Rubik's Magic: Official Rules
10.69 secondsMarcin JakubowskiPolish Nationals 2009 - training

Video is here

20.71 secondsPatrick JamesonFinally! :D:D
Sub-0.70 is possible.
Here's a video of a 0.75 solve
30.74 secondsMátyás KutiOlivér! Lófaszt hard! És amúgy is, nefürgyéle, mert nulla egész hetvenkilenc az kurva lassú.20070901
40.77 secondsOlivér PergeVideo:
50.78 secondsOskar Ĺsbrinkyes ! first sub-80
60.81 secondsDavid ShiI've been trying for sub 0.8 for some time now -- and not obtaining it.20090510
70.86 secondsNorbert Hejja(: AVG of 5: 0.9520081213
80.87 secondsMilán BaticzFound an other way of doing the last 6 turns.
Practise, practise, practise.
80.87 secondsErik JohanssonYes! Did 3 times for fun and the third one ended up like this. Still aiming for an official record or something.20071123
100.89 secondsJeong Seok Hwanamazing.!20060713
110.90 secondsHenrik Buus Aagaardwow I just lowered my record by 0.04 sec in two days :D20080414
110.90 secondsErik AkkersdijkWhile warm-up in Madrid, witnessed by about 40 people20080415
110.90 secondsBertalan BodorBest avg. of 5: 0.96.20090106
140.91 secondsMárk Járai0.8 is possible:)20070514
140.91 secondsElliott BolzanCrazy! Only second time sub 1!20081123
160.92 secondsQuinn LewisI was waiting for this to happen..I did this right after I posted the .98, but figured I'd see how long the record lasted. Not long enough I see. chew on this time!20051020
170.93 secondsChu Chun Kwan JackyThis record is great!The all results:1.05 (1.08) 0.97 (0.93) 1.03
180.95 secondsStefan Lidströmn/a20081231
190.96 secondsMichael GottliebJust started to get back into this. I'm hoping for a sub-1 solve at my next competition. I can do better.20070510
200.97 secondsOlivier GaucherThis solve was absolutely perfect. It was done on a Stackmat the day before the Dutch Open in Eindhoven, when practicing with Stefan Pochmann and Bob Burton. Thanks to both of them.[Absolut Team Member]20051015
200.97 secondsKevin HuI can't believe it!20080608
200.97 secondsAndrás Szermekextremely fast.20081102
230.98 secondsAlex Seidlerfinally sub-second.. snapped my magic a few solves later. it fell to pieces. lol20070620
240.99 secondsAlexei GousevYay, sub-1! 20 minutes before getting this, my best time was 1.13. Now to get a sub-1 average.20070122
240.99 secondsMartin ZahradníkYeees!! :-) Finally sub 1. :-)20070922
240.99 secondsRyan JewI usually get around 1.5, I had to practice all morning for this.20081231
271.00 secondsCraig BouchardI was thinking this solve was gunna be sub-1.04 and it was. The picture will be on Bob's site sometime.20060816
271.00 secondsAaron McGhieIf my puzzle hadn't broken a few solves later I'm sure I could have broken the one second barrier. Well time to restring and try again tomorrow. I'm gonna break 1 second soon.20070214
271.00 secondsErik DuncanSo close.20071112
301.02 secondsSam BoylesSub-1 probably in another hour or so :P.20071217
311.03 secondsMats Valkfirst time sub 1.10
sorry jacco and tom
321.04 secondsBob BurtonI did this while practicing at the Trumbull competition. Visit my site.20060527
331.05 secondsDennis StrehlauPretty nice, i should practise Magic, its Fun:)20081031
341.06 secondsKelby CookBest solve in a set.20090510
351.07 secondsOuyang YunqiI can't believe it!20080224
351.07 secondsDerrick Eidesub 1 soon!
I got this time TWICE while practicing at TOW!
351.07 secondsThomas ClementI was getting in the 1.25+'s, and then out of nowhere while videoing I got a 1.13 and then a 1.07. The video's on facebook if you've got me :p20080930
381.08 secondsJohannes LaireSub-1 soon.20070214
391.09 secondsNeil FleckI did this right after packing newspapers into bags. This makes my fingers really warmed up. I doubt ill ever get sub-1, but you never know! Note to Bob: You're goin' down :p20060128
391.09 secondsMatt SkolnikBy brother has a video of me doing the magic in 1.13 if you don't believe me.20060215
411.10 secondsShane GaitleyThe accidental 13th solve on my best average of 1.2 seconds. I am so taking the world record next tournament for average. and hopefully best time.20060207
411.10 secondsAndrew RoleyYEEESSSS! Yesterday I broke my record by .02 and today by .08! Tomorrow.20070405
431.11 secondsTim McMahonBroke a string soon after :-(20081007
441.12 secondsAndy TsaoDone at Berkeley20061122
451.16 secondsOlivér NagyRubikkocka.hu20060305
451.16 secondsJon ChoiGot a 1.15 earlier today but the 2-tile rule got me. Can't wait until Pleasantville!20071017
471.18 secondsTim ReynoldsThe video's on My best time previously was 1.26 or something. Can't wait to compete again!20060920
471.18 secondsEmile CompionI recently switched to no-regrip. This was just insane. I'll try to get a faster video onto, but I tend to unexplainably slow down for videos.20061012
471.18 secondsJacco KrijnenFirst time sub 1.2!20080412
501.19 secondsRoyce Saton/a20090214
511.20 secondsStefan PochmannPart of an awesome average that was destroyed by three bad attempts.20050503
521.22 secondsSarah Cabansayn/a20080827
521.22 secondsDurben Joun S. VirtucioPersonal Best. I learned how to solve it 2 days ago.20081219
541.23 secondsTim SunBest solve of my best average.20061016
551.25 secondsThom BarlowPicking up the magic actually takes the most time :)20050727
551.25 secondsKristine Buus Aagaardpractice at Sweden open20070830
571.27 secondsDavid SkolnikI got this right after my 1.47 average along with a couple 1.29s. I'm in the top 10. Sweet.20060214
581.28 secondsKenneth GustavssonIt's getting harder and harder to improve now :P Maybe I can reach sub 1,20 but I think that's the limit as I do it now. (Burton variation).20070515
581.28 secondsJack MoseleyI beat my old record about 10 times in 5 minutes, and this as fast as I got. I also had a 1.21, but the sides flipped over while I was setting it down.20070826
601.31 secondsThomas Le RouxI was so close to 1.3 second.20060222
611.33 secondsSander HendrickxPicking up the magic still takes too much time :-(20051127
611.33 secondsGunnar KrigI think I can reach sub-1.2. I'm using Bob Burton's style.20061222
611.33 secondsJames Raylethis is my new fastest time with a timer. when i don't have to start and stop the timer i do better. my friend timed me with his phone today and my time was 1.0920090510
641.37 secondsJayce BurtonSo close but so far from 1 second.20050704
641.37 secondsLucas GarronIn a single session, I got 1.44 twice, then 1.43, 1.39, and finally a 1.37. Later, I got a 1.38 on video.20061122
641.37 secondsTyler Wilkinsonn/a20070503
671.38 secondsDoug LiDone on a First Generation StackMat.20051113
671.38 secondsTommy GustavssonI'm still slower then my brother Kenneth.. =o)20070317
671.38 secondsBernett OrlandoJust started to practice. Matiyas is incredible. Thanks for his inspiring performance in Belgian open-2007.20070404
701.39 secondsRobert SchlichtAfter a day of breaking in my new Magic. Seems like I really needed it.
[Orsh Larsh Speesh Cedo]
711.40 secondsHadley SheffieldWoot!20080227
721.41 secondsSean ConnollyThis was too smooth! The fast transform worked really well (which normally doesn't happen). Trying out the Bob Burton method of the last 6 flip with the magic flat on the table! If I could only keep the magic from doing silly folds whilst doing the fast transform, I'd be a much happier person!20051002
731.43 secondsLinus Langsmoi am a swedish boy who is very very very very happy !!20051130
741.45 secondsAleksander IljasovWell, I finally got my best time and it cost me about 78 dollar. I broke 4 puzzles and my last two puzzles were broken in just two days.
My first one was broken in 5 min :)
751.46 secondsAbel Bratan/a20061122
751.46 secondsAnthony ChungI have just play for a week!20080404
771.48 secondsJonathan Muni'll beat Bob at this. eventually.20050923
771.48 secondsHampus Randénn/a20051129
771.48 secondsMathias Buus-KofoedI'm from Denmark, And I'm very happy right now20070731
771.48 secondsMichael TrasenteI had a GOOD night of solves >:] too bad the next day I broke it XD20090201
811.50 secondsPeter GreenwoodA big thanks to Bob burton for inspiring me! Maybe ill beat him soon.20050803
811.50 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis was a good time. i was timing my self on my cell phone so i had to push the button to start and finish so it was probably a little faster. This was a very smooth solve.20060214
811.50 secondsNicholas LeungSWEET!20090106
841.53 secondsSamuel Lairen/a20061230
841.53 secondsPeck Ern-Minn/a20081112
841.53 secondsPatrick MillerI'm going for sub 1.4!20090510
871.55 secondsGreg AustinI did this at UK 2006 even though i wasnt competing (wish i had) my magic strings are loose now becuase of exsessive solving since yesterday. this was part of a streak of 5 personal bests in a row.20061122
871.55 secondsBraedon Lukensevery night I do this, i get a new rec.!20081119
891.58 secondsHajnalka Bátorn/a20070105
901.59 secondsIsaac WappesThis was done with a magic from the 80's that i got off eBay. Not bad for a 12-year-old.20070607
901.59 secondsEthan ArmbrustThird record tonight!20081109
921.60 secondsMichael SwanJust found it in my room after cleaning.20080703
931.64 secondsBrian OrlowAnother break of my time! I thought it was just luck, then I tried again and got a smiilar time 5 times in a row!20090214
941.65 secondsTom van der ZandenSorry Jacco!20080311
941.65 secondsBraden BouchardGreat solve!20080912
961.67 secondsUmmon KarpeYay20061122
961.67 secondsWuqoing Fanjust got it. It's boring.20080925
981.69 secondsFrederick ChooVideo found here
981.69 secondsBrandon TanXD20090201
1001.70 secondsMatt WalterSo close but so far from 1 second.20050625
1011.73 secondsJaap ScherphuisI used a stackmat, starting and ending with the hands palm down on the timer pad. Jaap's Puzzle Page. 
1011.73 secondsRick MazzanteMY FIRST SUB-2 YESSSS20060602
1011.73 secondsPatrick FrauchigerYes Sub-2! :-) Video | Timer20070120
1041.76 secondsTobias DaneelsNice, keep up the good work Tobias20060812
1041.76 secondsJustin YoungI got a faster time and On video! verified here
1061.77 secondsLacey BurtonNote from Bob: This is my little sister. Today, she got her first sub-2 second solve and improved to 1.77 seconds. I'm so proud! :)20050630
1071.79 secondsBrian LeLOL! First I got 1.81. then 1.80, then 1.79 in a row! Yeah, but a string popped out right after the 1.79 =[[20070416
1071.79 secondsDavid LinThe best time so far
I have got this in 1 week of buying it
I am only 12.
1091.83 secondsAlan TanHaha got this a while ago. just never posted it and got it again today XP Preparing for the SF Open 920090201
1101.86 secondsMarkus PirzerSub-2 seconds!!!!!!!!!! :-) Sub-1 seems to be impossible for me, because I can't move my fingers fast enough. Note: I have no Stackmat timer, but I promise I didn't touch the Rubik's Magic whether when I startet nor when I stopped my timer. 20051021
1101.86 secondsTristan Wrightn/a20060127
1121.89 secondsBen PicoloWas only a matter of time until I broke 2 :D20051103
1121.89 secondsKĺre Krign/a20060320
1121.89 secondsArthur AdamsOoh. broke my record with my first sub-2 on my second day.20060730
1151.93 secondsBarnabas Erdelyiwhit milan baticz magic :) in our school.20070105
1151.93 secondsAndrea Santambrogionot bad for me now20081219
1171.94 secondsClayne HawleyJust learned the multi-step move..done with Chris Hunt's NetCube timer.20050604
1171.94 secondsSam PhilzieI did this using a simpsons magic (its rubiks) using a regrip method. i really should do some times with my non regrip20070301
1191.98 secondsParth UpadhyayI just learned the magic 2 days ago at WC (awesome btw). Im hoping to get faster soon. im really slow right now.20051108
1191.98 secondsDan HarrisMy first sub2 :)
1212.00 secondsJordan Freden/a20090510
1222.12 secondsParker Gaitleythis was after only a few days of practicing. just bought these things from chris L. a few days ago.20051013
1232.15 secondsJonathan RuelHave had the puzzle about 2 days now, averaging around 2.5, hope to break 2 seconds soon!20051202
1242.22 secondsStephen PotvinMatt Walter taught me how to do it, and i sat there for about half an hour doing it over and over. This is as good as i can get so far.20060107
1252.31 secondsJames StraughanToo close to my average.20061013
1262.33 secondsAlex Kumakin/a20090106
1272.36 secondsGilles van den Peereboomn/a20050804
1272.36 secondsTyler BarchekI Just started doing this again for the first time, and learned the advanced method..20090510
1292.38 secondsJames WattFinally broke the 2.40 Mark..Wahoo20070320
1302.41 secondsPeter DouthwrightJust learning a new way to solve it.20071201
1312.43 secondsHubert OrdylowskiOliver Pergie Learn me :)20080622
1322.52 secondsPeter StillIn practice at Norwich Cube event organised by Dan Harris, December 200520051203
1332.53 secondsMichel Chabaneixjust got it like 1 hour ago, i get alot of low 3's and got this rly nice 2.53 :) i will continue to get better and improve!!20090201
1342.54 secondsThomas BischofBest time out of my average of 100.20040614
1352.56 secondsMatt OdumWoo hoo20090308
1362.58 secondsTravis BryanNote from Chris Hardwick: Travis is my cousin and I taught him not only how to magic, but also how to restring! He is getting serious and wants to compete in the magic at the WC in 2005!20050823
1372.61 secondsPeter Sandorn/a20070529
1382.77 secondsJustin EimersTrying for sub 2. Not too bad for first few weeks20090201
1392.85 secondsYi Reni damage it20090214
1402.88 secondsJeff SoesbeWith new-school "twist" method, while trying an average of 12.20060120
1412.90 secondsWill BuntingShortly after this solve two strings broke20061023
1423.22 secondsJasmine LeeTime set with my Harry Potter Magic. Timing done with JNetCube. Jasmine's blog.20050809
1423.22 secondsBrandon Garnermy fastest. im really happy. i just got it 2 days ago and couldnt stop messing with it. and i finally times myself and after a while 3.22 secs.20090201
1443.24 secondsChan Chun HonFastest time that I can get in eight solves. It's the second day that I get my Rubik's Magic.20081231
1453.85 secondsJoe WallaceI cant see how you guys do it that fast20060517
1463.88 secondsSam Porteri've been playing around with it for a little while. got it under 10, then w/ advanced method, under 5 and i just was in the moment, so i got my 3.8820081213
1473.92 secondsPiotr KózkaFast?20060716
1483.98 secondsBen WilsonBeen faster before, first time using a stackmat though.20060716
1494.51 secondsBen LuoMy hands have never moved that quickly before.20060416