Rubik's Cube
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17.12 secondsAndrew KangI working a concession stand for a football game. and I decided to cube a bit. Started off real bad (16's) got down to a 14 solve average. Out of no where a 7.12 pops up. I was spazzing like no other. My friends were there with me they joined in the spazzing D.
2 move cross. Not lucky F2L just like R U R' cases for the whole F2L. Sune and 3 edge. Sub 8 was one of my goals after the sub 9. and I beat it out of no where. I am so excited for this time!
27.13 secondsHarris ChanGeez I'm so close to beating Andrew's record O This is actually a part of my new pb average, which I won't post for now.
L2 D' U L R B L R D2 U B2 F' U L' R' B' F' D F L' B2 U2 R' B' F2
Scramble with cross colour on D
X-Cross: y2 U' R U R' U2 R' F R (8)
F2L 2: R' U R U R' U' R (7)
F2L 3: d' R' U' R (4)
F2L 4: L U2 L' U' L U L' (7)
OLL: U F R U R' U' F' (7)
PLL: R2 u' R U' R U R' u R2 f R' f' (12)
37.17 secondsJ.B. CañaresWow! after a very long time with my 9.39 sec PB and a lot of 9 seconds times this is my first sub9 that is non lucky and a very very good one smoothest solve ever. I did a 12.23 average with this as the first solve. Sub13s are starting to get normal. I'm inspired. Here's the scramble every time I tried the scramble again I do 6 second solves. D R D2 F D' L R' B' F' D2 L F' U2 L' R2 U2 R2 B2 F D' B2 F2 L2 B' F'. .I love you Halley. www.philippinecubersassociation.org20081112
47.21 secondsBreandon McElhilldone at the end of the summer holidays when i was at my best
Scramble: L'D U2 B'F L R F'D'U B D'RF'D U'L'R2 D'B L'D'B2 F'U2
x-cross: y'R2 B'U L D'F' (6)
2nd pair: U'R'F R F'R'U'R (8)
3rd pair+4th pair: Y'U R U'R'U R'U'R2 U'R'U R U R'(15)
oll: R'U'R U'R'U R U'R'U2 R(11)
pll: U'F R U'R'U'R U R'F'R U R'U'R'F R F'U'(19)
total: 59 moves
57.43 secondsJason BaumThis solve was crazy fast. I don't have the scramble, but it was a 3 or 4 move cross, 4 quick pairs, the OLL where you just have to flip UF and UR, and a 3 edge cycle. There was hardly any delay at all, and everything was incredibly smooth.20080406
67.85 secondsYu NakajimaThis is a very easy case.But not lucky.
Scramble:R' U B' D' U2 R2 F' R2 D2 U R L' D2 F2 U L D U B2 L2 D F L F U2
X-cross:y D2 L F' L'2 R u R'
F2L#2:y R' U R
F2L#3:U' R U'2 R' U2 R U' R'
F2L#4:y'2 R U' R' U R U' R'
OLL:U' R U'2 R' U' R U' R'
PLL:(U U' mistaked) R' d' F R2 u R' U R U' R u' R'2
. I mistaked before PLL.
Video is here.
My website.
77.86 secondsYuji YoonL' D U' B2 D2 F' U' R' B' U L2 B2 R' L2 F' D2 F D' U B R2 B' L2 U R2
*No lucky*
My site
87.92 secondsGuillaume MeunierNew personnal record, I'm very proud and I'll broke sub 12 soon.20071201
98.33 secondsMilán Baticz~25th time under 10 seconds.
Practise, practise, practise.
108.39 secondsJohannes LairePetrus ftw.20080423
118.44 secondsRon van BruchemThis was a perfect solve with easiest cases for each stage.20080402
128.58 secondsGunnar KrigFantasticly smooth solve. I did it right before the finals at EC2008.20080930
138.59 secondsTakumi Yoshidan/a20070811
148.74 secondsRowe Hesslerdone at yesterday, easy solve, unlucky. all i remember was the last layer, it was a double sune and a J perm.20071218
158.76 secondsAdam Polkowski3rd solve non LC sub 9 in my life! Wonderfull cases.
Preparing for "Gdansk open 2008"
168.91 secondsCasey PernsteinerThis solve was 51 moves total. It was done in this week's contest.20060408
178.92 secondsErik AkkersdijkVery good solve :) Scramble: F' D' L D F2 B' R2 F B R' L' U L2 B' F2 L U' R' B' U D' L' R D' F. Extended cross, fast but far from easy F2L. OLL: RUR'URU'R'U'R'FRF' PLL: M2U'M2U2'M2U'M2
Check it out on:
188.93 secondsPhil ThomasF2 L2 B' F U' L2 U' R2 U2 F' U' D2 R2 F D' B2 D2 F R' U' R D2 F' U B2
YES!! Finally a new best non lucky time! awesome!
Scramble Cross on D:
B F2 U' R2 U D2 L B2 L U2 B' F' U R2 F2 B' L' U2 L2 B U' L D' F L'
208.98 secondsJoël van Noort4 move x-cross, 3 insertions, 6 move T-PLL, R-Permutation.
R L2 B' D2 L2 R' B U2 F B' R2 B2 F L B R' B U' R' U B' L2 U R U (Cross color on D). My site.
219.04 secondsAustin MooreB'U'BF'DU2B2FUB'L'BFL'RU2LR'BF2L2R2BLU

229.07 secondsTakuma AkutsuL R2 F2 D2 B2 D F' B2 U L B' R' L' B2 U L2 U' R' B' U' L2 B R2 U2 B2
I used Ookusa's cube.
His cube is very wonderful.
239.09 secondsMason HoffmanI was cubng for around a half hour and i got 10.37 seconds (one hundredth away from tying the current WR) so i did it a few more times and this was my best by far20070529
249.12 secondsDan HarrisWhilst racing Edouard Chambon. I was spazzing like no other. Then my cat came and spazzed with me.
B2 D' F2 R2 B' F2 L' R2 B L2 F2 U2 R' F' D' L2 U' B R B2 R2 F2 L2 D2 L
Dan :)
259.15 secondsJon MorrisThis solve was nearly flawless. Smoothest, fastest solve I've ever had!20060220
269.17 secondsRama TemminkMy best and second non lucky sub-10 time.
Scramble: D' L' D B' U' F L' F2 U D L2 F U L' R2 U' B' L2 F D2 L B F2 L F
279.22 secondsToshihiro Oonon/a20070328
289.30 secondsRyosuke Higon/a20070509
299.31 secondsEric LimebackBest non-lucky solve D
F2L was smooth with virtually no pauses
OLL: r U2 R' U' R U' r'
PLL (R Perm) R' U2 R U2 R' F R U R' U' R' F' R2 U'
309.34 secondsTaylor Dawsonthis was just an awesome solve I had a 3 move cross and got a extended cross in the process the f2l was easy from there had a easy oll and pll was ok video url=
and here is the scramble D F' D2 L' F' B' R L2 F2 B' L' R' B' F' D' L B U' B' F L U' F B2 R F' D'
319.39 secondsRavi FernandoNot lucky. Scramble: D F R D' F' R L2 U2 R' B U R F2 D2 U2 R' D B2 D2 B2 D2 B' R L D2
See my site. [Team Epsilon]
329.46 secondsMarc van BeestMy second sub10 non-lucky :D
U' B F' U' D2 R2 U2 F B2 D2 F' D2 F' U' L B' L F U D2 F2 L2 R' D' F
(Bottom = cross)
339.49 secondsScott JacobusIt was an amazing solve!!!
My first sub-10 and its my PB :)
349.50 secondsDavid SalviaSolved in front of several people. This was a 30 turn scramble. I've been developing a "comprehensive" solve where multiple steps are combined, and sometimes it works well. 20080320
359.53 secondsAndy TsaoVERY easy. 7 move double extended cross, 7 move 3rd pair, 8 move 4th pair, 11 move OLL, and 3-edge PLL = 44 moves = 4.62 moves/sec.20061017
359.53 secondsJohn CañaresFinally! sub10 PB, for how many months.20080511
379.54 secondsSébastien FélixThis cube was crazy but not lucky, I get a connected pair after scrambling. I've been able to do a double extended cross on this solve in about 11 moves. 2 last slots in about 10-11 moves with multislotting, while orienting LL edges, then a COLL and the U PLL (edges 3 cycle). F2L=6s, LL=3.5s.CRAZYYY!!! [Absolut teaM member]20050527
389.55 secondsAnssi VanhalaEasy cases and G-PLL.20070126
399.57 secondsDavid BergmanVery easy solve. It was a 5 move extended cross. 2nd pair was 3 moves, next pair 8 moves, last pair 7 moves, H orient and U permutation. AMAZING!! Here is the jumble.
U B D2 L' R2 U2 D2 F2 L' B' U L2 U B2 L2 F' D' R2 L B2 F R B' R2 B
409.60 secondsOlivier GaucherThis solve was not lucky but very easy. Cross in 6 moves ( D L² B R D' L'). Then 3 pairs in 3 moves the last pair in 7 moves. The OLL mas a 6 moves algorithm and then the PLL T.Here is the scramble : R' L B' U² R' L' B' R D² L' F² L² F' R² U² D L F' D' U' F B L² R² D' [Absolut Team Member]20051014
419.66 secondsErik JohnsonScramble: D L U R2 F D' B2 U' L2 B' U2 D2 R' F' B D' L' U' F' B2 D L D L' B
Solution: y x' U R2 U' D x' d R2 U R' F' R y' R U' R2 U R U2 R U' R' U2 R U' R' r' U' R U L U' R' U x U R' U2 R U2 R' F R U R' U' R' F' R2
6 move 2x2x3
no skips
429.75 secondsRon Herbert DunphyFluid.20071220
439.77 secondsChia-Wei LuI was doing the Sunday Contest and this was the first scramble on the .txt file. I had tons of crazy practice before hand. And suddenly my first solve came out as 9.77 seconds! which is also the time for the world record time for a single 3x3 solve! I was totally amazed.
R' B R2 F D F' D' U2 L' R2 F2 D B' R D2 B' L' D F' D R2 D' F2 R2 B2
easy cross. y2 u L R2 U2 F2
second f2l. U' y' R' U R y R U R'
third f2l. y2 U2 R U' R' U R U R'
last f2l. U' R' U' R U' R' U R
OLL. U' F U R U' R' F'
PLL. F' U' F R2 u R' U R U' R u' R2 U
449.82 secondsMatt WalterFairly easy cross + Easy F2L + Special OLL=9.82 seconds. A case came up for OLL that I used an algorithm from the end of my 4-step beginner method that solves a few unorientated and unpermuted cubies in one algorithm. It was lucky for that that case to come up. But I had the knowledge to execute the right algorithm. Scramble:BL2D'F2B2R2B'D'R2FLDF2D'U2L2DF'L2B'D2R'B'D20050830
459.89 secondsShotaro MakisumiB2D'RU2BU2DF'B'U'F'R2L'D'U2R2F'DU2L2R2F2U2F2R2
Not lucky. Try it.
459.89 secondsBack Tae-YoungD' F' B L2 D2 F2 B D R2 B D U2 F' R2 F2 L2 F' L2 B2 D2 U' F D' F' D' scramble (U = Yellow, F = Blue)20060401
479.95 secondsPedro SantosL2 U' R L2 D F2 D' B U2 L2 F2 D2 B' U L D2 L' U B' U F2 U L F' D
WOW! Sub-10! This was fantastic great look ahead yet moving fast
y x2 U L U' L F' y' D L D
U' L U' L'
y' U' R U' R'
y U2 R U' R' U R U R'
y U2 R U' R' U2 R U' R'
R U R' U' r R' U R U' r'
U2 R2 U' R' U R U' y' x' L' U' R U' R' U' L U
57 moves / 9.95 -> 5.7286 moves/sec
4810.00 secondsChris Brownleevery fast F2L, easy edge control on last pair ending in a ZBLL case that i knew.20070217
4910.01 secondsPiotr KózkaFast F2L, easy LL20071231
5010.06 secondsKittikorn TangsucharitthamMy fastest Non-lucky solve
w/ Square - OLL and U - PLL
5110.11 secondsKyle AllairePetrus method. F2l with no bad edges. sune OLL. Checkered pattern PLL. super easy. in any case i would say good luck to anyone for sub 10.HAH it's faster then it looks.20051121
5210.17 secondsIsagani Esteronfull step. non-easy20080808
5310.18 secondsBertalan Bodor almost sub-10...20090106
5410.22 secondsHiroyuki Taken/a20070330
5510.30 secondsForrest LinThis wasn't the best F2L, but I executed it extremely fast and I was tracking all the C/E pairs. I inserted the 4th F2L slot differently to force a easy OLL, and then T-Perm. Very, very fast solve.20080225
5610.34 secondsWarren LiaoThis is a really crazy solve. It was a 5 move extended cross that I could see. The second F2L pair is a 3 move one. I put in the 3rd and 4th pair of F2L at once, and i recognized it really fast. The OLL is a 6 move solve (F U R U' R' F'). The PLL is my favorite one that I can solve in less than 2 seconds (The one where the incorrects shape like a "L"). The PLL recognition time is almost 0. I use a Stackmat timer and my brother witnessed the solve.20050616
5710.38 secondsLevi ReicheltGreat solve, non-lucky. I executed the A-Perm so smoothly :)20081121
5810.40 secondsThomas TemplierA perfect non lucky solve with the easiest steps. 
5910.43 secondsTim SunDouble x-cross 11 moves, 3rd pair 3 moves, Fourth pair 11 moves (fastest possible), LL Anti-Sune. That's not lucky, seriously. :) 33 moves, I really don't turn that fast.20061016
5910.43 secondsSon Chang-Hwannice single record!! Cube Life 20070317
6110.45 secondsJustin AdsuaraDone in June of 2007, never bothered to submit it.20080317
6210.47 secondsMateus Moitinho de AlmeidaL2 R' D' B2 D' L2 U L2 B' F' R' F2 D2 U' B' L' B F2 D' B2 F2 R2 B F2 R2
This scramble was amazing. I beat the WR by .01, hehe.
6310.48 secondsKarl Rabayaeasy cross, sune, U perm20071231
6310.48 secondsAlex BaileyU' B D2 B L R B' F' R' F' D B2 F D U2 L2 R B2 L' R2 D' U B F2 U
Both T OLL and PLL )
6510.50 secondsFritz BrionesI'm just testing my improved skills. I cubed from 2pm to 5pm, and I got this non lucky solve, it was a very smooth and easy solve.20080109
6610.58 secondsPatrick JamesonThat was an awesome solve! Everything went perfect with no lock-ups. Next stop, sub-10 :D20080430
6710.59 secondsPiotr FrankowskiR F' D L' D' F U2 B2 L2 F2 U' B R' U B' L D L2 F R2 F U' F2 U' B220070617
6810.72 secondsJack MoseleyWow! I just tried going really slow and with good look ahead, and got this solve! About 5 move extended cross, average F2L, 3 move OLL and 3 corner cycle. It could probably have been sub 10 or at least low 10, but I recognized the PLL pretty slow.20071011
6810.72 secondsDaniel LundwallR B2 L' D' R2 F D2 L D' B' D2 B R2 F' U2 B2 U2 F L' D2 F R F2 D' R'
Nice x-cross where I could see the second pair during inspection. f R U R' U' f' OLL and U-perm.
7010.74 secondsBrent MorganThis is the fastest recorded time I have. This wasn't lucky at all. This wasn't perfect either and I think this can be beaten. My site! This was not lucky at all.20051119
7110.79 secondsMichael HerdenFinally the first 10.xx - and non-lucky! Video is here:
7210.80 secondsYoon Soon Seung
7310.81 secondsTobias DaneelsThis solve was amazing.
I saw already 2 f2l's before the solve.
And the rest went smooth )
Very happy.
And no, i can't say sub-10 is possible, not in this life anyway.
7410.84 secondsTatsuya Ookubon/a20061115
7410.84 secondsAlex SeidlerMy mom scrambled it and asked me to show her a solve, so I timed it and got this! No steps were skipped, OLL was rUR'URU2r', PLL was edge cycle. very exciting!20070820
7410.84 secondsVille SeppänenLL was Carrot20081116
7710.86 secondsMartin ChooStill can't sub-10. Need to learn better OLL algos and F2L tricks...20081206
7810.88 secondsBenjamin Dowvery smooth cross, easy f2l, t shaped oll, t perm. could have been sub 10 with a better cube. oh well20080224
7910.91 secondsRyota Nakaharan/a20060829
8010.93 secondsPeck Ern-Minfinally sub-11!20090106
8110.94 secondsEdouard Chambonno lucky LL20050909
8110.94 secondsSinpei ArakiNo Lucky but Easy20060530
8311 secondsAdam GéhinSachant de le carré d'une distance est une distance, expliquez pourquoi une surface s'exprime en mètres carrés. 
8311 secondsJessica FridrichIt was a while ago, I guess, in 1993. See Dan's comment on the standards for records. 1993
8511.07 secondsJason ThongU' L2 F2 L F' U2 B' L2 R' U2 R F2 D2 L' B' L2 R2 F' U2 F U2 L2 R U2 L Not lucky!! I can start on any color. This is how it was solved (I later retraced it): z2 y' cross: F' R' D 1: R U2 R' 2: d' R U R' 3: y' L U' L' 4: U2 L' U L U2 L' U L OLL: y' x' R U L' U' R' U L U' x PLL: U2 L U' L U L U L U' L' U' L220050921
8611.12 secondsKatsuyuki KonishiPLANET PUZZLE20050503
8611.12 secondsBernett OrlandoNot lucky, but everything was fluent.20070929
8811.15 secondsMarcus StuhrThis was in fact done about a year ago at school, with my friend using a stopwatch as a timer. To be fair however, the cross was insanely easy to put up and the F2L took maybe 12-14 moves total, along with a fast last layer. 
8911.17 secondsJefferson Yalungit was my Personal's Best. using
i am currently sub20. here's my result.
9011.18 secondsTomasz Piotrowskivery easy cases [PSF member]20050811
9111.30 secondsMichael YoungF' U2 L2 B' R2 D2 F2 D2 B2 U2 L2 D' F' R' B2 R2 D L2 D R U2 (21f)
X-cross trivial pair 6-move P OLL T PLL. Pretty nice others could easily get sub-10
9211.31 secondsGerard Neras.20080716
9211.31 secondsMarco Iamontescramble
D2 B2 R2 F' L2 B R2 B' R2 D2 U2 B U L D L2 F2 L' B2 F R'
(do with white U and orange F)
Solve (hold yellow in U and red in F)
B' R2 D R' U x2 U' B U' B' U' R U2 R' U' R U R' y' R U2 R' U' L' U L
U F' U' F U2 R U' R y' (l' U' L U R U' r' F ) U' (R U' L d2 L' U L R' U' R U2 r' F l' U' y2)
9411.36 secondsKarl BaillehaicheReally lucky scramble!
L D F2 L' U2 R2 D R U' D2 L' F R D2 B R' B2 D' B2 U2 B L' R2 B2 D
Have a nice Cube
9511.41 secondsTeemu TiinanenThis was truly an amazing solve I'm sure I won't break this record in the near future :P.
Scramble: U' D B2 D' B2 D' F2 D2 B2 F' L' R U' F' R' U R' L U B' R2 B F L2 F2 and the reconstructed solve is: double x-cross: L U2 R2 U L2 3rd pair: U2 y' R U R' U R U' R' 4th pair: L' U' L OLL: F R U' R' U' R U R' F' PLL: y2 R2 U'R' U' R U R U R U' R. As you can see this was a rather easy solve :)
9611.46 secondsStefan PochmannTwo days before the US Open 2007.20070625
9711.49 secondsAnthony BenisScramble = B2 F' L B' F' R F2 L2 F' D2 L2 F2 D B' U F2 D2 U2 R' B2 F R F' R2 U
Cross Color = D
Can't seem to find my solve again it had a "C" shaped OLL and T-perm though.
9811.52 secondsEmile CompionU' B2 F' R' F D L B2 F D2 B' F' D U2 F' D2 R2 U2 R B2 D2 L2 R2 F U
6 turn X-cross, smooth F2L, 10 turn OLL and a U-perm.
9911.53 secondsKamil Górskiscramble: B' F2 U2 F' U L' U' R' B2 D2 F L2 B L R B' U2 F U'
cross: U B2 L' R
f2l: x2 y' L' U L R U' R' F' L' U2 L F y2 L' U' L U L' U2 L U L' U' L R U R' U' R U2 R' U' R U R'
oll: F R U R' U' F'
pll: R' U R' U' R' U' R' U R U R2
the scramble is shortened with cube explorer generated by jnetcube i don't have orginal 25 moves long version.
10011.56 secondsRuben Geelsn/a20081014
10111.60 secondsTom HasegawaName of my website20070701
10211.61 secondsLe HoangAhhh. I want sub 10. Currently averaging 16-17 seconds 2 look OLL. Very happy with this. Normal 7 seocond F2L OLL and then a corner cycle to finish. =] Very satisfied20090308
10311.62 secondsThom BarlowVGhlc2UgbWVzc2FnZXMgYXJlIGdldHRpbmcgaW
=Base64& Kirjava
10411.63 secondsGábor RókaIt was actually a 9.63 solve, just a missed the last turn and i had a penality. =( Last layer was Anti-sune and T-perm. 20081009
10511.65 secondsRoland KovácsDone on an anniversary cube.
cross: 5 moves
Short F2Ls
Sune oll
3 edges PLL
10611.64 secondsSyuhei OmuraU2 F B' R2 L2 D B R F B L2 B2 R' B' R' F U2 L2 D' L' D R2 D F' L2
White cross.
10711.67 secondsDennis LysenkoMM's Place - where I keep all of my records20090214
10811.71 secondsChawalit Booprasertn/a20090214
10911.73 secondsNiko KauffmanSub-12 feels good.20081002
11011.78 secondsYuto HosokawaU' L' D F' D' B L' B U D2 L2 F R2 L B' U' D2 B' D2 F2 D2 B2 R' D' R20080323
11111.80 secondsGreg BrownNon-lucky. I don't know what happened. I got to the PLL at around 9.5 seconds. I didn't skip any steps. I guess those 76 solves before this payed off.20080403
11211.81 secondsFrank MorrisAnd I thought that I would never break 12 seconds. Whew. Very easy, but not lucky.. All steps were encountered. 
11311.82 secondsDuane CallI was so excited when I got this time. This is my first sub-12. I will admit it was a bit lucky. Solved cross on bottom, then placed 4 F2L pairs separately, one of my fastest OLL's, and a skipped PLL.20070217
11411.84 secondsLars Vandenberghn/a20040830
11511.85 secondsRichard MeyerI was cubing with Stefan, Patrick, Bob, and Ryan when i had this solve, Stefan mixed it up for me. It was as lucky as you could get without actually being lucky, i didn't skip any steps but they were all like the shortest sequence of moves possible. This isn't exact, but i think the solve was around 45 moves or so.20070620
11611.88 secondsBertrand BordageNot including lucky cases. I think it will be possible for me to break the 10 s with training. Video of me solving the cube in 15.56 s. 
11711.89 secondsAndrew SpelmanSub 12 non lucky solve using fridrich. Very easy solve. Done while racing Craig. 20060713
11811.92 secondsZac LivesayPetrus method. 3 move 2x2x2 4 move 2x2x3. The whole solve was 32 or 33 moves long. OLL skip semi intentionally while finishing the F2L. Ended with a T perm.20080703
11911.97 secondsLeyan LoU' L' B F' D' R B R' U2 F R2 D' L' D' U' R' U2 R2 U R U2 L D' F' R
This solve was done using Tyson's cube at his poorly lit desk, while Tyson was elsewhere getting drunk on cognac.
12011.98 secondsDoug ReedWow. Incredibly easy, but not 'illegally' lucky. Solve #3 of an otherwise crappy average.20050515
12111.99 secondsToby MaoVery smooth. If only I could average this.20050724
12212.00 secondsClaudio Almeidan/a20060915
12312 secondsDan KnightsThis was not too lucky, according to Jessica's standard 
12312 secondsAndy CamannI know I got this time twice, and both times it wasn't lucky. I was just having a good day, and the solution was a little easier than usual, though I skipped no steps. 
12512.01 secondsSzabolcs BordasUNR20081231
12612.04 secondsChris Hunt2-move cross with another 6 moves for the double extended cross. Not lucky, but very pretty indeed.
12712.09 secondsJosh Barber4 move Cross. Easy F2L Cases. (U R U' R'). Very Fast OLL. Didn't skip any steps. But very fast Set Up. My Favorite algorithms in every step. I Don't see me breaking this anytime soon.20070713
12812.10 secondsChris Wilkinsonreally happy with this time
very smooth normally get around 25sec
12912.15 secondsBim Mijaresscrambled and timed by J.B. Cañares, not lucky.20071106
12912.15 secondsConnor Wymanwow. unbelievable. Easy cases F2L in 8 secs. T OLL and G Perm. On tape too!!20080723
13112.17 secondsDan GosbeeDid this in Hollywood Florida at Holland America's Cruise ship terminal waiting area in front of about 200 people (after cube being scrambled by at least 4 people for like what seemed hours!!.someone out there has a video of it I know it. Using my yet published method (if you want to compare its sort of like Mark Waterman's method)2003
13112.17 secondsBrian KimAmazing F2L, Free OLL.20060211
13312.19 secondsJai GambhirEasy, but not lucky.20071231
13412.22 secondsBrian LoftusL2 R B2 F2 L R' D U' B' D U2 F2 R2 D' U' L2 D2 R' U2 F D2 U F' D' R'
Full-step. 3move cross all easy inserts easy OLL and a Z for PLL.
13412.22 secondsJuan Manuel Grados Luyandonot lucky, only very easy f2l20090308
13612.25 secondsFrançois SechetDone on Thursday Jan 20th, the day before I went to Cauet's radio show. First time I seriously picked up the cube in a long while. Got a few 13s in that session too.20050120
13812.29 secondsJeremy Tann/a20080403
13912.30 secondsThomas StadlerStart slowly, last turns very fast no delays.
Roux method)
Speedcubing Schweiz
14012.34 secondsOu ChenAnti-sune and U perm, what more could I ask for?20080828
14112.37 secondsIbrahim Zaidimy best non-lucky solve, lucky is 9 seconds looking at the clock. i am not consistant but this was good looking ahead.
usually 25ish with going slow and looking ahead, but this going fast and looking ahead. i have a video, hamiby3995.
14212.39 secondsOlivier Mesadothis is really fast!! all moves anticipated with 6 or 7 looks. but single solve isn't really significant..20051118
14312.42 secondsRenan Mondini Cerpewww.cubovelocidade.110mb.com20080701
14412.44 secondsJohn TamanasB2 D B F2 L F2 R U R2 U2 L2 R' B2 F2 L R D L' R' D2 B F2 R2 U B2 scramble with cross color on F.
This was such an easy solve 4 move X-cross 7 second F2l and a T permutation. This is my first non-lucky sub 13 solve
14512.48 secondsAlan TanHAHAHA! Beastin once again. this was completely random too split in the middle of 18 sec. solves. No step skip but a sune and U perm w/ easy F2L. Self-randomly scrambled XP
BUT FINALLY! SUB 13! First time =D
14512.48 secondsGabriel Giorgierii remember only that i did the cross on 5 moves, fast and simple F2L and OLL=FRUR'U'F' and PLL=H

this is the vedeo (it isn't high quality)
14712.5 secondsTony Snydern/a2002
14812.52 secondsTristan Peñarroyovideo is here

so insane, I almost popped my eyeballs, kewl solve
14912.53 secondsCamden Dwellen/a20070531
14912.53 secondsYi Renskip 1 part of f2l and skip oll(really luckly)20090214
15112.56 secondsRichard VerryckenI was in tha zone!20070414
15212.59 secondsGábor SchmízIt was a very easy solve, but not lucky. I could smoothly create an x-cross, then had easy f2l cases, a 2-step OLL with the antisune in the end and one of the two R algs for PLL.20080306
15312.63 secondsAlex Kimn/a20080317
15412.64 secondsMassimiliano Iovanegood single!! no skip.20081121
15512.65 secondsBrian Macutayyes!!
first 12
15612.66 secondsCorwin ShiuF L2 U2 L2 U2 F' D F2 U' D2 B' F U' L' R2 D2 B' U2 R' F2 L' D2 R2 U L'
Easy cases. I'm having a good day P New fastest BLD at 3:01 and sub 18 average for the first time 17.61.
15712.67 secondsNicolas Viennen/a 
15812.69 secondsHilmar MagnussonScramble lost.
Pretty easy x-cross. 2 very easy f2l pairs, 6 move OLL, and A pll. Still 2 seconds better than my previous best.
15912.70 secondsTomasz KorzeniewskiWithout delay :)20070312
16012.72 secondsJoseph GibneyL U' F U2 D2 L2 U2 L R' F2 B R' F B U' D2 F B L2 D2 F2 D2 U2 L D'
Easy, but non-lucky solve. Almost no cube rotation. F2L flowed very nicely and was very fast. The LL cases were also fast ones.
16012.72 secondsJustin Cañaresnyahahahaha fastest tym! 12.72.ibutang sa speedcubing.com20080712
16212.73 secondsMichael FungTimed with 'The ultimate Rubik's cube® timer version 2.1'. I used Cross F2L OLL and PLL. The scramble: RDU2FRFLB2LFDL'R'D2B2U2RF'R'F2B2L'R2F'L'20051213
16312.74 secondsJefferson JamesIt was about time I beat my old record.20080224
16412.75 secondsSong Jae-Hyuk~20070226
16412.75 secondsMoritz Karl0.5 worse than my lucky record20081231
16612.80 secondsJesse Zhao65) 12.80 F2 R' D F2 L2 U2 L2 R B2 L' F2 D2 F' L' D' L D' R' U2 F' D B D' L' F220071028
16712.86 secondsBlazej MorgalaFast, but not the fastest. I feel, that I can beat it! ) 20071213
16712.86 secondsKen Francoise PanganibanThis was done yesterday as of now this is my smoothest solve. Not a lucky case.20080125
16712.86 secondsThiradet KhlangkunEasy Cross20081231
17012.88 secondsJacky ChuGreat20081121
17112.89 secondsGuanyang YuGot lucky. 4 move cross and two easy pairs for F2l. 20071120
17212.92 secondsYo Jong Leeeasy scramble but not lucky.20080113
17312.93 secondsJun Hyuk KimYEAH my new PB!
17312.93 secondsJuwon BaeYeah!!
but im the first time with the international unofficial
world recorld!
um. I think i had a PLL luck.
17512.94 secondsJon Choi I'm sure this wasn't my first sub-13... don't know what happened to my previous record that may have been here?20090106
17612.96 secondsTon DennenbroekYes, next in competition20071011
17612.96 secondsMarcus LoweI Uber pwn all20071228
17812.97 secondsThomas WatiotienneIt was an incredible solve!! Completly unlucky, but easiest step and fast F2L!!20071011
17913.00 secondsDoug LiGetting faster is normal right? But the average has gotten a lot worst. 25 turn F2L so a bit lucky maybe? CLL/ELL finish.20050712
18013 secondsMichel WesterbeekIt was in 1982.1982
18013 secondsJesse HuangI did it on a bus.
Friends were timing me.
18013 secondsGord Bakern/a20070602
18313.04 secondsBryan Mytkoeasy cross, blazing F2L, sune + u-perm, significantly faster than anything in my typical 21-22s avg.20051111
18413.05 secondsTimmie WongUnlucky. Very easy cross, and I think there was already a corner-edge pair grouped, so i saved lots of time (i suck at cross to f2l transition)
18513.07 secondsIan WinokurL D2 F B R F' U L2 B F' U F2 L B L' U' B2 U2 D2 L2 F' R' U2 D2 F

Bob Burton and I got together tonight and did 100 team blindfold solves. When we finished, I raced him on one sighted cube and I got this solve!
18613.08 secondsJussi Lahtinenn/a20070918
18713.11 secondsRommy BarghoutStarting to get back into cubing20060901
18713.11 secondsArthur AdamsNon-lucky.
If you use F2L you must try this scramble.
Scrambled with white on top blue in front solved blue cross:
D2 B2 F' U F D2 U L D L2 R2 F' R B R F L2 U B2 F2 L' D2 U B F'
18913.13 secondsJess BondeNot including lucky cases. 
19013.18 secondsBob BurtonI've been getting a lot more fast solves lately.
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19113.19 secondsPhilip GohL D' R F' L' U2 D2 B' L U' R' U2 L D L R' U' B2 L B' F2 L2 F' L' U
Not a lucky solve, just a lot of really easy cases =)
my site
19213.20 secondsPer Kristen FredlundGosh! This was really fast for me. While doing first layer i managed to solve 2 edges on middle layer by simply turning the U layer away (so they didn't get destroyed again). Then only a 3-cycle to solve the last 2. And fast last layer. 3 short algs only. I normally do 4-look but i still won't call this lucky since it's quite often 3-look and not full 4-look anyway. Never believed such a time was possible with my LBL method :-)20050710
19213.20 secondsDD Crowmy fastest time ever, i got two 13 sec in a day. Viva Indonesia, Thanks for Maria Oey.20080225
19413.21 secondsTakuma ShirahaseR2 D U2 L D2 U' B F2 L2 D U' L R2 B F' U' L F L2 D2 U L R U' L'
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19413.21 secondsWaldemar Mopera IIIpwnage :) i need to improve more on my F2L and PLL execution.20080727
19613.24 secondsJosh Fernandezso close..if I ever break 12.11, I will be a very happy person. 
19713.26 secondsBenjo Enriquezno skips. just a smooth solve with some easy cases.20070919
19813.28 secondsJoseph SpadaforaFastest non-lucky solve. Just smooth.20051111
19913.29 secondsDavid WesleyNot including lucky cases. 
19913.29 secondsLee June Kyo18.45 17.79 18.01 14.72 (13.29) 16.91 (20.49) 20.32 20.10 16.53 16.80 19.11
I got the sub-18. I can win Japanese, coming soon. I'm Korean.