Keychain 3x3 cube
114.12 secondsJon MorrisWow! Just did this while racing in the chatroom.20060528
215.98 secondsMarc van BeestDone in my 19.84 sec avg :D
My OH record is 37.81 sec
316.06 secondsErik AkkersdijkFrom my 18.48 avg. Not lucky.20070130
418.79 secondsKatsuyuki KonishiIt was not including lucky cases. I had forgotten the thing that it was a small cube. PLANET PUZZLE. 
519.72 secondsFrank MorrisI'm really happy to reach sub 20 on the keychain cube.20050102
622.09 secondsShotaro Makisumin/a20031109
723.66 secondsJon Santosn/a20080109
824.31 secondsScott JacobusWow i cant believe i beat Ron van Bruchem by 0.01 seconds.
this was part of a keychain cube average of 5.
924.32 secondsRon van BruchemNot including lucky cases. Once lubed they move quite well. 
1025.23 secondsKonsta JukkaVideo20090201
1127.08 secondsChris HardwickNot including lucky cases. 
1230.76 secondsAnssi VanhalaPäivän palindromi: "Ana vakavoituu: kanna kuutio vakavana."20050213
1230.76 secondsRobert SchlichtI haven't been able ti find my can of silicone for a long time now.20080301
1431.00 secondsHeath LittonI can get faster. 
1533 secondsJoseph LiaoFor some reason, if you apply about 3 drops of cubelube into a keychain cube, it is actually faster and easier to turn than the regular 3x3 cube! 
1533 secondsWill Klauslerfast20080816
1733.45 secondsSyoji TakamatsuJSCC 2007 New Year Contest.
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1833.66 secondsYuri PertsovskiNot lucky but much better than most of my times. (IASA)20021205
1934 secondsJon Morrisn/a20021220
2035 secondsJustin EastmanMy new addiction, there so fun and distort reality. Took awhile too get use too 2look LL with figure tricks. 
2135.21 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20081112
2235.72 secondsGunnar KrigIt's very stiff.20050609
2338.99 secondsDavid Wonerthis belonged to a friend of mine, about my tenth solve on it. i would improve, but he shattered the cube entirely. i couldn't remember the milliseconds, so i just put .99. i went back to a regular size 3x3 immediately afterwards, and it freaked me out how large it seemed.20080501
2439.68 secondsCameron Stitesyeah almost in top 2020081119
2540.00 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis was an amazing solve i could not believe it when my timer said 40 seconds. This is because my normal time is like a minute or more, because the cube is so small. Thus this is my fastest time finally under 45 seconds!!!20060214
2647.98 secondsAlberto BosiaNice!20080925
2748.48 secondsGarmon RobertsI will get sub 40.20080925
2849 secondsTom Harmanwish id have tried harder20080224
2954.65 secondsKenneth GustavssonTook three tries to get sub 60, the first two was just above.20061001
3057.22 secondsMichael RiggsI've been on this computer and solving so many different cubes in so many different ways it's not even funny.20081127
3158.30 secondsDavid SkolnikI can do better, it was one and only solve on a lubed keychain.20060126
321 minute 7 secondsWuqiong FanIt is so hard to turn and the color configuration is different.20071201
331 minute 9.27 secondsDouglas TorresThe keychain part gets in the way so much.20070405
341 minute 9.46 secondsOscar KubikVery stiff cube. 
351 minute 13.14 secondsBas Tullemansits harder than it looks :P20070401
361 minute 31.09 secondsJacob WildesI took off the actual keychain, applied some lube, and it actually worked great, and I think this is a good time for me because I've only been cubing on any cube for a few weeks.20060924
371 minute 32 secondsClint Regeonit is just so tiny.20070614
381 minute 35.31 secondsJohnny MinarI'm only 14 and have never tried for speed on a keychain cube before so this isn't that bad.20070317
393 minutesFelix Navidadword homes20070529
403 minutes 45.97 secondsChristopher YiThis cube turns so badly, I can only turn a face clockwise. I don't plan on doing this again lol.20060210