Homer Simpson cube
19.20 secondsWuqiong Fanhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q31-yahn8ec
After learning some COLLs, PLL skips are no longer lucky!
214.45 secondsJorge SanchezIt was just a good solve. After all, i'm great with the 2x2x2. Here's the Video:
315.53 secondsJilvin Templeton Well, whadya know. Got an easy case and beat my 18 sec solve. avg is about 19.5 or so? I didnt calculate.20070608
419.71 secondsHeath LittonI might be able to go a little faster.. 
521 secondsJoseph LiaoThanks to my friend for letting me use his simpson head cube! 
628.39 secondsBlake O'HareWoohoo! 
731.03 secondsNeil FleckI'm only 11! 
834.33 secondsAndrew RoleyOnly got to solve it like 5 times; It belonged to some freshman at school.20070405
945 secondsJeremy SalterA bit confusing to start with (esp. since it's a elliptical puzzle), but after 10 mins I had it down. I'd improve my time but the Homer Toy belongs to my fellow cube solving friend Ben Tuchscher.
I'm unique!Just like everyone else!
1048.06 secondsFrank MorrisIt's a VERY good mechanism compared to the Darth Maul head. 
1154.68 secondsCraig BouchardI Broke a minute!! 22nd PB for the day.20060316
121 minute 3.31 secondsBrandon ShawNot bad considering how difficult it is to turn the darn thing. 
131 minute 7.25 secondsAmbie ValdésI love how it looks when it's messed up.20050417
141 minute 52.55 secondsTyson MaoIt's so tough to tell which way a piece is twisted. gotta be careful and not pinch off any fingers too. 
154 minutesNate Bartleyi had had this for a while but nobody really played w/ it. it is harder than a regular 2x2 because instead of an even puzzle is has quite odd shapes that throw me off20070409
164 hours 37 minutes 51.73 secondsRafael AlgarinFour hours thirtyseven minutes fiftyone point seven three seconds.20040505