Cuboid 5x3x3
11 minute 18.65 secondsMaté MüllerI can't belive it!! I have played for nearly 3 hours just to brake the world record and I did! I used a shortcut by solving it as a part of my method. I was really motivated after having the 2nd place.
I am soooooooooooo happy now: On a self-created puzzle with a self-created method - my first UWR! )
21 minute 29.39 secondsMichal HalczukI HAVE THIS CUBE ABOUT 2 HOURS.20061222
31 minute 46 secondsTyler WilkinsonDone at lunch. :p20070416
41 minute 56.77 secondsSyoji TakamatsuI changed it in a Yamamoto method.
52 minutes 36.18 secondsTomotsugu YamamotoI borrowed the 5x3x3 from Syoji.20060821
63 minutes 12.83 secondsRon van BruchemThird try on Ton's fully functional 5x3x3 cube. 
74 minutes 33 secondsAya KataokaI borrowed the 5x3x3 from Syoji.20061112