Rubik's Cube
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120137.53 secondsAlex SmithMy average record is around 75 seconds. Then, out of nowhere, a 37 second solve happened! I surprised myself. lol
If you want to see a video of my doing this solve, visit my YouTube channel, my username is kachukeland
120237.55 secondsKyle Wolcottn/a20070521
120237.55 secondsOkko Pyssysalon/a20080401
120437.6 secondsSmith WilbanksWhen I started cubing about 2 months ago I thought I would never break the minute barrier (much less the 40 second barrier), but I did and was surprised that got this fast a time. There weren't any lucky cases. I am only 14 years old and improving fast, and I'm gonna catch up with the others on the list and break 40 repetitively. 
120537.62 secondsAaron Reidn/a20080116
120637.65 secondsDaniel Lon/a20050507
120737.70 secondsDanielle KelnerMy bst recorded time, though I am sure I have done faster. Only 13 and been cubing for 6th months!20080208
120837.76 secondsJonathan HodgesExtremely smooth solve. Working down to below 30 seconds. If anyone knows of a comptetion near NY could you let me know.20060330
120937.80 secondsCharlie HarsterI think I can break that 30s barrier if I can actually memorize the last algorithms [PLL I think?] for Fridrich.20090308
121037.88 secondsDrew Shannonlucky solve20070301
121137.89 secondsPeter Gorcynskin/a 
121137.89 secondsMaarten SmitFinally sub-40. Still averaging like 45-50 though. But learning Fridrich right now PLL almost done. Using intuitive F2L already but it's not going well. But Im getting faster and faster.20080601
121337.92 secondsDavid HardestyI'm hoping to get it in under 30 seconds soon. 
121437.98 secondsJohn Smithwhooo fastest time20071229
121538 secondsSébastien Marsn/a 
121538 secondsDavid GoldbergGot slightly and only slightly lucky but most of it was just being good at speedcubing.20070422
121538 secondsIbnu Ayyubjust lucky. now my average is around 45 seconds.20080707
121838.05 secondsAdam Quintanan/a20080423
121938.10 secondsAaron LiskeJust an Update20080910
122038.13 secondsShao Hang KaoBroke my record with perform algorithms smoothly:D I was suprised when I stop the timer:) see my Cube Record.20050912
122138.18 secondsShirley Abamontefirst sub 40. Not lucky, jason witnessed it. Awesome.20051102
122238.26 secondsAndrew Ticksenjust started about 1 month ago and getting good fast20050331
122338.27 secondsIsaac WappesWell I'm getting quite speedy. I've been cubing for like 3 months. I'm still using that stupid layer method but I'm attempting to learn a speedcubing method. Not bad for a 12-year-old.20070523
122438.29 secondsJustin EimersPretty fast considering I use the simple soultion to the cube. Actually screwed up the LL ended up with a simple permutation case.20070215
122538.35 secondsJackson JarvisI swear I did it in about 30 secs today but wasn't timing so I can't claim it. Still using the basic method taught on Rubiks.com20070328
122638.50 secondsIan OatesPB set around 1987, using 120-140 moves per solve.1987
122738.51 secondsRafael Laperalfaster and faster... got lucky this time...skipped 1 step of OLL20080627
122838.56 secondsMarko AittomäkiI've cubing two months now and i use fridrich methoh 2-lool oll and pll20090308
122938.57 secondsShiraz HazratStarted cubing about 3 months ago. I average around 50 seconds. Still working for the competition. Even though I'm not gonna be anywhere near first, I'm still competing.2003
123038.6 secondsDave MyersI'm moving on up, and Owen Hall is coming with me! 
123138.67 secondsWesley Robinsonn/a20071231
123238.72 secondsJames PeerlessLittle under a month of speedcubing..really hope to cut down my f2l time..and this is with 11 of 21 PLL. 
123338.74 secondsSimon ChaninI just solved the first two layers really quickly (using the layer by layer method). I didn't even get very lucky. It was awesome.20070221
123438.78 secondsNakai VelasquezI just did it20080706
123538.85 secondsHeiko PlaasMethod: layer by layer. 
123638.86 secondsArt ChoiYeah, that's the best I could do.. I'm too lazy to figure out Dan Knights way.. maybe some other time but here ya go =)
Solved cube:
1) Start blue side (corners first, edge pieces), 2) Opposite side green side (align corners, swap faces), 3) Solve remaining edge pieces for green while using blue's edge as guide piece, 4) Restore guide piece, 5) solve remaining 4 edge pieces
123738.93 secondsJim GoodwinNow I have just under nine seconds to shave off and I'll be a happy camper. Jess Bonde, thanks for the timer 
123838.94 secondsJoel Danielssonn/a20081116
123938.97 secondsVance PalacioIm getting better. still not good.20050331
123938.97 secondsJan HopUnder 40 sec. now!!!20081112
124139.00 secondsJosh BouchierThis totally popped out of nowhere and i was so excited.20090308
124239 secondsChris LoyThis was not a lucky case. My luckiest case was about 32 seconds. Chris Gilsdorf's cube aided me in this conquest. I use the Petrus method, trying to become in the top 100 of the world soon :) 
124239 secondsNathan TirasFirst sub 40 second time. Been cubing for just over 4 months now, and with a lot of work, I think I could start getting some 20-30's. 
124239 secondsBryan CopperthiteYeah, I rocked you Matt Curry. Haha jk man - yeah kurill. 
124239 secondsSam PhilzieI average 50 seconds.20070601
124239 secondsLasse Korbankabroke my personal record three times today XD20080627
124239 secondsJason Hugh Samn/a20090106
124839.01 secondsNaanak SodhiHehe20070209
124939.06 secondsBrian HansonI was waiting to get one below 40 seconds to post. I got a Wonderful Puzzler in an e-bay lot of puzzles. This one proved to be the cube. The stickers from the official cubes I have were destroyed after about a week or so of use.. Both Jessica Fridrich and Lars Petrus responded to email questions from me which inspired me to continue working with the cube. 
125039.20 secondsKris KlamkaI wanna Rock and Roll all night and speedcube everyday. 
125139.24 secondsArnold SoeparjantoMy first Sub 40, going for sub 30 :D20090214
125239.3 secondsBeau Chiban/a 
125339.35 secondsJudah van WeesIt was a pretty smooth solve. My F2l went fast and LL was easy20080519
125439.40 secondsKei Shirabeim sure this sint good enough, but hey!20081021
125539.42 secondsJordan Holinkai havent tried for a long time.20060719
125639.46 secondsJeff HootonJust about 2 months ago started getting back into cubing, started speed subing like less than a month ago.20070124
125739.50 secondsKonrad StawskiFinally sub-40. I use 3-look LL. But I have still big problems with faster F2L.20060805
125739.50 secondsTyler WoodsJust messing around at school and did cross in 3 moves, 2 CE's where set up in F2L and all I had to do was solve for the top layer and I guess that it was premutulated or what ever correctly because all I had to do was a U and it was solved after I did the top. Im slow beacuse I havent been using the Jessica Freidrich system very long. 20071031
125939.53 secondsChris AlmichVery fast unlucky solve today. I did this one for the sunday contest average.20051023
126039.59 secondsChristian Suttnerfirst time sub 40 but will get faster20090308
126139.66 secondsJori CazilhacWith Gaëtan Guimond's method.20050224
126239.70 secondsTyler RobbinsLayered, 9 alg. system used to achieve 39.70 sec! Not lucky 
126239.70 secondsJoel Smithn/a20061113
126239.70 secondsChonlathep Kitsinthopchai
126539.72 secondsLucas JohnsonI'm getting better slowly. my old time was 42ish seconds. i've taken off 8 seconds on my average. )20080812
126639.84 secondsDiogo NunesEhhe under-40, next record with the new PLL method hehe :D 
126739.9 secondsChris Moyer-GriceFinally beat 40! ^-^ Next I have to average under 40 :) 
126839.91 secondsGabriel Quebraln/a20080224
126939.92 secondsNicholas Liu L2 B F2 D' R D U' F2 L2 D' U B U' L2 R' D2 U2 L F2 R U B U2 F2 L2
Easy cross, only one edge to solve in F2L, easy OLL and PLL, overall, kinda lucky :P
127039.93 secondsDonnie WallaceBonde timer 2.1.20050208
127139.98 secondsChue Wenxiangthis is my fastest record but it still slow. I have to practice more.20080627
127239.99 secondsRyan Tsuchidacross on top with fish, no castle switch20070213
127340 secondsJohn LeeThis was probably my best time at the moment. My friend scrambled it and I solved it in front of and his girlfriend. The time is an approximate . his watch was analog. 
127340 secondsNontawach Losirin/a20080502
127340 secondsBrandon Kingmy new personal fastest time
hi im jameel from Palestine this is my time for solving the rubiks cube my real time is 24 ).
127340 secondsOeyvind Blaauwn/a20080809
127740.03 secondsAndrew HsuImproved by six seconds over one month. It's incredible-- i haven't learned any new algs, and am still using an incredibly basic method (cross, corners, edges, yellow cross, orientation, corners, and edge switching). damn, i've gotta learn some f2l algs.20071112
127840.06 secondsDevin Ridgwayi did this one over and over the same time and this was my fastest. i also used 110 moves.20070805
127940.20 secondsMarcel Passonn/a20071215
128040.23 secondsGuo YanXinHaHa,a BIGGEST prograss
I'm From CHINA
128140.24 secondsDouglas MoacaninMy fastest time not lucky. Used the Petrus method.20070219
128240.26 secondsAllen KuoI was doing an average of ten solves during my school lunch before I got bored.broke my previous personal record of 42 seconds twice that day =X (40 and 41 sec)20060330
128340.3 secondsOrad ReshefI'm pretty sure I solved it faster than this, but this is the fastest timed solve in my life. 
128440.37 secondsEdward PangAverage relaxed solve using the layer by layer method. Yeah I suck.20080424
128540.53 secondsEric McCarthyi am excited for this time, i'm fourteen and got my cube at christmas and I'm quite fast now20070821
128640.55 secondsPaul TournerocheGood but to be continued. 
128740.67 secondsMichael FryeIt all seems to be going smoother and smoother. Need to learn more algs now.20060828
128840.75 secondsSadalah Shehadiim only 14 and i learned this for 3 weeks only!!! Haha20070320
128940.89 secondsBen CostoloI'm still a beginner, using the key hole method and a layer by layer ll. Working on fridrich algs though.20080320
129041 secondsDuane CashGetting faster and and still learning more algorithms. Still room for improvement. 
129041 secondsAlan TruongAchieved this time after oiling my cube! 
129041 secondsEmmanuel du Pontavicen/a20060417
129041 secondsJacques-Edouard GutknechtI solved it layer by layer.
Fast movements.
129041 secondsMichael RiggsMy fastest solve so far, but I am getting very close to beating it, I'm almost done learning a faster method.20081127
129041 secondsAlfie DentStill improving. fridrich is hard to learn. tips would be very welcome20090308
129641.1 secondsAndrew CopuyocWhats up you all!! am just a kid from the Philippines(christian I. is my classmate)!!! 
129741.19 secondsTK KimDuring my 10 solve average.
i just lubed my cube with some vaseline.
i was quite pleased. lol
129841.20 secondsAlex LandauThis was a fairly remarkable time for me, but the Ultimate Rubik's Cube timer doesn't lie, and I hadn't timed myself for over a month. The cross and F2L were relatively easy, but not lucky. I did the OLL in one step, but that happened intentionally, so that wasn't a lucky case either. I've somehow been getting enough practice between classes at school to continue to improve. Hopefully once I finish learning two more algorithms or so I can work on some F2L tricks.20040917
129841.20 secondsJérémie ImbeaultI'm the best20080601
130041.23 secondsKevin Chenn/a20061222
130141.24 secondsAndryas MichelucciWith corners first methode, like as my uncle.20051105
130241.30 secondsZack Garciawow20070119
130341.35 secondsNatasha Wongn/a20080828
130441.44 secondsRoland VarrialeMovin on up (Jaspers). 
130541.50 secondsBryan O'Connorim not that fast on the 3x3 cube, but my average is somthin like 48, or 49 seconds. ill eventually learn how to do it faster =)20071115
130541.50 secondsKent Gerald GuevaraLoL!!20090308
130741.6 secondsDanny PflughoeftOnce again, I didn't get lucky. The story of my life. 
130841.70 secondsHarrison Suits BaerGot this at lunch one time. It was timed on my iPod stopwatch. A couple friends have pictures of the solved cube along with the time.20071121
130941.73 secondsMike RuedigerI used a layer system with NO F2L with a four look last layer. Still working on improving, of course!!! 
131042 secondsChristophe Mondouxn/a 
131042 secondsFredrik Rosbergn/a 
131042 secondsRafiq PremjiWhile fully baked. 2 bowls. 
131042 secondsMarc Horaniehi'm working on rubik's cube since a few months.. i hope i'll do better a day !20050612
131042 secondsLouis LiuSomewhat lucky. Used the noob method with sune and allen.20060521
131042 secondsWillis O´BrienI was racing somebody when this happened, could have been faster, I was really suprised to hit LL.
BTW I don't know full F2L and only beginner OLL and PLL.
131042 secondsJacob SuttonI'm 14 years old, and I've been training with Fridrich for just over a month.20070906
131042 secondsJosh Addisonlayer by layer just fast movement20071020
131042 secondsAbdul Ghaniw0w. hope i can beat Yu Nakajima ahaha
Only in my dreams.
131942.05 secondsRyan TannerJust practice hard and LUBE THE CUBE! 
132042.06 secondsAndrew DuncanUsed my own stopwatch, so time is a bit less. 
132142.08 secondsAdhish YajnikYES! Not even lucky. This was all skill, man. And I can get close to it now. Too bad I never have the video camera rolling when I get my best times. . .20050115
132242.10 secondsTimothy Turnervery nice solve20080224
132342.12 secondsShafiq MohammedUsed a really basic method found on Not really a lucky solve.20080118
132342.12 secondsJeff Beiswenger36 move scramble.lucky f2l and normal LL20080710
132542.15 secondsMedardo CardonaFrom Colombia20081231
132642.16 secondsJason WinokurIn the rain or in the snow, I've got the funky flow! (Jaspers and Lions). 
132642.16 secondsRyan MalloyUsed the described on my currently-under-construction website: Speed Cubes20051227
132842.32 secondsJeff Slash I've only been solving for 2 1/2 months now. =)20081231
132942.33 secondsMichael Blakemantied my personal best exactly. but this one wasn't lucky. cross was about 4 seconds, first layer done by 15, second layer took about 20, last layer took about 7 (one algorithm oll and pll) first solve of my new personal best average20090214
133042.37 secondsMikael Vanhalajoo20061204
133142.45 secondsDarius JurgilasAverage is 48.22sec.20040524
133242.52 secondsGreg BlackfordKnocked 11 seconds off after learning some F2L CFOP algs. May take a while but I'll be back with under 20! =)20070422
133342.69 secondsBen BaginskiJust messing around after school and got this. I can definitely do better.20070210
133442.74 secondsShamsul KhawajaJust started to use fridrich with 3lll. I can probably get sub 30s when i start cross on BOTTOM and work on f2l shortcuts20060209
133542.76 secondsShinichi Simonon/a20060914
133642.86 secondsMichael PetersYeah the cube is great. Right now i have about 30 or so algorithms memorized, and im working on getting the Fridrich method down, but thats ALOT of algorithms. Visit my site at: Keep on Cubing! 
133742.95 secondsEric Wuahhhh!!! best time of sub-40 is so close!!!!20040426
133842.97 secondsJim LeoneNot lucky: still using the layers method, with finger extensions on my superlubed cube and getting faster!!! I'm eager to learn Jessica's method :) Also, a special thanks to Penguin Energy Gum! 
133942.98 secondsKieron Olivereasy x cross
OLL skipped
134043.00 secondsAndrew Ratermannn/a20080224
134143 secondsAlexandre BuisseUsing a classical layer by layer method. 
134143 secondsDongyoung KimThe cube's center pieces have a direction (A center piece has a picture so it has a direction.). I use common solution. I'm Korean.  
134143 secondsLouis BourrousseNot lucky. 
134143 secondsRoy MartinHow do you guys do it so fast? I guess I have a long way to go.20050128
134143 secondsSorin PrunescuI'm just getting started. 
134143 secondsLouis KaoHave been cubing for three weeks! 
134143 secondsRhonda WilkinsonWas shooting for less, but this'll do. It's under a minute anyhow :-) 
134143 secondsDan Echlinn/a20051204
134143 secondsJohn Lusbyim still working hard to lower time and i know its not that good but it was done with about 20 seniors (im a freshman) standing around me and half of them saying dont choke and it also signified a 35 second average jump where litterally 5 minutes before i was at 80 sec average and now im at a 55 sec average20060111
134143 secondsAlex Ngain/a20080317
135143.02 secondsKyle BryantGetting faster every day. 
135243.08 secondsGuillaume LamontagneI would like to thanks my cube and my hands! 
135343.12 secondsTyler BarchekVery very happy how it turned out this time.20080926
135443.13 secondsJon KesslerThis is my fastest solve ever. I just did it today. I used the Rubik's Cube online timer for the scrambling algorithm. A couple of corner edge pairs were already together and just needed to be placed, which made the solve a bit faster. I didn't skip any steps, though.20040807
135543.19 secondsNathan Kennedy BobI'm only 10 years old and beat my old record of 56 seconds.
I almost flipped because i beat my 13 year old friends record
of 54 seconds.
135643.20 secondsJames HarrisonI only looked when one algorithm was done. I know it's easy to do but I was bored.
I'm 14 and I first did the cube when I was 9 almost 10. I forgot how to do it after a few years! I learnt again and beat my best time by over a minute. Of course, all my friends think i'm a freak.
135743.21 secondsAry OrtizI have been cubing for about 1 week and a half.20060213
135843.23 secondsMichael FooThis is my record using a custom layer-by-layer method. Trying to learn Fridrich's!!!20071219
135943.24 secondsZak Evertonn/a20081021
136043.30 secondsYe LucI'm desesperate.I want to do it me please.(PS I'm French so you can write me in french). 
136143.31 secondsChris Morrisn/a20051216
136143.31 secondsJohn ChangPll&F2l was a bit slow20080627
136343.5 secondsRégis HanolJ'ai découvert le Rubik's Cube depuis 2 mois et j'utilise la méthode de Guimond modifiée à la Sébastien Félix depuis 1 mois ! 
136343.5 secondsJoel WiresI think it's about time to start to learn F2L. Hey Joey, I'm catching up. : )
I can do all things through Christ, Who gives me strength. Phillippians 4:13
136543.55 secondsJeff AveryCubing is awesome!20061217
136643.57 secondsMarcelo Schnaibelfirst time under 60 seconds. it was a bit of a lucky cas, used to do 70~80 seconds average, using Mark Jeays solution #2.20060925
136743.62 secondsMendy Lebowitzonly been cubing for two days now, no luck on this one20090308
136843.79 secondsTaylor DanceI am 14 and have had the cube for about a month. 
136943.81 secondsZhann JochinkeJust broke my old record by nearly 30secs, have added a few more LL algs to memory and has helped greatly. Finally a sub 60secs!!20061230
137043.85 secondsTom MacadamThis solve popped out of nowhere.20081214
137143.87 secondsRyan KochI am 11.20050707
137243.90 secondsHakop GoorjiThis is the new fastest record of mine.20060404
137343.99 secondsFoster McFarlandi forgot the milliseconds so i just put .99 instead20090214
137444 secondsChristian IglesiasI'm from the Philippines, where only a few people are interested in speed cubing.. 
137444 secondsAaron ChoiAbsolutely perfect solve. I did not mean lucky.20031103
137444 secondsJason WilloughbyI'm still learning some sequences, since I started solving the cube with a simple method. Right now I'm learning Dan Knights's Advanced method and Fridrich's permutations. (My goal is to beat Brent Morgan's time, who is my personal trainer- the fastest in our school)!20030307
137444 secondsJulien BourbonUsing a Chris Hardwick method. 
137444 secondsPhillip ClaytonThe F2L was crazily fast for me (without simultaneous corner/2L placement). LL permutation was a bit of a lucky case since I only know the basic layer-by-layer LL permutations. I haven't timed myself in a while, but my guess is that I typically average between 60 and 70 seconds. Here's to memorizing more algorithms! 
137444 secondsChris KatorkasI think now, that this is about the best I'm gonna be able to do this.with the method I use.. until I figure out what works best.this will probably be my last post for 3x3x3. 
137444 secondsJustin GerberI seriously do not know where this time came from. i've only got like 10 solves in the high 50s and my previous record was 53 and then BAM! 44. I dont really remember anything about the solve, i dont think i was really paying attention to it.20050115
137444 secondsJared MurphyI don't make it rain son. I make it straight hurricane on the cubes. This is the way I live. Chea. R-town representin'.20070503
138244.02 secondsAntti Elorantan/a20051106
138344.15 secondsJulius Lazarothis is my fastest time using the fridrich method !!! pther guyz using fridrich have an average of 35 seconds but this was a nice try20080413
138444.17 secondsFilip ten BruggencateNo lucky cases included (fastest lucky case was 34.49, I use a 4-look LL, one look was unneeded then). My F2L are loaded with finger shortcuts, which makes tracking pieces harder, but if I do track pieces I can solve the F2L in under 25 seconds. Last layer needs to be improved drastically I'm going from 4-look to 3-look. 
138544.24 secondsWesley RoseThis record shaved off more than ten seconds off my 1 min 4 sec old record. 
138644.27 secondsKevin TroyanosWord up.RUTGERS WOOOOO!20051117
138744.28 secondsJesus MasanetThat was lucky in the final step achieved it after practising for 2 weeks since 20 years ago. 
138844.29 secondsPål DrivekleppI've been practicing for a few months now. Still speedin up! :) 
138944.35 secondsMichael SchuldIf I had known that blindfolded cubing only takes 5 algorithms, I would have learned that instead. 
139044.37 secondsPatrick Hollan/a20070928
139144.48 secondsJamie Flynnhot Chickens are nice with gravy.
Note from Chris: Jamie did this solve in 28 moves with only a few glances.
139244.50 secondsSam BoehningIt was fun.20080701
139344.52 secondsAdam van Boekelfinally, I broke 45sec, now for 30,lol20080926
139444.53 secondsJohnny Minarjust a fast vanilla layer by layer. I have to admit though, i am getting a lot faster than i was a month ago!!!20070430
139544.78 secondsMatt Buehneroverahundred.com20090214
139644.81 secondsArvindh Raon/a 
139744.84 secondsTyler Van De VoortI've been cubing for about 3 weeks and I have already surpassed my friends. I used a painted cube (the stickers kept falling off) and graphite lubrcant. This solve was intense and my average is aroud 49 seconds. I am a sophomore in high school.20051216
139844.85 secondsMichael AdenWas timed by a girl who wanted to see how fast I could solve a cube (lucky for me that it was my fastest time to date :) )20050224
139944.90 secondsJouni Harjumäkin/a20061102
140044.93 secondsZach Claridgeumm yeah i just practiced a lot and thats the best i could do. Haha20080403