121.84 secondsPiotr Kózkabest avg: 30,65s20061226
235 secondsJoël Heymbeeck:)20060906
341.47 secondsCaleb LauThe solve pretty good. However, I probably could've gone faster if had seen how the last layer was to be permuted. That was probably the worst part of the solve, permuting.
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447 secondsThom BarlowRoux method. Corners are hard to do in one step on this puzzle.20060307
550.32 secondsSean ConnollyCross in 5 moves with one corner already correctly placed. Placed the next two corners in 3 moves followed by the last corner. I managed to get 1 edge piece of the 2nd layer in the correct slot. Used a 3-edge cycle to place 2 more in their correct middle edge and then placed the final edge piece for the 2nd layer. Swapped two corners then used only 1 alg to orientate 3 corners. Last, I did a 3-edge cycle (all the correct way up) and I was done. Timed on my stackmat and using a 10-colour 1980's Octagon cube! 
652 secondsLucas Garronn/a20060922
757 secondsChris GilsdorfI can maybe do a bit better. Even with lube, the cube doesn't turn all that great. 
858.67 secondsEtienne MillonUnder the minute :o) !!! 
959.59 secondsBrad DavisBarely under a minute. Solved with layer by layer method and 4 look LL.20080707
101 minute 3.56 secondsErik AkkersdijkI hate this puzzle, nobody could prevent it from popping! A must have for Rubik's Collectors though :)20060130
111 minute 10.29 secondsSyoji Takamatsun/a20050110
121 minute 20 secondsChris HardwickI don't think I'll get much faster, my octagon cube is very stiff and hard to turn. I might try lubricating it later on though.