Rubik's Cube
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160153.55 secondsScott Bowenn/a20080426
160253.57 secondsJonathan PryorThis is my best solve to date! I mainly use a beginner’s layer method with a few advanced moves thrown in.20070620
160354 secondsVincent PoulailleauAs I said, I have just done a better time! My last post was when I did the cube in 2 min and 10 sec. But now I can do it under the minute! 
160354 secondsLaurent Dorys-CharnaletI didn't play for 20 years but nothing was forgotten. Average time around 1min 05 +/- 10 sec. 
160354 secondsRick Kramern/a20060218
160354 secondsBrendan Webbn/a20060726
160354 secondsAlasdair MacBeanFirst under 1 minute time:D And i did my first blindfolded 3x3x3 yesterday also:D i know i should be revising for A levels but rubiks cubes are more fun20070105
160354 secondsJoshua ShabtaiMy best record so far :D first time under one minute!20071108
160354 secondsSam Starkhey at least we can do it20080126
161054.21 secondsKeehum NamMy fastest record after John Seong lubed it for me! I don't think it was a lucky case.20050805
161154.27 secondsTyson Deckern/a20050804
161254.36 secondsLorenzo Fioccoi've learned to solve Rubik's cube 2 weeks ago. that's not bad. i've used normal solution mode now i want learn the Petrus one. BLESS20080701
161354.38 secondsMichael LaRoqueI have been able to solve one now for 3 weeks. I do not know what got me started. I sort of just saw some older kids trying it and was thinking it was easy. So i bought 1 and memerised it in i day. I still do it about 30-50 times a day. ALL my friends and people i do not know are amazed and want me to solve theirs. I am hoping to make a website soon even though i am 12. I have personal records for the 2x2 and my own secret method for the 4x4.20070320
161454.51 secondsBryan TanNo lubricants. Beginners method. Got lucky this time! Still looking for better methods.20080519
161554.62 secondsMatthew YongJust did it today!20090308
161654.67 secondsAdrian EngelIt was my goal to get below one-minute solve and finally I made it. It just came by chance. I started the timer and then there was it - 54.67 seconds. That's even below 55 seconds -)20070118
161654.67 secondsRob LampeFinally broke 1 minute!20071119
161854.91 secondsJohn Hammarfirst solve under a minute, need more practice.20060410
161954.93 secondsSebastian OlssonThis time I got after cubing 'bout 4 weeks.. Don't know if it's good or bad after that time..20060228
162054.95 secondsGiordano KaczynskiAt least I've broken the wall!!!! 
162054.95 secondsTyler WilliamsonI've been tring to go fastre but I've stuck around 1:00.20050321
162054.95 secondsDennis NilssonGot an easy Cross then the entire F2L just fell into place really fast. My first sub 1-min for this category20050919
162355 secondsEric Morgann/a20050131
162355 secondsGuillaume Brunerien/a20050308
162355 secondsMatthias FranckenI'm working on it.20051106
162355 secondsAdam ZampinoI unofficially solved the Rubik's Cube in 70 seconds when I was 8 years old in the autumn of 1982. I routinely solved it in under 90 seconds during that time, mostly as a kid impressing my friends on the school bus. I started solving the cube when I was 7 (earlier in 1982). Over the years, I have still been able to solve the cube quickly, but not nearly as fast as speed cubers. Today, I can still solve the cube in 60 to 90 seconds routinely, though I don't play with cubes often (a couple times a year or so).20051223
162355 secondsStephen Potvinhurray, my first time under one minute. I gotta learn how to do it faster.20060210
162355 secondsNinín AuronI did it, it was in the night of august 21st at about nine PM I in my bed, i start with 1:30, then 1:2, and then 55 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible20060821
162355 secondsTony DragunAlright ! I have finally broken the 1 minute barrier.20061218
162355 secondsTom HutleyAfter 2 hours of trying, I got my fastest record ever.20070227
162355 secondsJames MatuI cant believe it finally a sub-minute time. This is after about 3 weeks of cubing. Once I got 59 seconds but that was too close to 1 minute for me. I do the Frederich F2L method coupled with the beginner method for the last layer.20080224
163255.01 secondsTom VogelsWorking corner dicovered by koen heltzel and the right and leftcorner flipper. 
163355.06 secondsAdam HillyerFinally got sub 1-min! Part of a horrific avg of 12.20080331
163455.36 secondsMax AndersonOh yea a new personal record!!!!!!!!20071113
163555.56 secondsMichael EdgarRelatively straightforward F2L, looking for regular sub-1 with some improved F2L algs20060226
163655.62 secondsPaul BelmoreMy average is around a minute, but this is my all time record. 
163755.77 secondsAndrew BellI'm working on getting it down to sub-30, using either petrus or fridrich. Hope I'll have that soon.20080523
163855.81 secondsFrank Rodriguezn/a20070402
163955.93 secondsTerrence Holderbymeow meow meow meow. 
164056 secondsMait Luidaleppn/a 
164056 secondsDarryl AllenThat was when I played with it for horus a day.. I stopped for like 8 months or so.. I just picked it up now.. In fact im toying with it right now. I got it down to about a minute 20 or so, hands are sore, lol. 
164056 secondsDavid BrownI did this about 25 years ago at school, I think I would take somewhat longer now. 
164056 secondsDoug Cannon2 years ago I averaged 58-60 seconds. I could almost always get under a minute, but never faster than 56 seconds! Oh well. Right now my average of 10 solves would probably be about 1:20. I need to practise more. 
164056 secondsNick GehringMeh.20060130
164056 secondsPeggy Hsiehn/a20060731
164056 secondsMichael NerrenThis was my fastest time during a little cube competition.20070402
164056 secondsStanley Insochamba!!20070614
164056 secondsMat Wetherbeefirst time breaking a minute20090214
164956.01 secondsStuart WrightmanI did this using the layer by layer method, so thats pretty good yeh?20080107
165056.55 secondsBrad Knutsonn/a20051214
165056.55 secondsSam Hannan/a20080926
165256.56 secondsMitchell GrosofskyI used the timer at timer. 
165356.63 secondsMatthew MontgomerySlowly getting better20071225
165456.69 secondsJosh SmithMy fastest solve using LBL method, non-lucky20071011
165556.73 secondsTyler Carltoni am only 10 i think its pretty good i use beginners method and if you want to give me tips contact me. I hope to be in a compitition soon!20071112
165556.73 secondsHideaki Konishin/a20080701
165756.76 secondsJesse Lieman-SifryPretty good solve for me, as I am only 12 and have not been cubing for that long. It's actually quite hard without looking at it beforehand.20060324
165856.78 secondsAltair DonatoThis my personal record
in Beginner mode.
now i try migrate to Medium method
165956.82 secondsDoug SchwindtI got a little lucky. I skipped 1 step because I used a special move my friend taught me to solve the final layer(sacred moustache, which is made-up). I was really happy after this solve. I did this on a 10 hour trip back to my home from East Lansing, Michigan.20070529
166056.83 secondsJames SibleyI finally got under 60 seconds! This time is not lucky. I average about 1:15 but this time my brain was firing like crazy and I solved the cube without flaw. I am working to stay under 60 seconds. 
166056.83 secondsMichael CarlsonBeen workin' on it since 8-31-92 with the beginner instructions20081231
166256.90 secondsChris VerderameYea20060320
166357 secondsDaniel BareMy roommate has a world record. I feel slow. 
166357 secondsTony SivillaI finally broke the 1 minute barrier. My ultimate goal is 45 secs. I'll stop practicing after that. Peace!20060328
166357 secondsMikhail RostovikovI'am from Russia. Started cubing February 2007
ICQ: 262649568 I will be glad to chat with cubers
166357 secondsJared AndersonI'm really proud of myself.20070807
166357 secondsŘyvind Blaauwn/a20071011
166857.03 secondsTerry LucasTerry Lucas I'm not a speed solver.this solve was a little lucky
but I'll take it..:)..usually about 1min 10sec average.
Happy Solving
166957.11 secondsJonathan TipayJust a beginner and with a standard cube.20071115
167057.14 secondsJustin Prisksolved in palo duro canyon state park on a camping trip.20080425
167157.18 secondsB. DivyaFinally! I got the under 60 secs solve. Still workin on it, because I can solve under 60 secs only very rarely. Average is still about 1.11.0920071222
167257.33 secondsRyan NeviusFinally broke one minute20060613
167357.34 secondsWill KalbUsing the white cross method, it was kinda lucky, I got to skip 1 step.20050108
167457.45 secondsThomas Lutzn/a20090214
167557.47 secondsRobert MiraviteFinally under a minute for my best and a best average approaching a minute. Thanks Ian for your cube tutoring. 
167657.48 secondsDaniel McCollumIntermediate Petrus method, not lucky case, but fortunate. Started cubing a few months ago. 
167757.49 secondsPaolo Lingati solved it in 57.49 seconds :)20090308
167857.51 secondsTyler RytherI started cubing by taking apart the cube(before I had my own cube) the first cube I bought was a keychain, that I bought the day I went camping and I left it out and it was stolen, so a few months later I bought a real cube and memorized it in a few hours and about a week later I got this time. 
167957.55 secondsCase Jeffordsn/a 
168057.60 secondsJohnny Wangn/a20060505
168157.64 secondsSalim Shortmy method is clear cut just i thought i'd give it a few tries and put the best record up20080828
168257.68 secondsSimon SörmanYes, finally under one minute. I´ve got to buy a new cube, mine is getting stuck all the time and is hard to turn.20080317
168257.68 secondsThomas BölkeCube Scramble:
U2 B U' R2 F D2 U2 B D F U F2 D' U2 B' R' L' U L D' F' D2 R F B
168457.87 secondsMichel Erlichi know how to do it for one month only20051221
168557.94 secondsJustin RamosFinally a sub-minute! I've been cubing since january and I'm currently practicing my intuitive f2l. My cube is way too stiff, so I might get sub-55 sooner or later once I lube it.20080214
168658 secondsAlvaro IbanezI made my personal record in Spain (not official, but believe me it's true) back in the '86 or so.1986
168658 secondsShivang S. DesaiI solved the cube for the first time when I was in the ninth standard. That time I used to race with my best friend Dennis Moses. But that cheater once applied some lubricant to his cube and solved it little faster 58 seconds. Well I took 60 seconds. Well now I can solve it in 58 seconds without lubricant ofcourse. 
168658 secondsMike TostoI use the layer method- never had the patience to learn anything faster. I average around 1min 25sec, and this time was nothing but luck. 
168658 secondsSteve RutherfordHi Everbody!! 11!!! 11one!!! I learned how to solve this mostly on my own i stole one or two algorithms from the internet (cant remember where).20050707
168658 secondsRobert Summerhaysomg i just barely posted my 1 min 2 sec record and then set a new one! I finally got under a minute! in the words of tyler dicou, BLOCKHEADS RULE!! trio of dancing kirbys.20060421
168658 secondsAndrew McConkieIm a noob20060730
168658 secondsJustin Belickin/a20070406
168658 secondsKarthik KumarappanNONE20070424
168658 secondsJohnny Luk Ka TsunThe fastest record before my dad put WT-40 (slows my cube) into the rubik's cube. Now my fastest record is 63s.
I'm just a Y7.
168658 secondsJosh RitoI pwn. 13 yrs old20080701
168658 secondsMick SwaltersDecent solve. I am 12.20081231
169758.03 secondsNic Petersonme and my friend were messing around timing each other and when I dropped the cube timer said 58 seconds. .then he got a 35 lol20081121
169858.09 secondsThomas EvansOne Day i got a rubiks cube from chritsmas and scrambled it.
i felt like i wanted to so i learnt the agltohrims.
now i now them off by heart.
im 10 years 7 .
169958.12 secondsJerry Linn/a20060602
170058.14 secondsCaleb Kii told you i could beat my minute time20071023
170158.22 secondsJeremy NelsonNow that I have mastered the 3x3x3 I move on to the 4x4x4. Not too bad 
170258.23 secondsScott MancusoI didn't think it was possible.20050120
170358.30 secondsTony RobertsI use the layer method trying to get my head around other methods without much success 
170358.30 secondsNicholas JohnMy first non lucky sub-60 solve! I broke my previous record of 1:05.33 and I feel great! I used the beginner method and my StackMat timer.20070820
170558.35 secondsDavid TuI luckily skipped one move ha ha. And that was very lucky for me because that was the only time it happened. 20070513
170658.39 secondsZachary Alvarn/a20070517
170658.39 secondsSupreme Aryaln/a20071011
170858.45 secondsShervin Rahimpourn/a20051009
170958.49 secondsBak SebestyénWow! i just made it. but i can be better :S20070723
171058.56 secondsThomas Emanuellin/a20071225
171158.60 secondsRichard ShuOnly been cubing for 2.5 months. Trying to get better and faster. Gotta learn lots of algorithms. Really good solve for me 20070318
171258.71 secondsKasem El-Hajjistill using the beginner method, but I am getting much faster since my last record20070405
171358.77 secondsDavid Baughn/a20051214
171458.85 secondsLo Tsz Kann/a20080317
171558.98 secondsMarty Koenigsi'm getting faster!20080414
171659.00 secondsJason RobertsAwesome, done with my friends cube at school.20090308
171759 secondsMichael Vincentn/a 
171759 secondsGreg MagarianIt took me a week of doing nothing but the Rubik's cube, and then I solved it. Now I got my time down to 59 seconds!20050707
171759 secondsJon Carrtrying to get sub 3020071216
172259.14 secondsPaul RussavageI still use the layer -by layer method, but i'm planning on learning the fridrich method soon. did this at school with friends watch for timer. i'm only 13, so i guess this is pretty good for my age20061125
172359.16 secondsBenjamin Kensholefinally sub 60 hooray20090214
172459.37 secondsJakob Foghn/a20050127
172459.37 secondsPéter Budavárirubik kocka20060203
172659.41 secondsKimberly GarciaMy first sub 1-minute! Yea! My Dad taught me.20071206
172759.42 secondsAndrew WangI am cool20070823
172859.46 secondsZac PayneFinally sub-1! Barely made it though.20081231
172959.50 secondsMichael Martinmy first sub 60 sec. at last20050324
173059.59 secondsKenneth LittonSweeeeeeet!!!!!! I finally got it under a minute!!!!! 
173159.65 secondsMichal FulmykI am satisfied with my time of 1:04.22 at the world championship which is only 5 seconds off my record. 2003
173259.68 secondsNiel Cansinothis is used dan brown method with joining fridrich(CFOP) method and this was my very lucky solve less than a minute! mtw layer solving20080225
173359.74 secondsGrog ErianAfter lots of work, i can now get my cube in 59 seconds my average is still 2 minutes but did amazing on this try so i posted it :D working for less then 30 seconds. but idk planning on changing to fredrichs method(if corectly spelled) used layer method and i feel thats pretty fast.20070421
173459.80 secondsJustin Shorbn/a20070317
173559.85 secondsTony ReedI'm gettin there. 
173659.90 secondsClyke ToseI've been cubing for two weeks. Planning on learning another method soon so i can get a faster time. I used the 7 step layer by layer method. I got this time right after I greased my cube. Greasing it cut my average time by about a minute! Never thought it would help that much.20070320
173759.94 secondsHamish RogersGood Effort20070717
17381 minuteKarl WoodI thought my cube was pretty smooth until my friend let me use his. I could solve it by blowing on it it was so fast. I broke my old record by 40 seconds. 
17381 minuteSebastian Schaadn/a 
17381 minuteDaniel ManchéI am 14 years old. 
17381 minuteVictor Guzik"At either end of the social spectrum there lies a leisure class" -Beck 
17381 minuteOh Kyu Yoonn/a20060118
17381 minuteJames Mweui have finally made it i am so close to getting a sub-zero time!! This is only after 3 weeks of cubing and i am soooooo happy now. Da best lube is sliiocone spray!!20080213
17441 minute 0.26 secondsUll ThalerGreetings from Austria. 
17451 minute 0.30 secondsHarith Izzuddinn/a20090214
17461 minute 0.50 secondsChristian Jewellhaha, i just solved it first in june, so near a minute is pretty good i guess, sub 1 soon?!20060914
17471 minute 0.60 secondsSteven Horngn/a20070908
17481 minute 1 secondJonathan BoltonI'm sooooooo close to a minute it hurts!! My average is about 1:15. 
17481 minute 1 secondJohan van NiekerkTake to long to solve 1st layer. Average around 90 seconds.20060709
17481 minute 1 secondBryan Ongplayed the cube for only 2 weeks!20070722
17481 minute 1 secondBrian WallI did this on a trip to Washington D.C. in a hotel room. I am so close to 1 minute, it hurts. I average around 1:15.20080401
17481 minute 1 secondWang Diann/a20081012
17531 minute 1.02 secondsChristopher Yin/a20060120
17541 minute 1.03 secondsMike Harrisn/a20050718
17541 minute 1.03 secondsColin MurphyCan't get under one minute.20060325
17561 minute 1.28 secondsAdam WhiteWow! I'm advancing fast! My record was 1:24 5 days ago. Over the last week I broke it several times and got it down to 1:01!20071214
17561 minute 1.28 secondsBruno SuannesScramble: U' B2 L R F L' R D B2 F R D U' L D' U' B' R' U2 R' F2 U B' L' F'20080302
17581 minute 1.29 secondsKevin Lemayn/a20080329
17591 minute 1.60 secondsBryce Delgadoi'm still learning, hope to get better. =)20070222
17601 minute 1.62 secondsArturo Dioctonn/a 
17611 minute 2 secondsAlbert MollénI am so close to one min now! I hope I'll break the limit soon. 
17611 minute 2 secondsMaxime RoyStill improving!! Been playing since 3 weeks. 
17611 minute 2 secondsJordan RamsayI got this at a highschool volleyball game. 
17611 minute 2 secondsNick WinklemanFaster everyday.look out 
17611 minute 2 secondsReed Jorgensenhoray!20051101
17611 minute 2 secondsLeonardo Nojiman/a20080112
17671 minute 2.04 secondsJustice FordI'll beat a minute, soon enough! 
17681 minute 2.10 secondsJessica BeaumierI don't know much about algorithms and things like that. But I'm able to do Rubix cube since I'm 10 years old. I looked at many websites and never saw any women able to do Rubix cube.20060124
17701 minute 2.38 secondsMatt SchwartzYay! I wasn't lucky either!20061217
17711 minute 2.50 secondsPhill Biggsn/a20061201
17721 minute 2.51 secondsAndrew WickI finally beat the intro to freebird! 
17731 minute 2.63 secondsJessica PazminoJasper by association. 
17741 minute 2.7 secondsKen CarpenterShaved over twenty seconds off my best time this week. I'm so close to breaking 60 seconds! Used the Ultimate Rubik's Cube Timer to ensure the cube was well scrambled.
17751 minute 2.79 secondsAndy BiondiOh Yeahhh!20080423
17761 minute 2.81 secondsMizuki Nakaharan/a20060830
17771 minute 3 secondsRémy BeauchampIt's nothing to brag about compared to the times on this page but I'm still proud of myself! Still trying to get under 1 minute. 
17771 minute 3 secondsShawn Duben/a 
17771 minute 3 secondsTim UlreyI have to go faster! 
17771 minute 3 secondsHanson SoSet at an informal Cube competition at Stanford. No luck. My brother beated everyone with that crazy fast time and then this kid beat him, and then I beated him. Wahoo! I use the beginner layer by layer method. If anyone has hints for step 4 of the Lars petrus method, please email me. 
17771 minute 3 secondsMat Saltnessn/a20080206
17771 minute 3 secondsElias Kuukkaowned20080209
17771 minute 3 secondsJulius ChiangIt was a brand new Cube and I haven't loosened it up yet. I think that's pretty good considering I'm a beginner. well at least for 8 months now. Everyone don't give up. It's worth the challenge and the excercise. That's how I get away with my mom.20080401
17771 minute 3 secondsTommy BiondiFast beginner method lbl. Getting DIY soon!20080423
17771 minute 3 secondsAaron Leei am only a beginner haha20080707
17771 minute 3 secondsMatthew Marksim getting better.20080802
17771 minute 3 secondsAndrea RoweI only learnt to do the cube a week and a half ago and above is my best time. Yay! It probably seems slow to you guys though lol!20081005
17881 minute 3.08 secondsGábor Hatházin/a20081105
17891 minute 3.30 secondsDallin AkagiAfter learning only half of Jiri's algorithsm I was able to do it this fast (I've only been on it for a week!) I can't wait to learn the rest of them. Watch out Jiri, here I come 
17901 minute 3.40 secondsFernando Santosjust did it :D20060713
17911 minute 3.42 secondsCameron Johnsonn/a 
17921 minute 3.50 secondsAlexander Schneidern/a20060426
17931 minute 3.92 secondsDaniel FarnsworthI want to know how to do it in 11 seconds so please if anyone knows how tell (teach) me how.20060204
17941 minute 4 secondsKen HyderIt's not fast, but I did it without practice. 
17941 minute 4 secondsAlex ArsenaultPretty lucky, started about a month ago, begginers solve method. dont remember decimal.20070728
17941 minute 4 secondsChristian SearlGetting Faster!! Goal < 60 seconds avg 3 solves.20070905
17971 minute 4.37 secondsKristofer Knutsonn/a 
17981 minute 4.42 secondsMike SpannerAlways could only complete one side, till I saw someone complete it infront of me which made me jealous. Studied online walkthroughs of the seperate layers and 6 days layer I can complete it at an average of 3 minutes each time now. 
17991 minute 4.57 secondsAndrew Andreaepretty good solve, not luck20061208
18001 minute 4.61 secondsFrancesco MarinoPiano piano sotto questo benedetto minuto ci arriverň!!!