112.77 secondsPiotr Michal PadlewskiYeah!! very good solve first sub 13.Non lc.
(0 6) / (3 -3) / (-3 ) / (3 ) / (-3 1) / (6 5) / (-1 4) / (6 2) / (6 3) / (0 3) / (6 5) / (4 2) / (0 2) / (-2 2) / (6 4) /
go to my youtube chanel
213.25 secondsSeamus Sullivanpretty good20080703
313.53 secondsMartin ZahradníkYeees!! I'm very happy. :-) It was really great solve. :-)20071015
414.08 secondsCheung Ka Lokamazing result20081012
514.09 secondsGrzegorz Prusak2 twists to cube, 2 moves (1 twist) CO, 4 twists EO, 5 twists CP, 4 twists EP. My nonLC solve definition: minimum 2 twists to cube, any Corners Orientation (bringing corners to correct layer), any Edges Orientation, any Corners Permutation, any Edges Permutation. Is it correct?20070306
614.69 secondsJames Kobelawesome solve20090201
714.96 secondsBernett Orlando0,2/0,1/6,0/0,3/0,4/6,0/6,5/-5,0/-4,0/6,0/6,0/6,0/2,3/-5,4/6,0/0,5,6,3/-3,0 is the sramble algm for this solve. Is it lucky ?20070304
815.20 secondsLars VandenberghThis was a simple, quick, uncomplicated and relatively easy one.20070603
915.82 secondsAndrea Santambrogiofast solve for me20090510
1016.24 secondsAndrew NelsonSome might consider it lucky, as I skipped 2 steps, but I worked for every skip. 3-twist cube shape. I planned out my corner orientation to solve edge orientation as well. then I did my corner permutation from an awkward angle to solve edge permutation as well. This comes the day after a VERY lucky 7.40 solve (randomly generated scramble ended up having a 6-twist solution) I'm getting better.20080320
1116.28 secondsMilan BaticzNon-lucky solve. Still use only 3 algs for EP.
Practise, practise, practise...
1217.33 secondsDennis StrehlauNIIIIICE:P
Easy shape and i knew the alg. for EP:) That helps a lot:)
Check out my video of the 18.44 seconds:P
1317.48 secondsUriel Gayosso RuizThis was extremely fast for me. I just had an easy scramble from the CCT :D, every step was done with only one algorithm :D.
Scramble: (0,2) / (0,4) / (6,3) / (6,4) / (6,5) / (0,1) / (5,3) / (6,3) / (0,3) / (6,0) / (6,1) / (0,2) / (6,0) / (0,3) / (4,0) / (2,0) / (0,3) /
Try it out. It rocks!! I hope i can get the continental record :D, or at least the national record.
The Mexican Competition is getting closser each time!!
1417.72 secondsMichael FungTimed with "The ultimate Rubik's cube® timer version 2.1". No parity error. The scramble: 0,2/1,1/6,5/-3,0/0,4/5,0/0,2/4,3/0,2/4,3/-3,0/0,3/6,2/-4,0/0,4/6,0/0,4/-3,0.20060506
1518.41 secondsJason Baum I got the scramble from Stefan's blindfolded solve: -2,0/0,-4/0,3/0,1/6,2/6,0/6,3/-3,1/5,5/6,1/-1,2/0,4/6,2/0,1/0,5/0,3/3,0
Cube shape: /6,-3/
Bottom corners: 1,0/3,6/
Bottom edges: -3,-3/0,-3/-1,-4/1,1/0,3/0,3/2,6
PLL: 6,0/-3,0/-2,0/0,3/2,0/3,0/-2,0/0,-3/-4,0
I guess the bottom edges were slightly lucky since I usually do them in two steps (first two edges, final two edges). But doing the first two edges only takes 2-4 twists, so I didn't skip that much. Check out my method here.
1618.49 secondsEvan RalstonWOW non-lucky. Just finished learning all of the Edge Permutation algorithms and this was my third solve!!20080626
1718.74 secondsDerrick Eidenice20081213
1819.43 secondsMichal RobaczykNice20070713
1922.69 secondsJoël HeymbeeckNot lucky. So smooth and so easy :)20070222
2023.07 secondsMichael GottliebNo parity, and the EP was an adjacent swap on U and D. I didn't skip any steps though.20081012
2123.62 secondsStefan LidströmNo steps skipped. EP was cw U in both layers.20090308
2223.78 secondsBen KingNot much to say about this20060628
2323.92 secondsTrevor DavilaFast.
2427 secondsWill Klauslerwhoa whoa whoa whoa!!once back in cube shape one layer was solved and the other only needed a simple corner and edge pair switch. Super Lucky!!20090308
2527.82 secondsFumiki Koseki0,5/0,6/1,3/3,3/-4,0/0,1/6,5/6,2/6,5/0,1/2,1/2,4/0,4/4,4/-2,2/-4,020061217
2628.72 secondsSyoji TakamatsuThe scramble: -2,2/0,3/-4,1/-4,0/-5,2/-4,3/0,3/0,2/6,1/6,4/0,4/0,2/0,3/6,0/-5,5/6,0/0,3
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2728.91 secondsPedro Santos-3,6/6,0/3,3/-3,3/-3,4/6,0/6,2/3,3/3,1/0,5/5,2/0,2/-2,2/0,4/4,4/
WOW! This was great. Easy EO, the rest was nice
2828.93 secondsTim ReynoldsNon-lucky but exceedingly easy. First sub-40 non-lucky time. My next goal is to learn more of EP, then some more shape algs.20070106
2932.07 secondsNikko Decembranowoooh.., it's really hard..20080227
3033.91 secondsEmile CompionI lost interest in Square-1 for a while. I have no idea why, its such a cool puzzle!20080331
3134.68 secondsOlivér PergeFirst sub-40. With a lot practise I finally broke 40 mp. Will be faster!20071021
3234.74 secondsOuyang YunqiIt's quite an easy case.20081031
3335.00 secondsSinpei Araki "Suraimu"easy.but no lucky20061010
3436.85 secondsYi Renmake it to a square only takes me 2 seconds20090214
3537.51 secondsFrançois CourtèsAnother easy but not lucky solve20080926
3637.76 secondsLucas GarronA nearly average solve it just went very quickly. Anyhow, Square-1 (especially blindfolded) is my next focus.20060822
3738.47 secondsCameron AlmasiYEAH MY BEST YET20080426
3838.70 secondsNoah HeveyBest solve by a long shot. Still didn't beat Emile.
3939.15 secondsDoug LiMight have been a little lucky, I forget. I certainly have had times under this that I know are lucky. I have gotten many times under 65s with parity so this time is not unreasonable to select as my PB.20070209
4039.19 secondsBartosz BieleckiI had algorithms which i know already:) I still learn new algorithms, so i think that soon this result would be better!:-D20070217
4139.20 secondsMarc van BeestYay! Easy shape. Done in my 1 min 06.64 sec avg.20061218
4240.03 secondsJack MoseleyI just learned a new method for Square-1, it has helped my times a lot. This is only my second sub minute (first was 45 seconds)!20070804
4340.67 secondsJak SonesNeed to work harder.20080714
4441.71 secondsBrian Nicole UyThis is a full solve.
Too busy to cube now as in I cube only once a week.
Philippine Cubers Association
4544.03 secondsTatsuya Ookubon/a20060924
4644.12 secondsJoël van NoortDutch Cube Day 2004.20041010
4745.66 secondsErik AkkersdijkBad method: gather edges for cube shape. Make one correct layer of corners, permute corners of the last layer, orient at least 6 of the edges, orient the last edge and permutate one layer, permutate last layer edges (with pochmann principle).
4854.11 secondsArthur AdamsNot extremely lucky.20080207
4954.32 secondsJ.B. Cañareshahaha!! its been a few days since i learned how to solve the square-1, and this is my fist fastest time, no skips, just easy cases.20060904
5055 secondsPierre Besancenotsince 3 weeks of practice.no skips20070821
5157.77 secondsBlake O'HareLearn my method I created at my site 
5259.11 secondsAlan TanI haven't really been active in cubing for a while since I got into guitar. but Square-1 has been a major focus for me. I'm getting better though after using a simplified version of Jason Baum's method w/ a PLL variation by Stefan Pochmann.20080811
531 minuteZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis was a very fast solve. i had my dad mix it and i started ot solve it and then after a few twist to get the top white and bottom green it was solved!! My normal times a little less than 5 minutes i was very proud of this solve.20060214
541 minute 1 secondsAustin ReedMy method: Cube, Corners, Edges, PLL of Corners, PLL of Edges,(Parity). I have a wierd square-1 with red on top. It turns Extremely Well! Sub-minute is next goal.20080311
551 minute 2.98 secondsBob BurtonI like this puzzle a lot more now that I can solve it. ) Visit my site.20060523
561 minute 6 secondsWuqoing FanGetting into cube shape was easy and I use the most basic algs for the Jason Baum method. No real skips, but cases happen to be ones I know.20080925
571 minute 9.09 secondsYeom Seok Hoonn/a 
581 minute 11 secondsGriffin Kinleyafter a week of solving20050422
591 minute 11.27 secondsKenneth GustavssonI'm only slowly learning this puzzle, my method is almst as poor as I am =)
I understand it's possible to fix parity when in star shape (at start, before cube shape) using just one move. but. how do you now wich case it is??? (I don't know).
601 minute 15 secondsCorey Dufordn/a 
611 minute 17 secondsSubhaan Mufidn/a20080626
621 minute 25 secondsAlex Kumakin/a20080119
631 minute 27.18 secondsTyler Albrightn/a20080903
641 minute 29 secondsMike TryczakThis time is just the lower extreme of my ten series. 
651 minute 30.44 secondsJohan HillerströmMy first time actually timing :)20070103
661 minute 31 secondsChris GilsdorfDid everything but the parity. I think if I can figure out how to get it into a cube faster then I can drop under 1:30. 
671 minute 36.14 secondsNeil FleckWoohoo! I beat Chris Hardwick!. 13 years old.20051015
681 minute 36.20 secondsParker Gaitleythis was a fast cube shape.i have to get all big wedges on one side then i know how to solve it from there. and also no parity problem. nothing else lucky had 5 algs once i got corners on correct side.20050430
691 minute 14.31 secondsRoland Kovácsn/a20080725
701 minute 44.50 secondsJustin EimersI've been cutting down my times quite a bit in the last week. Hope to get them under 1 minute soon. Timed with the Official Rubik's Timer version 3.120060615
711 minute 55 secondsBen Bartleytook a while to memorize the different situations but i finally broke 2 minutes!20070408
721 minute 58.31 secondsAndy BellenirThis was my time for the Square-1 when I solved the Square-1, Rubik's Cube (3x3x3), and Pyraminx. Total time for all three was 3:18.17. 
732 minutes 8 secondsMason HoffmanIm just happy that i learned how to solve it in a few days ill work on the time later.20070601
742 minutes 10 secondsTobias Daneelsn/a20060607
752 minutes 30 secondsJeremy SalterI'm unique! Just like everyone else! 
762 minutes 38 secondsDylan FryeNot a very good solve I guess. I only know two algorithms, so I really need to learn some more :)20080411
773 minutes 21.96 secondsJacob RuethJust picked it back up today! I haven't touched it in almost a year, trying to remember the algs was a toughy :) 
783 minutes 36 secondsCollin PerschonUsing my own method, with no help at all. First time timing myself. My time would be nearly halved if I find a way to switch only two edges easily. The way I figured out is what I call a controlled mess up. I mess it up in a way after I run in to the problem so when I solve it again I won't run into it. This is obviously not very efficient. 
793 minutes 37.25 secondsThomas ClementStill no idea on the cube formation. This one had parity, grrr!20060529
804 minutes 3.58 secondsGarrett DickersonI just got it yesterday, this was my only timed solve. Still working out the parity problem.20070226
814 minutes 18.26 secondsRavi FernandoI got my square-1 today, and this was my first timed solve. More to come in this category.20071211
824 minutes 24 secondsSébastien Marsn/a