Rubik's Master Magic: Official Rules
11.72 secondsMilán BaticzDid it before Belgian Open 08. I practised with Mate and we both did a 1.72 solve.
Practise, practise, practise.
21.77 secondsBertalan Bodorn/a20080502
31.79 secondsMáté HorváthI have 2 videos. They will be on strangepuzzle soon.
[I wanna climb a 'cubemountain']
41.86 secondsMátyás KutiReaching the limits, but I can do better.
1.87 video soon on
Best average of 5: 1.9
51.92 secondsSam BoylesYar!20071120
62.43 secondsBob BurtonOnce I snap, I can't be accountable for my actions.
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62.43 secondsHenrik Buus AagaardThis is my 5th solve below 2.60 I think wow and beat my old record by 0.03 sec.20070521
82.47 secondsJimmy CollHiiiiiiia thank's alexander for the motivation. I did a 2.43 but with an illegal stop with my right hand. Check out the video of the 2.47.20060527
92.49 secondsAlexander Oomsjust a few solves before that i did a 2.53 and was thinking let's take some vids and 2 solves later a 2.49 and i love it :) here is the vid Master Magic 2.49.20060503
102.55 secondsOlivér PergeCould be faster.20070926
112.56 secondsMartin ZahradníkI think that it's not bad time. :-)20070806
122.57 secondsMichael GottliebI still can't average under 4 seconds. But M' rules.20080311
132.58 secondsJakub Zawislakyes yes yes20070116
142.61 secondsStefan LidströmHave also done this time in cometition20081231
152.62 secondsStefan PochmannBobB, OlivierG, LuicC and me stayed up late before the Dutch Open and had a lot of fun and some great results.20051016
152.62 secondsThom BarlowAfter weeks without practise, 20 solves later.20061215
172.63 secondsJon ChoiI actually hit his five times and haven't managed to break it yet! I hope to hit another one of these at VA. ^_^20071119
182.67 secondsKenneth GustavssonYeha! still improving. I'm practising hard to be able to beat Henrik at SOC 2007, I probably won't, he's goood =P20070520
192.68 secondsErik AkkersdijkOne tries, one tries.20070502
202.89 secondsMarkus PirzerI hope I can repeat this at the German Cube Day in Gütersloh.
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212.90 secondsLucas GarronConsidering the current state of my Master Magic, I'm happy that I finally skipped to to sub-3, and didn't even DNF. I'm still practising to get faster (and consistent).20060912
222.94 secondsNobuaki Sugan/a20080731
232.96 secondsThomas ClementPerfect fluid solve. I'm so happy I broke the 3.00s barrier. To be honest, I think I can break 2.8 seconds, but only alot of practice will give me that.20070408
242.98 secondsOlivier GaucherI practice hard and I finaly got sub-3.[Absolut Team Member]20050622
252.99 secondsCraig BouchardI finally broke 3 seconds, and a string.Alexander needs to post his records.20060108
263.05 secondsOuyang Yunqin/a20080930
273.07 secondsGunnar KrigI can do better, but I've broken some strings and I'm waiting for the replacements.20061222
283.34 secondsNoah HeveyI messed up a little shortly after that (almost destroyed the thing) and now I can't seem to get under 4 very often anymore.20070228
293.45 secondsTim best time prior to this one was 3.77. Master Magic is so awesome. Unfortunately, I'm not doing regular magic or cubing nearly enough because of it. Oh well.20060521
303.50 secondsElliott BolzanSub 4!20081116
313.52 secondsJohannes LaireMy old record I never posted.20070120
323.58 secondsSean ConnollyI hadn't practised Master Magic since GCD2006, but I picked it up tonight, blew my record away on the second solve with this time! :-) The previous time right before was 3.75 seconds! Maybe taking a break from Master Magic helped speed me up! Maybe I just got lucky but that was two solves in a row both sub-4 seconds! I'm a long way off from catching the others!
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333.65 secondsJacco KrijnenDone on the day I received my master magic. Watch a 3.88 solve.20080523
343.67 secondsTommy GustavssonAs god is my witness (and also my brother =O) i did this time during eastern dinner yesterday!20070409
353.72 secondsRyan JewI used a master magic i got from deal extreme.20090510
363.80 secondsSamuel LaireSamuel is 8 years old.20060914
373.87 secondsTim Sunn/a20060923
383.90 secondsRobert SchlichtFirst sub-4 solve! Switched to Pochmann's method.20080607
393.93 secondsNeil FleckI was waiting to break 4 seconds to post my record. The weird thing is, my previous records were. 4.04, 4.14, 4.34, 4.44., 4.84, and 4.94. Without any records in between. Now I get a 3.93.. something is very very weird. Expect a 3.83 soon :p20060126
404.42 secondsDoug Lin/a20060915
414.62 secondsLacey BurtonI can't wait to compete!20051127
425.26 secondsAnssi VanhalaYes you are!20070119
435.40 secondsHajnalka BátorAfter 2 hours of playing.20061230
445.71 secondsMichel Chabaneix:) doing okay!i avg around 620081231
455.72 secondsTobias DaneelsI hope not to stay the last-one.20051203
465.84 secondsJasmine LeeBought a Master Magic at the end of DCD2006. Got this time using Alexander Ooms' method. Will enter the Master Magic event at the next competition! :)20061015
475.87 secondsBernett OrlandoJust started to practice. Matiyas is incredible. I am inspired by his amazing performance in Belgian open-200720070404
486.23 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis was a very smooth solve. I have had it for about a couple days when i set this time. I need a stackmat for timeing these types of puzzles better. I need work on after i flip over the puzzle and the last part on the right. It is sometimes very slow because i get stuck. 20060509
496.31 secondsHamish Wattthis after only 2 days. master magic is so cool20051006
506.75 secondsKamil Górskiwill be better :)
( i hope :P)
506.75 secondsJesse Matilainenive only had it for 2 days20080307
5210.28 secondsTobias DaneelsJust received a master-magic today. Had to puzzle a while to get him normally.20061113