Cuboid 3x2x2
13.79 secondsThom BarlowMake D layer - fix U - fix E
Have I hit the limit yet?
~ Kirjava
27.68 secondsGregory DykeAll steps done. My fastest lucky scramble got 4.23s : I solved all but two pieces within preinspection. 
39.25 secondsJunko OotsuThanks to Mr.takeji!
49.31 secondsEric JohnsonAll the steps were done here just a very fast a easy solve. My junky 2x2x3 moved surprisingly well!20080626
59.5 secondsAndrew WebberPiece of pie, easy as cake.
(PS Gilsdorf)
612.20 secondsSyoji TakamatsuIs it difficult than it looks?20060312
719 secondsChris GilsdorfPiece of pie, easy as cake. 
825.53 secondsWesley HaksteegCool!20061228