Rubik's Magic 8x2 (Magic Balls): Official Rules
14.40 secondsMichael GottliebIt was a perfect solve at top speed. I know it seems crazy, but I have a video.20070407
25.38 secondsCraig BouchardWatch the video.
Bob taught me a long time ago a faster way to do a part of this. I think sub-5 is now possible. Thanks for the inspiration Bob, and to have given me reason to have something in my life.
35.25 secondsMichael GottliebI used Tim Reynolds's puzzle.

Soon to be sub-5.
46.16 secondsAlexander OomsBob was saying the 6.59 was impossible. So I did some more practice 15 min total and did three good times in a row starting with a 6.46, 6.31 then a 6.16 then all went up to 7 and 8. So I stopped 6.16 was good enough Bob your answer is :)20051212
56.62 secondsBob BurtonThis was just smooth. Visit my site.20060603
67.02 secondsLucas GarronBeating my previous record of 7.03.
I put a pretty pattern of earth renders in my Super Magic.
77.61 secondsThom BarlowI practise this more than the normal magic now :) ~ Kirjava20060611
89.41 secondsTim ReynoldsBest time on the day I assembled it. Watch your backs, Bob + Alexander! I'll take an average tomorrow.20060530
99.95 secondsLacey BurtonI'll get faster.20060604
1022.94 secondsNoah HeveyStrung backwards. :/20070228