Fused Cube
11 minute 7 secondsWill Klauslerthis puzzle is easy.20090201
21 minute 18.34 secondsTim ReynoldsOn Michael Gottlieb's cube. I could probably do sub-1 if I practiced.20061228
31 minute 19.68 secondsJosh RotholzI love this puzzle; it's my first mod and it's quite smooth. Not lucky actually had like a 3 look OLL on one of the cubes so definetly not lucky.20080214
41 minute 27.34 secondsMichael GottliebOne corner-permutation skip, but I don't consider that lucky (probability is about 1/4 of at least one).
This is my first mod. It's not difficult, and I'd suggest giving it a shot, especially if you're good at 2-gen.
51 minute 59.29 secondsJakub Cabajfrom RDJ screen timer
not very good cube it should be faster if it is like RS or RC
home made cobe D
next record + photo of my cube
62 minutes 33.9 secondsDavid ParksMy third Cube mod. Couldn't solve it at first but after a while of learning how to work with only three good sides it wasn't too bad.