Samuel Loyds 15 puzzle
15.17 secondsKyle AllaireI did 55 moves to mix it up and then looked at it for 3 seconds and saw they were almost in pairs but mixed up amongst eachther well and it took about 25-30 moves to solve. sub 5 is possible. 
27.93 secondsJoe BedfordI have been practicing a LLLOOONNNGGG time each day for a while. I will post a video for my next record.20090201
38 secondsMichael CramerI finally did it in under 10 seconds! Im 14 and Ive had the record here for a long time with 11 seconds. I need more competition. 
49.40 secondsDavid Alatorre LópezAfter 2 years, I broke my previous record!20080926
59.68 secondsQuinn Osgoodfinally got sub-1020060501
69.80 secondsKegham KhosdeghianI just started, literally, 1 hour and 45 minutes ago. This puzzle is really easy, no algorithms needed, just a lot of common sense. (brain teasers help a lot)20070301
79.98 secondsDrew J. Smithn/a20080723
810.99 secondsGiuseppe SpinaPut .99. I didn't remember the exact time20090214
914.31 secondsNathan WoundyI can't believe I beat the next guy by .02 seconds! Don't worry, it wasn't just a luck setup, I actually can do them under twenty seconds, most every time.20090201
1014.33 secondsEmile CompionFirst sub-15 solve. Timed it on the cube timer my friend programmed (Scott's Magical Cube Timer), which is unfortunately unavailable to the public at the moment. Caught it on video too!20060830
1114.42 secondsTori Bertschyn/a20090201
1216.90 secondsWuqiong Fangot a best lucky of 6 seconds. I played with this for the past 2 days because I don't have my cube at the moment.20080207
1317 secondsKendall QuanI am obsessed with this puzzle. I'm 14 and I can't put it down20090201
1418.46 secondsAndrew MinucosHoping to get under the teens soon20090201
1518.61 secondsDaniel HayesThere are three possible positions of the last row after the rest of this puzzle is solved, this time I had the best one (already solved) this puzzle is young in the cubing community though, and this time probably won't be very good for very long ;) 
1618.92 secondsDylan FryePWNT!!11!
Not really but it was pretty awesome.
1719.70 secondsRobert SchlichtGit it yesterday. My method is a little slow (1-4, 5-8, 9 and 13, last 5 pieces) but it's good for lucky cases. On to blindsolving it next!20080802
1820 secondsAndrew Smithwow, i can't believe i can solve the 15 puzzle in 20 seconds! most of the people in my school are amazed that i could do it in around 30 seconds average but wow 20 seconds.20070405
1920.29 secondsJake BeddoeI'm working for under 20.0020090214
2023 secondsWill Klauslerfast20090507
2123.25 secondsAaron Hind23.25seconds 35 moves to mix it up20080121
2223.44 secondsJordan VeilletteIt takes time to be able to complete it fast, so keep practicing! 20081231
2323.8 secondsDrew Quistn/a20060227
2425.09 secondsNiko Kauffman I've solved it before, but just got the puzzle yesterday. Simple and fun. I'll definitely practice this.20080710
2525.13 secondsDennis FyksenYes! I have finally gotten a faster time than 32 seconds. (took me a while)20071208
2625.31 secondsJon RogersSooooo easy.20061122
2727 secondsAdrian LiI got this time since I started learning this puzzle only one week ago. I plan to be even faster. 
2828.17 secondsRyan SefcovicI'm catching up Quinn!20060812
2930.54 secondsRyan Brownnever give up20081121
3034.6 secondsSam Maurer-Hollaendern/a20080111
3137 secondsGrant SlattonJust got it a few hours ago, been in my pocket most of that time. Not even 10 solves yet, quite simple.20080429
3238.24 secondsMichael AtkinsonThis is that little square with fifteen tiles, and you slide them around to get them in order. I like to call it a 2 dimensional Rubiks Cube. I could do better.