Skewb Ultimate
111.89 secondsHarris KarschI've been waiting to come up with a 3 center cycle algorithm, and I finally made one! I'll get an average up soon, probably in the 15-17 range, this solve was semi lucky (4 move "first layer", 3 cycle only for last). Timed with a Stackmat timer, which I missed (would have been around 10.5, but I just used the time from when I stopped it).20071112
228.46 secondsKyle Allairen/a20060110
335.19 secondsBryan O'Connorim getting better =)20080626
443.19 secondsGreg BrownI just learned how to solve this today.20071016
54 minutes 28.93 secondsOtton von HellensMy own method (it sucks).20080406