14 minutes 36.92 secondsQuinn LewisDone with my own solution (12 color dogic). I got my mefferts assembly dogic the other day, and invented a simple yet "fast" solution. I hope to be much faster with some practice. Hooray for speed-dogic-ing!20050127
26 minutesNoah HeveyDone with my own method.

12 colour Mefferts.

I lost one of the small black inner pieces so now I can't use it anymore.
37 minutes 7.855 secondsMichael Gottlieb12-color Dogic. I solve the three-color pieces first. Sub-5 is feasable, but I must improve my puzzle first - it locks up a lot.20070304
48 minutes 7.09 secondsKåre KrigI was going to improve this but after two 30+ piece pops in the same solution my motivation was gone.20050803
58 minutes 49.01 secondsChris GilsdorfI got this time at a basketball game at my high school (I'm in Pep Band). Tim T. timed me using the stopwatch on Courtney B.'s cell phone. I actually skipped the last step and got a time of 8:13, then undid and re-did the last step to make it official. Sub-7 minutes is probably possible on an unlubed Dogic. If you can do the Impossiball, this puzzle is incredibly easy. (PS Webber)20050125
69 minutes 17.01 secondsJeff GoetzThe dogic isn't really that hard. I don't want to turn it too fast, because if it breaks, there goes $230. Thanks Andras. 
713 minutes 47 secondsRommy Barghoutn/a20060901