Alexander Star
13 minutes 35.92 secondsMichael GottliebSub-3 is possible, but my recognition is still slow! :D20070111
23 minutes 59.19 secondsJeff GoetzI just had to get under 4 minutes to make myself happy. 
34 minutes 22 secondsJacob RuethNo surprise. I sleep with the stars, mmmwhahahahahaha. 
44 minutes 32 secondsChris GilsdorfMy new one turns a little better, but still locks up. If I can fix this little problem, I can probably get under 4 minutes. 
54 minutes 47.84 secondsZachary WisniewskiVideo20080402
610 minutesShotaro MakisumiBorrowed my teacher's old Star. So hard to turn and this was my first solve, ever. 
715 minutesNoah HeveyGot it, carefully opened it from the box, mixed, solved, replaced in box. It's sitting on my shelf.
Just an estimate.
842 minutesPaul MertzlufftI was siting in his room while he played xbox. This was my first solve ever. 20070723
92 hoursBrian AlexanderI got the star from one of my teachers (she let me borrow it) and that was 3:15PM. I actually didn't take it out and look at it until 8:00PM, then I completed it at 10:00PM. When I took it back she nearly had a stroke :)