Missing Link
118.83 secondsPer Kristen FredlundNice nice! This was not lucky. One in 6 times last row turns out to be solved, and this happened for this solve. I got my missing link only 2 days ago and already doing really fast times. I did try it and solved it easily back in 1981 also. But i needed to work out a solution again. My method is quite simple. Do all bottom tiles then complete a color. Then complete opposite color (make sure non of these is white). Finally the last 2 colors (columns). Only placing the second tile from bottom is non-trivial, but u can quite easily "lift" a column one step and then insert the tile and "lower" it back again. There is a parity with easy fix. For the column opposite to white simply lift that column and put the tile that was 3 from bottom into position 2 from bottom. Now u can solve the remaining tiles easily :-) That's competition for u Corey ;-)20050612
230 secondsNoah HeveyKinda lucky. No parity. I still don't know it. If I get a parity, I just mix it up and try again.
Solved by logic.
337.86 secondsCorey DufordDone with a stop watch. Not lucky at all.. I actually had hard cases which means there is room for improvement. ANY COMPETITION. 
452.65 secondsAaron Fagenn/a20090106