Sport Stacking: Cycle
16.68 secondsJake Emberton This is a link to me racing every Current world record in sport stacking and beating it. Including the cycle where i get 6.80. I currently stand at the fastest in the United Kingdom and i am on the UK sport stacking team i will be compeating in Denver 08 =].20080106
27.32 secondsConnor WymanVideo is here!20090510
37.34 secondsMarcel PassonI want to get an under 7!20080826
47.90 secondsSorakom TesthongOMG20090106
58.61 secondsBoris KonradI did not know, this category exists )
Doing this much longer than cubing (a year know) and just became German champion in my agegroup. I will also take part in the World Championships in Denver in April.
69.25 secondsBrian Macutayi was excited that i got a 9 for once20090201
79.34 secondsJustin AdsuaraThis one was sweet.20071228
89.90 secondsRobbin KlerkxTo bad most people here in The Netherlands have never heard of sportstacking.
Got his one after 4-6 weeks.
99.93 secondsDerrick EideYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!! FINALLY SUB 10!! I literally SCREAMED at the top of my LUNGS when i got this. YEAH!!20080607
1010.43 secondsOlivér PergeSub-10 is so close.20070305
1110.53 secondsJustice ClarkWow, I didn't think I would actually be up here, but then I looked and here I am. w00t!20071113
1210.54 secondsMatt Valenzuelabest time ever. so close to sub-1020070512
1310.56 secondsChris HardwickGetting closer to sub-10.20040810
1411.25 secondsErik AkkersdijkDuring my 12.70 average. Very fast stuff. Just before the last big tower I think the timer was about 7. I can reach sub-10 if I practise a bit more, maybe if I practise a week I will get a sub-10 time. My Site20070108
1512.24 secondsTyler WilkinsonGot it for the timer, thought id give it a shot.20070417
1612.28 secondsRobert SchlichtI had to watch a LOT of speed stacking videos to get myself motivated.20071024
1712.53 secondsAsa KaplanMy best yet! (Witnessed by my Dad)20080308
1812.60 secondsRyan JewI speed stack sometimes, but i only have the cups, so i used a computer timer.20080423
1912.79 secondsJason BaumI'm getting faster. My goal is to eventually get a sub 10 second solve.20070121
2012.85 secondsRichard Pattersonn/a 
2012.85 secondsPatrick JamesonMy Site20070312
2212.90 secondsMichael GrayYay, first sub 13! Hopefully soon i will get sub-10.20090510
2312.93 secondsCraig BouchardGot this 72 hours or so after getting these.They are fun :)20051210
2413.47 secondsJoe Atlasn/a20060823
2513.66 secondsAlexei GousevTimed on my new stackmat. I just got these like 3 days ago. They're fun, so this time is apt to go down.20060915
2613.70 secondsOlivier GaucherDone on a stackmat. No mistakes but still too slow to downstack.20050103
2714.33 secondsNicholas LeungYay! My best time yet. Need more control to stop all those fumbles.20081104
2814.42 secondsSebastian Perronen/a20060419
2914.54 secondsDoug LiI don't practice cup stacking enough.20051113
3014.65 secondsSpencer O'GaraThis is my second time posting a record here. The other was 23.09 seconds.20060503
3114.93 secondsStefan PochmannI promised Chris a long time ago to join him here, now I finally did it. Will do this more often now since it doesn't strain the fingers as much as cubing does.20040430
3214.94 secondsArthur AdamsSub-15 is weird.20061003
3315.18 secondsJacob WildesJust got SpeedStacks for Christmas.20070113
3415.19 secondsRyan ThompsonFastest time I have done it in three days of having it. Like others, I got it for the timer.20061230
3515.27 secondsFelix KungI usually get around 17-18 seconds on this.
Pretty good considering I've only gotten 15 seconds 3 times and I've only bee doing this for a few days =D
3615.34 secondsYi Renhow to improve it?20090214
3725 secondsPatrick Wongi bought the box just because of the timer and i gave sport stacking a try20061111
3828.72 secondsNoah HeveyI only bought it for the timer.20061111