Supercube 3x3
117.34 secondsPiotr KózkaR2F2B2L2D2R2F2B2L2U220060927
218.83 secondsParker GaitleyI guess sub 19 is possible. very easy fast solve i guess finding out how all my permutations rotate the top center came in handy. my first time timing myself in a while.20050830
319.23 secondsMariusz SudzikUnofficial Polish record! Very easy solve. sub 19 is possible!20050704
419.96 secondsChris HardwickSub-20!! This was not a lucky solve, just very smooth with no delays at any step. Practice and determination is all it takes. 
526.74 secondsLucas GarronI love that F2L still works the same way..20061228
655.70 secondsJay Hakimin/a20071220
71 minute 46.83 secondsAlex KwiecinskiJust figured out how to do this last night. No luck, but I'm Just glad I can finish my Burton cube now. 
82 minutes 15.80 secondsWuqiong Fanfirst time ever on gabbasoft. could get sub-40 if it is real cube.20080503
92 minutes 22 secondsJason C. Jarathat was my first timed solving20080318
102 minutes 24.26 secondsMichael Blakemann/a20090201