AdamsThis Megaminx isn't too bad.20080125
925 minutesChris Moyer-GriceI did this right before the all-hall meeting at my residence hall. Some guy said he'd time me and I said I probably would not be able to finish since it was 5 of 9 and I couldn't do it that fast yet. I hadn't previously broken my record in a while. I finally finished, in front of a crowd of about 100 guys, before 9. The timing guy told me, "You beat 5 minutes!" A lot of people couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it myself. Anyway, it's better than the last time. 
935 minutes 1 secondJoe Ted Nguyenn/a20070325
945 minutes 5.37 secondsJon Santosfastest time, just got it 2 days ago
thank u richie!!
955 minutes 6 secondsSunny Nguyenyahoo!20070424
965 minutes 11.70 secondsCarlos Floresn/a20090201
975 minutes 18.13 secondsGrant Kendrickive only been doing it for about a week so.20080417
985 minutes 24 secondsTee Guang Yingi am just 14 years old n start playing megaminx for 1 month. can anyone tell me how to find colour faster?20081121
995 minutes 32 secondsAaron Reidwant to get under 3.5mins20090308
1005 minutes 42.90 secondsLeon Schmidtchenn/a20090201
1015 minutes 47 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis is weird. Yesterday when i was solving i kept getting really fast times all under 7 minutes. And this was the fastest but what is weird the day before they were all over 8 minutes. Something must have clicked what ever it is i loving it because now i am almost to my goal being able to solve in under 5 minutes most of the time.20060521
1025 minutes 47.67 secondsDavid Gugln/a20080208
1035 minutes 49.08 secondsHadley Sheffieldsweet20080830
1046 minutes 0.64 secondsBob BurtonIt takes me a long time to find pieces. Visit my site.20060822
1056 minutes 1.08 secondsJeff SoesbeUS Nationals 2006, This was quite a solve for me, when I finished I was rather surprised at the time!20060804
1066 minutes 6.36 secondsJim Herronnot lucky. i cut whole minute off of my time.20050817
1076 minutes 7.85 secondsRyota Nakaharan/a20070227
1086 minutes 10.19 secondsBrian HamrickSecond day of minxing and i've already cut 1 minute 40 secs off my record. I hope to get sub 6 minutes within a couple days then sub 5 soon afterwards. My cubes feel strangely concave since i've done the megaminx.20050501
1096 minutes 14.62 secondsMatthew EarnshawOnly my 3 time recorded solve ever on megaminx - I've only had it for 3 days (new meffert's minx with 6 modded springs and a bit loosened - great stuff)20080224
1106 minutes 17.61 secondsNeil FleckGot this a few days ago. Even when I lubed it, it still seems very tight compared to what it should be. I'm *thinking* about putting some petrolium based lube on there to loosen it up. 13 years old, w00t!20051104
1116 minutes 36.53 secondsPedro BealNot PB, but okay for my first week at a megaminx20090510
1126 minutes 37.20 secondsTom CassidyMy new best time on a 12 colour megaminx go on youtube and search for cubertommicass to see all of my videos20071015
1136 minutes 39.50 secondsEmilio HemkenI need to get my megaminx to turn more easily. As of now, i can't use one finger to turn a cap but my whole hand. And i need to find a better LL method20060615
1146 minutes 55.99 secondsBertrand BordageDone with a 6-colour megaminx I got for Christmas. It's easier for the edges than a 12-colour, but for the corners. Done the 2/01/2004 at 11:50. Using my system.20040102
1157 minutes 4 secondsNoah HeveyI timed myself by eye on my iPod clock during a math lecture in Advanced Placement Calculus. I totally missed the whole lecture though :P Oh well. I totally forgot about my Megaminx until recently. I forgot how much I like it. Though mine is very tight.20060313
1167 minutes 14 secondsEthan RoseVery nice unlucky solve!20070529
1177 minutes 17.13 secondsThomas Gelinasthis was my first solve after getting it in the mail a half hour earlier. i didn't have a guide. i just did it all intuitively. i will post thevideo of it on soon. my profile is ddaarrkkssttaarr8877. you can check out my unofficial 2x2 solve. 20070612
1187 minutes 25 secondsZach Steinn/a20071201
1197 minutes 33 secondsJustin EimersAlready cut off 30 seconds from yesterday. Still trying for under 5 minutes.20081213
1207 minutes 36 secondsJess BondeVisit my new webpage: 
1217 minutes 39.14 secondsMarco Iamontebad -.--20081127
1227 minutes 40.55 secondsAustin JacksonJust got back into solving the megaminx timed myself again today (03/15/2009) and got this time. I want to practice and get sub 5. . Also I'm using a chinese megaminx and it's not that great I think I'm going to order a new megaminx off cube4you.20090510
1237 minutes 41.63 secondsJeff GoetzWhat a fun puzzle. I wasted a lot of time finding the pieces though. It's only 6 colors. I think my times will improve though. 
1247 minutes 45.99 secondsMatt WalterFirst and only solve that I completed without the timer stopping. Thanks to Jol for letting me use his Megaminx and for helping me with commutators..sub 7 is possible.but anything after that is crazy.20060713
1258 minutes 4.54 secondsAlex Pattersonthis thing gives you a claw. Almost 8 Min. not bad eh. i hope for under 5.20060908
1268 minutes 25.78 secondsJefferson JamesEverytime I solve it I get a little better.20071226
1278 minutes 28.50 secondsJacob WildesTimed on Stackmat. Got one on Christmas and solved it by myself the same day. I used the basic 3x3 algorithms from the booklet, and added an extra edge. Soon to get way better. 20070113
1288 minutes 56.43 secondsJon MorrisFirst timed attempt at the Megaminx. I only have a 6-colored version which I think is more difficult than the 12-colored version.20021202
1299 minutes 51 secondsMatt BuehnerThis was my first timed Megaminx solve.
1309 minutes 54.23 secondsSteve WithingtonHad puzzle less than a week. Using a very basic method with only five algorithms.20071027
13110 minutesKai Xiangn/a20080423
13210 minutes 9.82 secondsJames WattSub 10 is coming. Day 4 on the Megaminx20070319
13310 minutes 49.08 secondsTornaghi FulvioFirst day solved the minx the cheap and popish version. I just have to get the right algorithm sequence. Everything else got smooth think I can easily get down to 8 min. ^_^20081213
13411 minutes 36 secondsSorin PrunescuMy first Megaminx solve!20090510
13512 minutesJeremy SalterI solved it in about 12 minutes in my biology class. My friend even confirmed my time.
I'm unique! Just like everyone else!
13612 minutes 10 secondsTrevor HollandMine is kinda broken and only has 6 colors. if i had a better one i might do OK 
13712 minutes 55.03 secondsOkko Pyssysalon/a20080401
13813 minutes 52 secondsJohn Youngn/a 
13935 minutes 40.39 secondsGriffin KinleyFirst time I solved it, no algs. 
1402 hours 5 minutesJason GrochmalSolved for 1st time, With no patterns.