Rubik's Clock
15.16 secondsKoen Wermern/a20090308
26.26 secondsEdwin de MenezesI had solved it in 14 secs in 1991 and 12.66 secs in 1996 and now its 6.26 secs.20080801
36.56 secondsMátyás KutiNot lucky, just easy case.
Check out the video
46.66 secondsJacco KrijnenDone in the car with Mats to the Dutch Open 2008. 666 Number of the Beast hehe =P.
Koen deserves the official WR!
56.84 secondsMatthew RudnickiReally awesome solve. I got two lucky clocks, but overall was just a really fast solve. Turning was fast and super accurate. I'm really pumped right now.20080516
66.87 secondsDavid WonerWCA style scramble: u=5 d=0 / u=-4 d=1 / u=2 d=2 / u=-1 d=-1 / u=-3 / u=6 / u=4 / u=3 / u=-1 / d=0 / UUdd20090214
76.91 secondsDerrick EideWow! Wow! I didn't expect this time for me!
sub 7 yah! :)
87.52 secondsSzabolcs Balázsin/a20090201
97.53 secondsDavid Pemberton2 clocks skipped, my order exploits easy faces so I get lucky often.woot!20071112
107.55 secondsShota KobayashiGood!20080818
117.56 secondsTaki Sugimoton/a20080708
127.97 secondsSander HendrickxI think around 8 seconds is more or less the limit. skipping 1 (or maybe 2) steps isn't considered lucky because it happens quite a lot with the clock (and trying to exploit lucky cases gives you bad bad times :-s) Cheers Stefan :-)
My method
138.05 secondsStefan Lidströmbest solve of new 9.81 10(12) average PB20081231
148.14 secondsStefan PochmannI wish I could do this all the time. I'm not even safe below 10 but most solves are below 11 now.20040805
158.35 secondsStijn van Gilsmy first non-lucky sub-9. and a pretty fast one
thanks to Sander, using his method
168.55 secondsGunnar KrigIt was very fluid, but I think I can do low-7 with a perfect solve.20050609
178.61 secondsDavid Woneronly one skipped step. it was just extremely smooth. this was the first scramble from the #34 contest on speedsolving. also the first solve from this video20080826
188.74 secondsErik AkkersdijkFrom my 10.53 avg. A realy good solve.20061011
198.98 secondsDan Gosbee17 years after i bought my first one, I can still hit under 10 seconds everytime!!. A really good feeling. 
209.85 secondsCameron YeohOnce you know how to do it, it is really easy. Practice makes you quicker! 
219.87 secondsBoris KonradThere it is! Sub10! YES :)
SpeedStacks Timer, lubed Clock, Stefans system (thanks!)
2210.00 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20081016
2310.31 secondsJoseph LiaoRubik's Clock is addicting! Thanks to Stefan's site, don't forget to visit mine ) My site. 
2410.61 secondsDan CohenVery easy.20080304
2510.64 secondsWim Lambrechtsclose to sub-10 now20060622
2610.81 secondsBob BurtonThere is still room for improvement. Visit my site.20060602
2710.82 secondsGarmon RobertsSecond time breaking my record in a week.20090106
2810.98 secondsFumiki Kosekinext sub 10.20061217
2911.23 secondsThomas BischofI know I've had at least one sub-10, but I of course forgot to record it. Had this puzzle for a few weeks now.20040814
3011.67 secondsBen PicoloThat brings me to top 10, eh :)20051021
3111.93 secondsLucas GarronGot fast today. Completely non-lucky solve, just very smooth.20071112
3211.99 secondsAnssi Vanhalan/a20060417
3312 secondsJasmine LeeI was really excited when this puzzle came out, but I quickly realised that in no way could it live up to The Cube. It's definitely much easier than it looks. Having said this, I couldn't do 12 secs now, I set this time ages ago when the puzzle first came out. Haven't touched a Clock in years. 
3412.22 secondsHadley SheffieldHope to have times like this at nationals!20080508
3512.33 secondsPedro CamposI had this bet with a friend he told me I couldn't do it below 13s his rubik's clock. Did it :) I don't think I'll practice to get a faster solve (perhaps BF it some day), I also have a sub30 cube solve bet going on ) 
3613.12 secondsThom BarlowI'm aiming for sub-10 here. Doesn't look that far off, either.20050908
3713.56 secondsTobias DaneelsThanks to stijn for teaching me.20051201
3813.63 secondsPéter Trombitásyeah sub 15! prctise practise and get faster:D20081109
3913.73 secondsCraig BouchardWhen I get into this mode, all my puzzles just start getting good times, and I break a lot of PBs.20051121
4014.37 secondsThomas Le RouxMy first sub-15.20060927
4114.63 secondsMichael GottliebNot lucky, but this is fast for me.20070205
4214.80 secondsGilles van den Peereboomn/a20050905
4314.90 secondsCharlie Cooperi need a smooth turning clock!20071112
4415.15 secondsJoe WallaceI'm pretty pleased with this.20060313
4515.76 secondsBen WhitmoreFirst sub 20.20081102
4616.06 secondsTim SunBest non-lucky solve of my best average.20060526
4716.08 secondsTristan WrightVery satisfied with this time, hope to soon get under 15 seconds.20060512
4816.59 secondsEmanuele ScibiliaNot a good result, I know. But I have a lot to improve. I have to practice more. :P The Italian Rubik's cube group20071201
4917.44 secondsKelley Reynoldsn/a 
5018.02 secondsBen LuoStill getting used to Stefan Pochmann's method.20060418
5119.97 secondsSean ConnollyA pretty good solve. By no means lucky, but I was able to set 3 clocks on the cross with my opening move. My clock turns nice & smoothly, and by the way, Dan Harris, YOU'RE NOT HAVING MY CLOCK! -) Oh maybe if you want to borrow it on DCD'05 but I must have it back!! Who is 'Absolute' and who is 'Obsolete' anyway? Me, I'm just plain confused! -)20051013
5220.00 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinI got this puzzle just this weekend in the mail, i bought it off ebay for 2.99 and it came with the box and instructions. And it was only a state away!! This was pretty good since i have only had it like 3 days. And when i opened it with in 5 minutes of opening it, it was sovled. Now i just have to do a lot of practice on looking ahead at the other clocks and having a faster mind for this puzzle. And it moves pretty good too.20060424
5327 secondsRune ZedelerCannot go any faster than this. :-( Still thinks it pretty fast, though. Far too easy for a Rubik's puzzle. 
5427.01 secondsDan HarrisI want Sean Connolly's Clock. [Obsolete Team member with Stefan]20050718
5530.54 secondsThomas ClementBleh, getting better. Not quickly though.20060525
5631.65 secondsOuyang Yunqin/a20080531
5732.32 secondsTon DennenbroekJust tried 5 times 
5835.57 secondsMikael Vanhalan/a20060417
5946.08 secondsJosh RotholzNot bad for my 10th ever solve ) I love this puzzle.20080503
6047 secondsJeroen Hörterseasy puzzle20071015
6155.32 secondsDavid ChungPlayed using the 1 in Rubik's website, since I don't own a Rubik's Clock.20090510
622 minutes 36.74 secondsPatrick Jamesoni beat my record by like a minute.20070217
632 minutes 53 secondsJames WattJust got it in the Mail today awesome little puzzle.
I will keep at it and get faster I hope.
Jarhead Cubing
644 minutesJason GrochmalBest I can do with my technique.