Rubik's Snake
11.76 secondsJohannes LaireI also got two 1.81's today (previous record was 1.82).20061009
22 secondsPasi TerastiThis was 20 years ago. I cannot remember if I ever got under 2 seconds, or just very close to it. Anyway, my best was between 1.9 and 2.1 seconds, and I could do it repeatedly. The snake broke 20 years ago, and I haven't looked for a new one since. Do they still make them?1985
32.54 secondsJonah Scapellitistill working on it yay i rule20060924
42.90 secondsDerrick EideYeah! finally sub 3, I'm coming for u Johannes!20070408
52.94 secondsFubo WangIt's a hard work to make a group of average comfortably20081206
63.02 secondsJeff AndrewI have never had a perfect solve. Sub 3 is very possible, as well as sub 2.520061004
73.09 secondsAlex DiPaolathat was fast!20080117
83.20 secondsMichael GottliebDid this while practicing at Tim Reynolds's house. I'm beginning to see how sub-2 is possible.20070205
93.29 secondsHenrik Buus AagaardDid this more than a month ago20061122
103.35 secondsAndy Ferloa girl in my class asked me how fast i could do it so i pulled out my timer, did the snake and got a new personal best time!20070403
113.50 secondsMichael Papperman i keep geting better I am so happy20080707
123.68 secondsLouis Morettiwoo hoo20070620
133.83 secondsJak SonesPretty much.20080714
143.84 secondsMilo DiPaolan/a20080121
153.93 secondsGábor JankovichI measured the time with a watch because StackMat is not for me. (I does not speak well in English, I am sorry for it. ))20080213
163.95 secondsDaniel Borrajo GutiérrezI guess its national record (Im from Spain) its cool so I think I will practise a lot for the European Championship.20080802
173.99 secondsSamuel Laire8 years old.20061218
184.00 secondsOkko Pyssysalon/a20081116
194.12 secondsRaphi SchusterI finally have got sub 4.3020080127
204.40 secondsKenneth GustavssonAfter my firs week of practice (not really true, I did sub 5 in the 80's but that was long ago =) Hope I can do this good when I'm up against the Larie brothers next weekend in Helsinki.20070810
214.46 secondsOtto von HellensA good time for me.20080110
224.49 secondsAndrew Roleygetting a fluid last end to the solve is exceptionally timesaving. Does anyone know where to find the 'speedsolve' method? mine is just forming an enclosure, going up to make another, then down, making most of the second to last enclosure backwards (stepwise)before the 3-twist finish. I'm sure that doesn't make much sense sorry.20070421
234.50 secondsBrian Cosgrove Payethis came out of nowhere. when i try to time my self my snake always twists the wrong way. When i get an average solve when timing it ends up being a new pb20070421
244.71 secondsMichael Stocki call it a rubiks twist20070618
254.78 secondsAhmed PanjuWell, one of my friend saw me solving it and he asked me how fats i could really do it. He also brought a video camera. I will post it soon!20090510
264.8 secondsPer Kristen FredlundThis was too easy. First go at this after picking out my snake again . 
274.80 secondsParker GaitleyTimed stackmat style at my computer. only got on the 16 of this month at Caltech Tourny. i wish these would be used at the competitions.20050420
284.84 secondsCraig BouchardGot this on.Sunday. Bob taught me how to do it, didn't understand it, got better at it monday/tuesday, got home wednesday, played with it a bit on thursday, and then tonight did this. Got a 5.12 on video. Check Strangepuzzle.com20060810
294.93 secondsBob R. BurtonI'd still like to go faster. Visit my site.20060525
305 secondsBrendan TrinhI did this solve around last year. I was really fast then, i think i forgot how to solve it now..20070407
315.22 secondsBen Whitmoren/a20080809
325.29 secondsChan Chun Hon5.29 seconds after 2 weeks of playing.20081116
335.65 secondsElliot SaksI am working for under five seconds.20060701
345.68 secondsDavid SkolnikFinally broke 6 seconds.and sixth place! This was done on a stackmat so no cheating this time!!20060130
355.8 secondsRic HorrocksThis brings back memories! My brother and I used to race, but it's been almost 15 years. My sister just presented us with a pair of snakes at a family BBQ. I had a time of 4.3 seconds starting with the snake in my hands, but 5.8 is my fastest time recorded on video starting with the snake on the table and ending when it hits the table again.20050905
365.91 secondsTyler BarchekLearned it yesterday and couldn't put it down.20080729
365.91 secondsGiuseppe SpinaThis is an excellent time for me. Wow!20090214
385.94 secondsTim ReynoldsPulled it out two days ago and figured out a method started taking times last night. This is fun!20060506
395.97 secondsJosh RotholzNot bad at all. The very beginning is what slows me down, but I'm getting better. Maybe I'll be sub-5 soon. 20080130
406.03 secondsAlex Vega 4th day of playing with it. almost at sub 6!20080321
416.07 secondsTyler Wilkinsonn/a20070503
426.14 secondsZac LivesayJust thought i would post up my newest snake time. I sure hope they spell my name (Zac) right this time, unlike in my average of the snake.
Solve was done to intentionally get on this page, it's really hard to do this puzzle with sweaty fingers! =)
426.14 secondsBrian Macutayi was just timing myself one day and got this time
im at sub-6
446.15 secondsJeff SoesbeTrying for a good average of 12, but had too many DNF. How do you DNF the Rubik's Snake? You try really, really hard.20060502
456.29 secondsMicah Busterthis is only my second day having it.20061227
466.46 secondsWill Klauslern/a20080816
476.66 secondsKai AbuanWow ok so my mom saw me do this one and she said no wonder u havent been doing your chores lately. . u got the devils number!! lol
actually she never said that but she I said hey mom i got 6.66 seconds that means that something bad is going to happen soon and she said not to say that.
487.05 secondsSean ConnollyI have just beaten my old record of 7.14 seconds which lasted for over a year! Furthermore, I have this attempt recorded on my webcam and timed with my stackmat! If you want to see it in action, head over to and look in my Rubiks multimedia page! Sub-7 seconds is soooo close now! Can I do it before the end of 2004? Who knows! =-D 
497.09 secondsGábor KovácsThis is my first good time with this puzzle. I want to go faster! :)20060607
507.31 secondsChris DresslerDone while watching Gladiator in summer school. 
517.67 secondsMilán BaticzI got my first snake 3 days ago20061229
527.78 secondsHadley SheffieldFirst sub-8 solve!20080116
537.83 secondsJoe WallaceHow can you guys do it that fast?20060517
547.88 secondsC.J. SagoDone while watching Gladiator in summer school. 
558 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinI did this awhile a go i think that this was my time. it was in this range. it might of been 7 seconds but i just don't remember.20060214