Dino cube
15.84 secondsPéter PozsgaiAvg. around 10 secs20090308
217.88 secondsMike TryczakDone with Puzzler. Used a stopwatch to time myself, operated with the same hand I used for my mouse. This seems pretty close to the minimum time possible given the limitations of the interface. 
322.73 secondsDan CaciDone with "Ultimate Magic Cube" this is one of my best. )
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429 secondsChris GilsdorfFinally under 30 secs! Done on Puzzler (P.S. Webber). 
531 secondsAndrew WebberDone with puzzler program on a computer. 
61 minute 1 secondValentino TosattiDone with Puzzler, the PC program. Very bad time though! I'll improve it!