115.29 secondsMátyás KutiCheck out the video20061225
218 secondsRon van BruchemNice variant of Rubik's Mini-Cube. For speed solving: keep the face as top layer. 
321 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis is my band teachers cube and he brought it to me to solve this week, since it is my last week of school. And this was a not a lubed cube so it kind of turns hard. But i solved the back side first then solved the face. This works best for me since i can have some color in the puzzle. I dont own this one but i might buy it soon. My collection is well over 50 puzzles.20060510
437 secondsChris GilsdorfI think this is my limit due to the impossibility of turning this puzzle. Incidentally is also my record for the mini cube. 
538 secondsChris HardwickI think mine's a dud. This is the fastest I've been able to get. It is very hard to turn the faces quickly on this puzzle. 
640 secondsRhodri Mativomy friend showed me use his darth maul cube on the bus. he said that he's been working on solving it for years. i asked if i could try. 40 seconds later, all done.
i told him that he should never shuffle it again becuase it was the most painful thing to solve. stiff + sharp = not good
750 minutes 43.57 secondsRafael AlgarinWho would have gessed that Darth Mall would be easier to turn than Homer Simpson?