Cuboid 4x2x2
130.18 secondsWojciech InglotI finished building this cube yesterday.It's fully functional and very good moving.
1. (30.18) 2. 36.58 3. 37.08 4. (44.61) 5. 34.08
My method:
1. Back to 2x2x4 shape (7-10 sec)
2. Fix one middle layer
3. Fix outer layer next to solved middle one
4. Permutate second middle and outer layer
235.24 secondsJeff GoetzDone on Actual 2x2x4 built by myself. It needs some more work though. 
337.09 secondsThomas ClementI saw the middle 2 layers during preinspection, a very quick solve. I only use one algorithm aside from bringing the pieces to their correct layers. Simulated on 4x4x4.20060529
456 secondsChris GilsdorfThis was kinda lucky. I used a 4x4x4 to simulate this cuboid.