11.77 secondsBen WhitmoreThis is too easy now. I need a new challenge because I can easily average sub 6 seconds. My best average of 5 is 4 seconds: (4) 4 4 (7) 4. I wasnt even trying. I should try to get a sub 5 average on youtube.20090507
210.09 secondsCharles BouchartJaap has a picture of this puzzle. I'm now unofficialy the world faster man for "speed-whip-it-ing" (love this word..lol) I found my own method in about half an hour and can easily average under 20 sec whit it ! I think the sub-10sec is totally possible. 
314.77 secondsMichelle WhitmoreNew PB.20080827
424.94 secondsAlex KumakiFirst day with it. It's one of the small keychain ones.20081206
526.65 secondsTre' RoachMy 9 year old sons fastest clocked time to date. He's now working on speed w/ the tower puzzler 6x6!!20070201
629 secondsChris GilsdorfAlso known as the "barrel" puzzle. This time could easily be beaten, but at least I got under 30 seconds. 
737.65 secondsKenneth GustavssonSaw this category at bottom of the "last updates" list and had to give it a try. I was aming for the second place but got bored before I managed, it's so simple to solve but not wery easy to turn and that's frustrating.20061110