Rubik's Cube
1-200, 201-400, 401-600, 601-800, 801-1000, 1001-1200, 1201-1400, 1401-1600, 1601-1800, 1801-2000, 2001-2200, 2201-2400, 2401-2600
80125.98 secondsPatrick MorabitoThis wasn't a lucky solve.20071011
80226.00 secondsAndrew WindonDon't have the scramble, but had a corner and easy F2L, my LL was all of 6 seconds... im getting faster Jason, just wait haha20090214
80326 secondsJonas Moller LarsenI guess average times are more relevant. My best average of ten is 32.90 seconds. 
80326 secondsJason HildebrandAverage is about 40. 
80326 secondsMichael ByrneDone a few years ago. I'm getting slower in my old age. 
80326 secondsClint GaskinThis is my best ever time (early 1980's school champion) however I have just returned to the cube and am averaging 60 seconds slow I know but I am working on some new algorithms.20051021
80326 secondsRichard Jamesdid this in the car on way to baseball game easy t oll and pll was J20070531
80326 secondsEugene KwokNot technically lucky. Still did all the steps.20080523
80326 secondsGreg Yeprandomly during school20080926
81026.02 secondsMichael SkaleckiThis was an extremely fortunate case (for 'Fridrich' method). The cross was extremely obvious (3-4 moves) and I never once had to pause to find a pair in the F2L (and none took more than 6 moves to place) giving me a nice sub-17s F2L. Then I got my favorite corners only orientation case (I use a "2.5" step LL when speed cubing and this time it was 2 steps) and then a quick Sune to completion (I REALLY need to speed this LL up.). 
81126.07 secondsNick Treadawaymy fastest yet!! really fast f2l My website with the video20070603
81126.07 secondsRaymond ChardRoux solve lucky skipped orientation of corners and a one look 6 edge solve!!20080229
81326.09 secondsDennis Loose36.74, 35.23, 37.07, 36.88, 37.33, 32.97, (26.09), 42.00, 35.58, 34.78, 31.95, (43.83)
It was a bit lucky because i saw every corner-edge pair instantly. (But I didn't have a PLL or OLL skip)
81426.10 secondsOscar KubikMy second non-lucky time under 30 seconds. 
81426.10 secondsBryant Trandad timed at a restaurant with my stopwatch. I had gotten 24 seconds the day before but not using a stopwatch by partygoer's accounts so I'm happy i could actually record a more than .35 second under 30 sec. time.20050727
81626.16 secondsJustin Tardiffafter about 5 months cubing on and off I finnally reached my goal of sub-30 seconds!
Thanks Mike and Jason for your support!
81726.17 secondsJonathan Winnn/a 
81826.28 secondsJohannes BuckJust a lucky time!20061111
81926.30 secondsCarlos Castillo my fastest time without any kind of skips20080511
81926.30 secondsJohn BoydFinally broke my 28s record I set in 1982! It helps to warm up for 100 cubes or so.20081121
82126.34 secondsElliott BolzanYes! 5th sub 30.20081029
82226.37 secondsJilvin TempletonO. M..G
Fastest solve BY FAR I had 5 sub 40s in a row!!
37.71 36.03 35.04! 34.00!! 31.23!!
Then finally 26.37!!
Then 42.12 lol
82326.39 secondsSam Cappleman-LynesMy avg. is about 40 secs. This was not lucky, but faster execution and recognition than normal.
82426.4 secondsPedro CamposIn the last 3 months I learned PLL and F2L and got from 65 to 26s to win a bet ) I think I'll take a little break from cubing. 
82526.41 secondsAlex Tarasiukn/a20071225
82626.44 secondsTerje KristensenAbout time I got a PB, since my avg have gone down 10 sec since my last one.20031109
82726.48 secondsIngo Terhorstn/a20070315
82726.48 secondsYuming Dinglucky solve sorta.skipped PLL20070412
82926.50 secondsSteve KorolukNo luck. F2L went by very fast. No pauses, I just saw things before I even had to think. It was smooth and fast. 
82926.50 secondsAssaf Yifrach - My Website
I done this record using my poor old bad cube (not a cube made for speedcubing).
82926.50 secondsEdward Kwoknon lucky, no skips, just an OLL i knew and easy PLL20080111
83226.53 secondsDaniel FleaI average in the 40's but occasionally get times in the 20's. I switched to using Jessica's f2l method a few weeks ago and my best time nearly cut in half. I have 3 more algs to learn on the 3-look LL. 
83226.53 secondsArnaud CabesFridrich Method, with a very easy cross.20060108
83226.53 secondsTaylor Lemmdone with the speedcubing timer and scrambling algorithm20061217
83526.54 secondsEric SaeturnPetrus method and CFOP method combined20080113
83626.55 secondsShane Greenfast but slow20080503
83726.57 secondsJeff SoesbeFirst set when switching from 4-step LL to 3-step results in a nice quick 3-step solve and a personal best!20070121
83726.57 secondsPawan Dhananjayn/a20080317
83926.65 secondsCharlie ConleyBeat my old record! Finally. Now I need to get down to a sub-30 average.20080813
84026.66 secondsAdam BensonJust got back into cubing, time going down all the time. 
84126.69 secondsCarlos Antolin Lucasn/a20080926
84226.72 secondsBrennan MartinSPEED '4' LIFE 
84226.72 secondsKeith ClancyUsing a DIY Cube and the Jess Bond timer. Yesterday (4/10/05) I did a similar time (26.96) using a Game Cube (the one with plastic tiles and peg holes) also on the Jess Bond timer. I still need to do more work on the F2L and PLL. I'm more frequently averaging in the high 30's/low 40's but still get the odd slow post 1 minute shockers when I make mistakes but I am making slow progress. Cheers Keith in Australia.20050820
84426.73 secondsZach Steinn/a20071201
84526.75 secondsJoel Tani needed to rush to the toilet and i was lucky, maybe that should be a constant tactic to speed. haha.(:20071011
84626.82 secondsAaron ZhaoI want Sub-20!! :(20070529
84626.82 secondsNicolas Guerini do a methode interes20080627
84826.84 secondsWissarut Sakulpaptongn/a20080408
84926.87 secondsArif JulianIt was a non lucky cube and I'm still use 2 look OLL. Hurray.
my website
85026.89 secondsRobin GunneyUsing Lars Petrus method and timed with a stackmat timer whilst I was waiting for some rice to cook, Still had less than 10 sub 30's but I'm getting faster all the time!! Usually averaging in the late 30's. 9/10/0720071011
85126.90 secondsRobert HomayoonMy first sub-30 solve with a new black DIY Rubik's Cube. Looking to learn the 3x3 4x4 or 5x5 cubes? Check out my tutorials on my channel! Rob's YouTube Channel for Rubik's Enthusiasts20080701
85226.96 secondsAustin ReedYes!!!!YESYESYES!!! Sub-30! I've been working hard for that!!!20080121
85327 secondsMdric de VincellesI did this time last week. It is my best time for the moment. I usually turn around 36 sec. Not lucky. 
85327 secondsDan LewisVery lucky time. Usually around 40 sec.20050113
85327 secondsRyan TurnerUsed the beginner solution layer by layer. Only had to insert two pieces on the second layer. The entire solve was so easy and smooth that it makes me want to say that the entire solve was lucky. Some of it was lucky but mostly just easy cases. To sum up I was just completely on fire!20050323
85327 secondsTony BianchiIt took me a while to get here but now on a regular basis I manage to get below 30 seconds. My average is around 40 seconds but once and a while a nice low one like this slips through. I don't think I will be able to maintain below 30 seconds consistently, but I keep trying. See my solution.20050503
85327 secondsTim TilstraMy first sub 30 solve. I'm very excited!20070123
85327 secondsCharles Huynhn/a20080126
85327 secondsJames KempFirst time under 30s. Got a lucky solve, rotated last 3 corners and they fell into place.20080414
86027.01 secondsCJ Robinsoni was at the Florida Open started off real bad high 40's then i got into the 30's consistantly and i just got 27 out of no where pretty lucky scramble!20070416
86127.10 secondsDaniel Sanduwow.20080926
86227.13 secondsLoc Janonmthode base20071117
86227.13 secondsJohn Louiswow! I am improving! Thanks to all cubers for your inspiration.20080227
86427.16 secondsChristopher Chan20051125
86527.18 secondsMohsin Azmatn/a20090308
86627.19 secondsChris DresslerI got nothin'. 
86727.29 secondsBrian WardHey, I'm in 8th grade and I've been practicing for 3 years. If you think I cheated go to 
86827.30 secondsTom CassidyMy first sub 30 solve, i was really amazed when i did it 20071011
86927.31 secondsTerence Andrianthe most lucky cube i've never seen )20060924
86927.31 secondsNicholas LeungAWESOME! SUB - 30! Good cross and okay f2l.20081009
87127.38 secondsMohd Firdaus Bin Shahrinlayer-by-layer method with 3 look last layer (orient edges and corners,permute last layer)20080118
87227.41 secondsNate McKerveyMy fastest lucky time was done at the Louisville Science Center. I solved it in front of a bunch of kids in 7 seconds. I was just as surprised as them! My fastest non-lucky record is 27.41 seconds. 
87327.48 secondsScott StephensonI got this in spite of my rubik's wrist. I had an easy cross and I saw all of the F2L chunks one right after the other then flew through the rest. MartyMania20080227
87427.50 secondsTim GodfreeI'll admit I had a bit of luck, but hey, I still made it in under 30 seconds! 
87427.50 secondsScott SatkinHi Mom! 
87627.55 secondsFrank Freemanfinally, sub 30. still averaging like 47 seconds, got lucky on F2L20060705
87727.56 secondsMichael JungF L2 B2 D L B' U2 D2 R' F' B' U' L2 R' B2 D' F' B' D2 L' R' F2 U' D R20070529
87827.65 secondsTaylor HoulihanNon-lucky, I didn't happen to have the scramble. Right before this I got 27.66, ha ha.20070507
87927.70 secondsMatt TruongU R2 U D2 B F L2 F' D L U L U D' F' B2 L B2 R L' U F2 U' B' R2
Non-lucky. I use 3-look last layer. Sub-30 after a month of cubing! Thanks to my teacher Shelley Chang.
88027.71 secondsAndrew DrakeTimed with J-Net Cube using the Lars Petrus method. 25-09-07 20070927
88127.72 secondsAndrey Aleninn/a20050822
88127.72 secondsCarlo TripodiAfter a month of hard practice, today I did my first two times under 30sec and this is the best!20080127
88327.73 secondsAndrew ChoiMy average is around 37 seconds right now. This is the only nonlucky sub30 solve I've ever gotten.20071028
88427.74 secondsAndrew Webbern/a20070222
88527.87 secondsAntonino VilardiNot bad )Italian Rubik's cube group20061027
88627.89 secondsMarc Piche? 
88727.96 secondsPeerapong RithisithI Did not use F2l!! ==20090214
88827.97 secondsEdward HouseThis was my second sub 30 solve.20080423
88928.00 secondsJesse PhamLol. My fastest solve ever! :D20080110
89028 secondsBen Leblondn/a 
89028 secondsChris FieldI average about 40 seconds. I've had a couple of really fast times, but 28 seconds is the fastest that I have timed. 
89028 secondsJan BalharNot a lucky (Lucky case 24 seconds). I have been practising two months. Only 25 algorithms! I 'll be the best cuber in Prague :-) 
89028 secondsJoel Waas Smithn/a20080430
89028 secondsLudwig FichteMy first non-lucky sub30 solve. I was so going crazy when I realized the time! so far my best solve has been 32 seconds.
Cross was about 5 moves, pretty easy F2L cases and my favorite OLL and PLL situation. sub20 here I come -)
89028 secondsZack LeeI've been working on some new algs and they payed off giving me my fastest time ever. This was not a lucky solve.20080806
89628.22 secondsKesavan Yogeswarann/a20070318
89728.24 secondsJustin MohrNot lucky but easy. Using modified Petrus method. The 2x2x3 block came together in about 10 moves 2 pairs of bad edges a T orientation alg to orient the corners and Arne for the PLL.20051024
89728.24 secondsRick Mazzantefun time with the cube that day!
petrus method
89928.29 secondsCollins Neweyn/a20060414
90028.33 secondsAndreas Bkdahln/a20080910
90128.38 secondsSiddarth SenthilkumarLucky solve Still learning F2L, OLL, and PLL. Skipped OLL, super easy PLL. F2L, 2 blocks already made. Super Lucky! :D 20080627
90228.40 secondsNathan WagenetWith layer-by-layer! Skipped only one step. I'm working on Fridrich now, but I just started that yesterday, and I'm already down to a best of 51 seconds. :)20050520
90328.4 secondsCollin PerschonI have days where I can go really fast and look ahead, then there are the days that I always pause between moves. 
90428.41 secondsAndrew RuestowMy first sub-30 time!!!20061219
90528.42 secondsCarl-Johan KjellanderFinally! A non lucky, sub-30 time! Done with the Petrus method practicing for Chalmers Open 2005. Chalmers Cube Club20050604
90628.48 secondsHao MinDid this during ad-break of Desperate Housewives.20050612
90728.51 secondsJan Gnoinskin/a20080519
90828.52 secondsIvan EnricoLucky! OLL skip. But this is my first sub-30, I always get 30.xx times :-(20070825
90928.57 secondsMichael GrimsleyNot lucky, but easy solve. 
91028.59 secondsForrest Rice4 months cubing with the petrus method20060601
91128.61 secondsLou CliftonFirst sub-30 solve, almost got a sub-40 average! 
91128.61 secondsHadley SheffieldDone during the Real-Man's Average of 10.
Not lucky per-say but after the cross one pair was already placed.
91328.62 secondsRed VendlSub-30 woot!
91428.63 secondsFederico Marcellin/a20060802
91528.66 secondsJohn LwinThis was not lucky, just moved fast! cross was easy and fast pll and oll, need more learning :) must hit sub 20s. 
91628.70 secondsAndrew T DavisI swear that im not a nerd20060324
91728.71 secondsBryan ChengFinally a sub 30 =D20070701
91828.72 secondsBrion Jhames AndicoL2 U2 B' D F' L' U F L2 U B' U' B2 L D' L U D L' D2 U' B2 L' B' D'20080412
91928.75 secondsConrad MichelucciWith corners first methode, without luck.20051105
92028.86 secondsAndrew GrowdyMy first sub30 since I got back into cubing a few months ago20070703
92028.86 secondsJames WattBeen away a while, Learned a Few new Tricks 1st Sub 30 for me.
Jarhead Cubing
92228.88 secondsKen NievaFast eye movement, finger tricks, cross, F2L, OLL, PLL20081109
92328.92 secondsPyry LukkalaPetrus method, non-lucky.20080627
92428.93 secondsAili Asikainenn/a20070620
92528.95 secondsThomas RondNot a lucky case, I was just in the zone. 8-)
RubiXtremE - "It's on the edge."
92629 secondsNelson LeeA little bit lucky. 
92629 secondsBekim MahmutiSometime in mid 80's. This was my best time, and I have witnesses. Otherwise I used to solve it every time between 30 and 45 sec. 
92629 secondsDwayne DollardThis solve included an ELL. This alg was one I used to use when I first learned to solve the cube.20050416
92629 secondsZev EisenbergI use heavily modified verison of the method in the original manual. I replaced or optimized most off its algs. solve with a white cross on the bottom. I use partial F2L and fantisize about learing OLL/PLL. You can see me solve @
92629 secondsMark KoenenI actually believe it was something in 28, but I'm not sure how much.20080317
93129.02 secondsWonjun Choi
93229.08 secondsAlexandre NguyenMy only sub 30, I average 38 and I cant seem to squeeze 10 off. 
93329.11 secondsWilliam Polycarpen/a20051008
93329.11 secondsAvik DuttaThis is my fastest solve till date using fridrich 3-look LL.20061122
93529.15 secondsAndrew AnkrahI starting solving the Rubik's Cube about 2 months ago now. I use Fridrich F2L and 2-look OLL/PLL. This was a pretty fast solve for me. I usually average about 40 seconds at the moment. Non-lucky but some easy F2L cases.20090308
93629.18 secondsKyal ShepardI am planning to learn more algorithms, to increase my speed. 
93729.20 secondsPaavo Peremost basic method20081029
93829.23 secondsRyan ProphetScramble: DB2R2DU'L2RB2D'R'D2F2B2L'FD2U'F'B2L'U'BD'LB'
My first ever sub-30!
93829.23 secondsJon RogersL2 F' U' D' L U' L' D L' R2 U D L D2 R F R' F' B' D' F' U' L U' L' The LL was super easy =)20090214
94029.24 secondsJack Bartlettthis solve was completely on accident, but im happy with it20080501
94129.27 secondsSean WongI win you and I own20071112
94229.30 secondsJon Hoover"We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard!" 
94229.30 secondsAdam Slaten/a20030724
94429.31 secondsAdam AricoI did this before school started with my stop watch with 2 people watching and they both freind scrambled it for like 5 minutes and it was a little lucky solve. I got to skip 3 of the 4 Algorithms.20070518
94429.31 secondsJames MolloyI'm learning the Fridrich method and I know 2 PLLs and about 7 OLLs. I just tried to see if I could solve sub 50 a couple of times when I get this really lucky solve. The cross took a lot of moves but I had created an extended cross from that without realising I had the 'T' OLL so I could just do F R U R' U' F' and then I had a U-Perm for the PLL which I find easy.20080304
94629.34 secondsPaul HlebowitshSub-30 for the first time! Woohoo!20060116
94729.35 secondsPatrick Haggertyn/a 
94829.37 secondsWelton Leungn/a20080712
94929.4 secondsPer JohnssonThis was a loong time ago in the early 80's. 
95029.41 secondsMiles Yuchtvery lucky for me
I'm just 14, and I have been solving for about a month now
easy sune oll
pll was h alg, I have been completing h in about 1.8 seconds
95129.42 secondsJay MoonMeh. Lucky-ish. Still using same old beginner's method hehe.. just some nimble fingers.20080111
95229.53 secondsThomas DehaezeC'est la premire fois que je suis pass e-dssous des 30 secondes.20070324
95329.54 secondsNobil Kirma II16 second first two layers (no F2L or Keyhole used), easy cases for orientation of corners and edges, very fast permutation of corners and edges. Non-lucky. Done using the Bonde Timer ( with computer scramble. 
95429.56 secondsCory LoviglioIt's weird because my previous best was 34 seconds, but this was just a lot of easy cases, not really lucky. I first starting cubing about a month and a half ago at EPGY and learned from Tyson Mao. I've set the bar pretty high for myself until my next best solve. (Done on the ultimate Rubik's cube timer). 
95529.58 secondsMrk BaranyaiWhit CCT and a whitout luck.20081231
95629.62 secondsBenekire EmerkarIt is my best of best time. I look 3 hours. My rubik's cube in method of cubing and I solve. 56moves.20060609
95729.63 secondsBlake ByeB' D F U2 D2 F' U' F2 D2 F2 L2 F2 D2 B L2 R2 B' R' U' F' D2 F D2 F R
Super easy cross I picked F2L right and got a super easy last layer.
95829.78 secondsJustin TangMy times seems to be more consistent these days. So it's harder to get records even though my average times are so close to this solve. My computer 3x3x3 solve record is 24.02 seconds. I still need to improve on last layer though.20070718
95929.84 secondsAdam SherwoodThanks to AntiBenny I'm finally under 30. 
96029.85 secondsAsa KaplanWow this was crazy. i wasnt lucky and right after i greased my cube i got this record. also if any one finds a good diagramed rubik's cube speed soving solution emmail me plz.20070612
96129.87 secondsTom RaeAs close to lucky as possible without luck involved :) just easy cases for the F2L20080317
96229.91 secondsVince ZakisYeah. Fastest time so far but it's the first sub 30 i got.I really need help on the first two layers so if anybody could help me out.20070620
96329.94 secondsPeter DouthwrightFinally, I have broken the subb 30 barrier.20070312
96329.94 secondsTroy Manzittiwoohoo! first sub-30 even though i average at around 40-43 seconds20080104
96529.95 secondsJonathan RuelFirst non-lucky sub 30sec! Used timer at 
96529.95 secondsMallet GregoryIt's my official best time, Set during French Champ 2004 . Corner first.20040416
96730.00 secondsKameron Ricksn/a20070820
96830 secondsPeter Yorkn/a 
96830 secondsJeremy KlasI like Corn Flakes. 
96830 secondsPablo DeLaLozaThis was a lucky. Average time 40 sec.1986
96830 secondsDarren LinI'm so proud!20070425
96830 secondsCameron Hess
97330.03 secondsManuel Petereynsi am doing it 3 month now i use layer by layer last layer i first permute and then orient corners and then i use 2 alg which i can use 8 different ways to orient and permute edges20060215
97330.03 secondsAlex StewartThis is my fastest time, I m gonna try a faster method to get it down to sub-20s. Video20070104
97330.03 secondsEvan Warnersmooth solve. not lucky. the middle edges paired up nicely with the first layer corners. everything went quickly from there20070304
97630.04 secondsFrida Riyanton/a20070403
97730.08 secondsFidel Rebullyes20080627
97830.23 secondsWesley Jarmonat this point i had been working on the cube for about 2 months and i finally got into the 40's with an occasional 31 or 32 lucky solve and when i was solving this one it felt like just another 40ish second solve but when i stopped the timer my jaw hit the floor, i thought it was going to be slow since it wasnt a lucky solve at all and it took a second for me to realize that i just solved an unlucky cube that fast :)20070418
97830.23 secondsKarl AfrikianIt was recess at my school. and i was solving around a 41 sec. average. my friend Nick and my history teacher Mr. Willis were both watching. Nick at the clock. Mr. Willis stating when i finished.and then i got a nice 30.23 on one of my solves..and before that..for 5 solves..i beat my record of 39 sec. for 5 solves in a row..and i had a 33 sec. and i beat it by 3 sec. on one of my solves.20080101
98030.26 secondsRyan WestI got this with a stopwatch during math class after a test.20070512
98130.27 secondsMarcelo LiraBasic method and Fridrich F2L.. Still learning OLL and PLL20090214
98230.28 secondsAdam Fischern/a20060120
98330.30 secondsDaniel WangR2 F D2 B L2 R D2 F' R U' B L2 B2 L R' F2 R U2 B2 F2 U' F' L R U
One of my fastest solves
98430.39 secondsJakub DanilewiczYeah!!!20071112
98530.46 secondsMatthew EarnshawPLL skip I think. Method: F2L + Beginners last layer20080224
98630.58 secondsDamien GuillotinSub-30's, here I come! No pro-cubing, they say it isn't a job, oh but I disagree you ignorant slob! K10uB4L1F3! 
98730.60 secondsMathias BrownGot lucky because I didn't have to do the PLL.20080224
98730.60 secondsMatyas LagosBeginners (LBL) method, with rubik's 3x3. I want to go under 30.20080405
98930.62 secondsErik ListorI was timing myself when I was bored, and turned out to break my record!20070416
99030.70 secondsJemar Jonesi havnt cubed for months i was getting solves like 58 to even as high as 115 but then bam 30.70 my new record so close to sub 3020081029
99130.71 secondsAlex Pattersonyeah, first page and close to .5 min, what else can i ask for?20060217
99230.73 secondsSam Kennedy3 move cross + 1 f2l pair, i finished the f2l in around 20 seconds, double sune OLL, T-Perm PLL. Best Solve Ever =D20071115
99330.74 secondsAlan Tingn/a20090308
99430.76 secondsNiki FeldererCan't break the 30 second barrier.I got to work on the last layer I still solve it in 4 steps. 
99530.81 secondsJose Lorenzo AcuinSo close to breaking 30 secs. I still need to work on finger tricks and memorize more PLL algs. That's it! 
99630.86 secondsMatthew BarrettMy original record before this was 38.18. I had to put in every piece so it wasn't a lucky case. 
99730.87 secondsJacob WildesWith new speedcube bought at my first competition. Walmart cubes are really bad.20070328
99831 secondsSeb MercierUnder 30 s very soon (I hope) 
99831 secondsDaniel Jenglovelife*20051011
99831 secondsAaron Daubjust an easy LL with a partially completed Keyhole F2l.20080224