Towers of Hanoi (7 layers)
138 secondsPaulo Peixotowith a touch screen and the minimum moves necessary ^-^
i think there should be a guinness world record for the fastest player of ToH
240.62 secondsBrennan VincentDone with a Towers of Hanoi game for the computer and fast fingers. I wish more people were interested in ToH and I encourage competition.20060701
353.55 secondsPeter GreenwoodAfter seeing this puzzle on SCC, I had to try, because I know I am very fast at it. Timed this with Dan Knights cube timer, and used a calculator program for the towers on my TI-83PSE. I broke 60!!! So whats next? I encourage competition!20050804
454 secondsKevin Khann/a20060309
554.87 secondsChristopher YiThis is real easy if you have quick and hands and you know what to do. =) I can probably break this record because i ended up idling for 2-3 seconds. Did this with my math teacher's towers of hanoi set :)).20060210
61 minute 12 secondsAlden Wilsonn/a20080514
71 minute 15.70 secondsCaillan FellowsWHOA!!!!!20090507
81 minute 16 secondsArun JayendranI solved using a mouse based computer Tower of Hanoi game.
Really easy to solve having known the basic trick..
91 minute 30 secondsRobin WesthaverUsing the traditional 3 peg wooden set. The physical aspect of having to get each ring through a peg each move is really slow! I need to find a computer version too, so it becomes pure mental speed as suppose to physical speed.20081123
101 minute 40 secondsJeff GoetzOnce I found the trick to this puzzle it became very easy. With more pieces, even though takes longer it's still easy. Mine goes up to 10 pieces, and that takes about 30 minutes. 
111 minute 52 secondsAlex PowellFirst half was nearly perfect. It is much harder with 8 rings than 7, and I was surprised by the difference. 
122 minutes 10 secondsAndrew NelsonI'm getting faster.20060616
134 minutes 24 secondsJoshua Woelmeri saw this record and immediately had to do it. My friend had written a java applet for a school project, so that's what I used- a bit hard to use, but that can be fixed. 132 moves- made a small mistake in there that cost me 5 moves from optimal :- I can get better!20070529
147 minutes 31 secondsJoey SpadaforaThis was not an optimized solve, and I'm sure this time can be improved upon a whole lot..I need to work on figuring out exactly how the recursion works.but I was hoping that for one time for a little bit, I could be first in something. Tower of Hanoi is the stack of discs on top of each other, where you cannot move a larger onto a smaller, or you break the rules. I encourage plenty of competition, and will improve this time if necessary. 
151 hour 29 minutesBrian McCabeUsing a single suit of 13 cards as a 'tower' and using one hand only for moving the cards
8191 moves completed whilst on guard duty as a young soldier in Malta in 1951.