19 minutes 48.13 secondsChris Brownleegigaminx is my baby. i started building this puzzle before WC 2005 and have had to rebuild it at least 10 times, (still not happy with the puzzle, but happy with breaking 10 minutes)20070219
223 minutes 1.84 secondsMichael GottliebI did one solve on Aleh's gigaminx at ECSD 2008. It turns amazingly and I had absolutely no problems with that. Thanks!20080224
345 minutesAndrew NelsonECSD, Michael? You mean EPGY. I did this right after Michael's. Timed only by looking at a clock across the room, Was probably somewhere in the low 40's.20080326
43 hours 7 minutes 30 secondsWuqiong Fandone on gelatinbrain simulator offline. I have screenshots! Solving it again and I expect to get about 2hours this time.20080426