Supercube 5x5
12 minutes 30.86 secondsMichael GottliebA good solve, but not lucky; I've had a handful of 2:3x times already. My best average is 2:48.16 now. I love the 5x5x5 supercube! Thanks for lending me yours, Lucas!20080422
23 minutes 30.40 secondsChris HardwickWith enough lookahead the centers solve almost exactly like a regular 5x5x5 solve except for having to solve the 6th as well after the 5th. Working slowly towards sub-3:00 for a pb solve for the 5x5x5 supercube. I'll be honest, I want to dominate the big cube supercube categories ;-) My pb average for 5x5x5 supercubing is 3:53.96 = [3:52.41 3:59.90 3:57.54 3:50.66 (3:39.65) (4:31.03) 3:49.29]20051025
34 minutes 2.61 secondsClancy Cochranwas holding out to post this until someone challenged me, figured i might as well see number 2 for a bit before michael kills me20080320
45 minutes 30.62 secondsSyoji TakamatsuMy site20071224
55 minutes 59.30 secondsStefan PochmannMy cube.20040627
66 minutes 29.70 secondsKåre KrigStill spending far to much time building centers.20060410
719 minutes 50.06 secondsMichael BlakemanThank you Chris Hardwick for the solution.20090201
825 minutesElias Hernandez CapdevilaI draw arrows on the tiles, so that the classic "clock problem" on 3x3x3 could be apply to 5x5x5. If someone is interested in my method, just e-mail me or visit my web at With no arrows, it takes me about 15 minutes to solve 5x5x5.