Rubik's Cube
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140144.97 secondsRory BarnesPractice Practice Practice. This was all Keyhole, with no OLL/PLL practice. It's easy to do.20080915
140244.98 secondsWyler McAninch-Ruenzibefore you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes, that way when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.20080910
140345 secondsJoseph WeagelI always solve the cube WITHOUT looking at it beforehand. 
140345 secondsJosh Thompsoni have only been able to solve a 3x3x3 cube for a month and i am currently learning the fridrich method any tips would be much appreciated cheers!20060706
140345 secondsRobbie HookeA few minutes after achieving this record my English teacher took it away.
Please e-mail me.
140345 secondsChris Heckthis is my most comine time.20080627
140745.03 secondsSam HwangWould love to get better. just need to practice. 
140845.10 secondsRyan BatesJust started cubing again20061215
140945.13 secondsSigurd Myhre Andreassenn/a20070808
141045.17 secondsMatt EggletonI am getting better! I also have a video of this solve which is on my webiste. Here is my website20060530
141145.21 secondsScott SchmittBeat my old one by about 3 seconds and dropped my average by a few seconds. 20070303
141245.23 secondsGus MerrellOMG!20081123
141345.24 secondsSho AsaI am glad to be able to beat 1 minute, for that was my goal when I started. I learned my moves from Here20070630
141445.26 secondsSimon Raskn/a 
141545.27 secondsBálint Horváthn/a20061222
141645.30 secondsPark Wonchann/a 
141645.30 secondsTracy Kochn/a 
141645.30 secondsPeter McPhersonI just solved all morning until I broke my record. My record dropped 10 seconds in one morning!20070830
141945.32 secondsYouyang Gun/a20070423
142045.34 secondsSahel Zarrienawsome solve :D
i saw how to do the cross in 5 moves
1 f2l was already paired other were kinda long and hard i bad at f2l average around 20-30secs
then i had my f R U R' U' f' F R U R' U' F' oll which went alright
then my favorite PLL the T perm which i average around 3-4seconds now :D:D:D soo happy first sub 46 xD

anybody have tips on how i can improve my f2l please ?
142145.50 secondsAntonio StorniI have to get faster 
142245.53 secondsAaron Hoffmannn/a20061029
142345.63 secondsLuke BovardI got fairly lucky here PLL the last layer in a few seconds.20050617
142445.67 secondsBlake BakerNot fast for a speedcuber.. but I was happy.:]20070503
142545.83 secondsThomas NooneI did my best20081231
142645.84 secondsAngel Lopezn/a 
142745.92 secondsThibaut Herensn/a20071201
142845.95 secondsJohn Johnsonn/a20071023
142945.96 secondsBrad DemmonsThis is my first post < 1 minute. Working on new algorithms for LL. 
143046 secondsAmir BroshiThe key for success was an extremely smooth cube 
143046 secondsC. RomsloI use a combination of the standard method, and Lars Petrus' Method 
143046 secondsBrendan Littlefieldcold hands (harder than it sounds) 
143046 secondsLauren Webberhooray!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!11111111!!!!1!1!11111!111!!!!!!!1220050302
143046 secondsYdden Quodehow can i speed my solving?20080206
143046 secondsBrian ChauDid this on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong. Average about 75 sec.20080717
143046 secondsBg Abellanosan/a20080830
143046 secondsYan FortinVIVE LE QUÉBEC !! I'M THE BEST !! WAZAAAAAAA lol20081029
143046 secondsCameron SommesI am from australia and my record is 46 seconds. It took me a week to learn the rubiks cube.20081112
143946.05 secondsDavis FischerI Don't know what happened.Everything just fell into place.20080627
144046.13 secondsJeffrey HansenYesss!best solve yet!20090308
144146.14 secondsAndré AlmeidaLayer by layer method.. not fast enough..20060820
144246.19 secondsUros IlijevicI am just really happy to get under a minute, but I'll get even better.20080403
144346.29 secondsMichael Obstjust started getting a heap in the 50's so this was not lucky for me now20070227
144446.32 secondsAlyssa ManglonaI am 12 years old and I learned to solve the rubik's cube when I was 11. My fastest time was 46.32 seconds. My average time is 1 minute and 5 seconds.20070408
144546.34 secondsJon SmithJust got started this year20051210
144646.37 secondsFrank DePalmaIm sure this isnt my fastest but its the most current. This one just had a nice flow to it.20043112
144746.42 secondsLydia Demi-SmithYay! I finally got it down to under one minute!!!  
144846.45 secondsRyan AustinDang fastest time so far after about 20 or 30 subminute solves i got this one so stoked haha20080412
144946.48 secondsMick Applen/a20090214
145046.64 secondsHallam M. KnightI use a slow layer by layer method but usually avverage around1 min 15. Occasionally, like this one, I get less. A couple of days ago I did it in 46 seconds, too!20070617
145146.68 secondsJerold AlbertsonI was seeing how many times I could solve the cube before my plane took off from Salt Lake City and the young lady seated next to me was kind enough to mix up the cube real quick as well as keep a stop watch going. I got my 14th solution just as our plane took off. At which time my lovely assistant was kind enough to show me her watch which displayed the fastest time I had ever solved a cube. Since then I've only been able to solve the cube in under 50 seconds a hand full of times but my average is still getting better.20060226
145246.72 secondsEdward Wijaya Suryaneed more advice to improve the time 
145346.92 secondsPaolo MattiHere's my record... ( Layer by Layer method )20090214
145446.97 secondsChuck Munn/a20080227
145547.00 secondsHugo Hinojos-Kabata
145647 secondsBrendan FahyThis seems to be as fast as I can go. 
145647 secondsSteve DiPaolaDid this back in college in NY in the 80s with friends timing me. Used to practice on the NYC subway with a mini keychain cube. Used the older methods of the time. 
145647 secondsMatthew W. RiceMy best time so far. I'm on my way to becoming the best. 
145647 secondsJoshua Satterfieldnot lucky!!20060614
145647 secondsJared Gibsonn/a20070426
145647 secondsAllan Smithfast solve while on a road trip20070529
145647 secondsHugo Hinojos-Kabata
146347.10 secondsRyan
please watch my videos..i just broke this record today.and i am amazed at how i could turn my old record (1:18) almost half a minute faster.ive become so much better in a week from really working to get under a minute 20 to doing that easily and now trying to get almost every solve sub 1 minute.
146447.12 secondsAlex LawI am 12 years old, and this is my best timing!20060906
146547.13 secondsSpencer SpenstI am 11 years old. I average about a minute but out of nowhere I got 47.13!20080309
146647.21 secondsAndrew FordHoogenband cant swim a LC 100 free that fast!20060830
146747.25 secondsSergii NikitiukI am a bit faster then previously:)20081014
146847.28 secondsPek Yu Xuan SeanLucky break!20071011
146947.30 secondsRobert HankUsed JNetCube. Not lucky, was able to use one of the few PLL alg's that I know. Part of a run of 100 trials. Still trying to get to a 3LLL and then incorporate OLL.20060105
147047.32 secondsGabriele La Cortemy first sub-5020080828
147147.45 secondsWilliam Tongn/a20051225
147247.50 secondsMark Nubbertn/a 
147347.53 secondsCaleb Kingn/a20071231
147447.61 secondsDalton CummingsWOW! Okay, first off, for a first time of sub 1 minute, I did pretty damn good if I say so myself. I used the method that I came up with earlier this weekend, and this is the second time I broke my record today. I did a really loud scream of "YES!" a couple times, and scared the crud out of my mom. I can't believe I finally did it. My first below 1 minute time. :)20061009
147547.89 secondsAndy BoylesThis time was achieved during the sunday contest.20030119
147647.90 secondsLee Jen Wein/a20080307
147748 secondsDavid Tindalln/a20050210
147748 secondsRemy VincentProverb 1 : "If you want to see Sun light, just have a look to this "Unofficial Rubik's Cube Records" page.
- Proverb 2 : "If you understand the meaning of proverb 1, you may need a cure"
- Proverb 3 : "If you don't understand the proverb 1, you may need to awake a little bit"
147748 secondsBrad MuellerVideos for those that care.
Video 1
147748 secondsK. VoskouI thought my times were fantastic until I saw some of the others - but even if the fingers are not so quick as they were, I'm still the fastest person I know! That's something at least. 
147748 secondsGene Millsn/a20051114
147748 secondsAlexis DabovilleI'm french, so I don't speak english very well. But I loves the Rubik's cube!!!20070129
147748 secondsJon LandermanTotally lucky solve with layered method. In front of my students.did last layer behind back. Totally cool20070205
147748 secondsConnor PearsonFinally sub5020080119
147748 secondsBernhard BrodowskyI didn't break my record for a really long time, so I said that I wouldn't go to bed without having broken my record. It took me a long time, but now I finally made it!20080926
148648.10 secondsAdrien Guiraln/a20070430
148748.11 secondsRoger HupfauerLearned how to solve it when I was 15 (in 1983) and I still enjoy playing with it. I keep it in my office an impress coworkers with it. 
148848.24 secondsNick FahmieFinally sub-1 minute! 
148948.34 secondsTaylor HowellI just got a speedstack timer and it greatly improved my time.20070913
149048.39 secondsTabitha WalkerIm happy im not very fast at cubing but it was fast to me.20080225
149148.50 secondsJoseph Wainen/a20060819
149248.64 secondsPierre ViolaI am the first disciple of the new order of the cube! New Cube Order!!! Seriously though. I will get used to my cube soon, and a better time will be up here. I vow on my silicone! (Lions). 
149348.70 secondsChris MeusburgerI'm 12 and beat my own record of 54 seconds.
I stopped the time with an online stopwatch.
149448.77 secondsTim PearsonI've been cubing for a few months and keep trying to get faster. 
149548.90 secondsDante Paredesn/a20060628
149548.90 secondsMohd Faizal Nizamsolved using layer by layer method20080301
149548.90 secondsChan Chun HonThe record that I got using LBL with some shortcuts on the first layer.20081231
149848.97 secondsAnthony Burgardn/a20060413
149949 secondsJason RobertsonI did this while showing about 40 people and I was up on a stand everyone was amazed including me and this is not including lucky case. 
149949 secondsPaul AveryThanks to Joey Woestman and Joel Wires for all (Cubing, Juggling, Critique). 
149949 secondsMark ChangThis is so AWESOME!! I finally broke 50 seconds and it wasn't a lucky solve!!!20060429
149949 secondsSimarjot Singh Pablan/a20080224
149949 secondsBennaï NabilOMG cette machine un peu.20080627
149949 secondsCameron Youngdidnt time the 1/100 seconds. going to from now on.20080917
150549.02 secondsMaria OeyNon lucky, but every thing went smoot, My average is about 1:1520070128
150649.03 secondsEvan Valdesn/a20051222
150649.03 secondsDan MucklowMy best time useing F2L and the LBL way on the top part
Hop to improver a lot in the future
150849.08 secondsAaron Wyattn/a20070215
150949.13 secondsMats KollbrinkThe wheel + rotate three corners. Of course if I train more, I won't look so much at the two I slot, I'll look
more for a new pair. Training, training.
151049.19 secondsStefan YapWell after lending my cube to a friend for a few months, i finally got it back and managed to beat my old records by quite a few milliseconds.20080519
151149.21 secondsJon Dresserwoo hoo!! finally got it under a minute! (dances a jig) now if I can only do this all the time.. (practice practice) 
151249.29 secondsJean-Michel FilsEasy cross :)
This solve was slow, I don't know how to explain, I had the feeling I was so slow until I've watched the timer.
151349.33 secondsAndy Savoyn/a 
151449.35 secondsAndrew TibbitsI guess to get any faster I am going to have to do a lot more memorizing. 
151549.39 secondsDavid Vickeryn/a20050110
151649.41 secondsChris Preten/a20090214
151749.5 secondsWu Ricong64 moves. Not slippery Rubik with not lucky! 
151849.53 secondsPaulo GarciaWell I just got my cube lubed and i got a pretty good time compared to my friends. 20070407
151949.55 secondsChris AlbrechtI did minimal memorization for my method. I use 3 sequences (one I use backwards). I'm starting fresh with my times and this is my first one which is really good for me. 
152049.60 secondsAndrew Suttonn/a20080322
152149.64 secondsZachary Bracefirst time sub-5020090308
152249.67 secondsRikard Wallennot amazing but im not amazing20080207
152349.69 secondsAbhimanyu Singh Udawatn/a20090308
152449.78 secondsNicholas LeckI average around a minute regularly.This was not lucky but really easy.I am only 11 so not bad for me!20070809
152549.80 secondsJohn Clarkn/a20060202
152649.94 secondsArnaud DevoirThanks to Boulachin Clement and to Querry Thomas. It wasn't a lucky cube ! 20081206
152750 secondsTrent WoodTo cube is to live 
152750 secondsConnor EnrightI did this in the 6th period class of my High School. I have gotten to 52 a few time after that, but it wasn't a lucky case. 
152750 secondsAdrián PérezEs mi mejor tiempo, pero lo voy a mejorar.!!20051026
152750 secondsFabrice Millotsingle solve20060105
152750 secondsPeter Johnn/a20070425
152750 secondsDaniel Heflini am 11 years old and have benn cubing for 2-3 months. i got veary lucky on the last layer and only had to do L F' L B2 L' F B2 L2. b220070630
152750 secondsAustin Robertsn/a20080227
152750 secondsJohn Borjan/a20080517
153550.03 secondsCasey BoushoI was messing with my cube in bio. And I got 50 so yeah,
I Was freaking out.
153650.10 secondsAdam BakerOwen Hall. Purdue University. 3rd Floor Representing.
Sub-50's here I come.
153750.17 secondsBodeewut UriyaI'm just play rubik for 1month.20080106
153850.19 secondsJo BrownWoot woot first time sub-1 woot woot ftw!!!20090214
153950.29 secondsJustin Strawnn/a20070120
154050.50 secondsMichael MerendaI was SO PUMPED when i got this fast this morning I couldnt believe it.. i used the LbL method for the beginning then i used the fridrich method for oll and pll
Ive only been cubing for a few weeks so I was very pleased when i got this time! I'm currently working on getting good at the F2l fridrich method. thx for reading
154150.72 secondsClayton VickersImproving . Easy mesmorised cross but tricky F2L. Complete 4 look LL. When averaging under a minute - I will start with a 3 look last layer, with a target average of under 40s.20060918
154250.73 secondsJames MellorYEEESSSSS! I borke my record! Non lucky, too!
I'm down to 30 second F2Ls now. I used to be 40-50 seconds.
154351 secondsZach CassidyNot very consistent. Learning new methods from Matt Walter.  
154351 secondsRobert Evermannovice, Lars20050629
154351 secondsSean Gomesn/a20060312
154351 secondsJohannes Trispelsolved with a standard cube. but i have to learn the PLLs and OLLs20090308
154751.03 secondsMike RuvoloI am a sexy 14 year-old ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! 
154851.08 secondsAlex Dyeri am awesome20061210
154951.21 secondsTimothy Yangnot very good, but w/e20080107
155051.23 secondsMatt CurryNot lucky. I am coming after you Bryan Copperthite! 
155151.34 secondsBrian OrlowI impressed all my buds at school with this.20090308
155251.38 secondsKyle Danielsonn/a20080830
155351.50 secondsPhilip AndersonI did it havnt practiced in a wee while started solvin again & beat my best time by a sec OLAY!!20080110
155351.50 secondsChuck Briggs7 Move cross One easy pair showed up on F2L Did easy Stealth OLL (M2' U M2' U2. ) and edge cross PLL nervously so I problally had a at least a 35 sec F2L. Beat previous record by 11 sec. Still slow on F2L. Also working OLL & PLL recognition. Over 45 years old so not as dexterous as most. Did in car with CD player as timer so I added 1.5 seconds (1 sec delay)20080926
155551.54 secondsIvan ShevchukNot bad for me20081214
155651.56 secondsTyler YarnelliVery Lucky Solve. Video can be found at:
155751.68 secondsJaron Trumann/a20060228
155851.69 secondsMax McConaugheyWell i am 12 years old and have been speed cubing for about two years.20071018
155951.81 secondsDavid Munkn/a20060508
156051.90 secondsJC Nacpili just did this, no idea how20080304
156151.93 secondsDan FernI'm catching up to you Brandon, watch out, someday I will be better than you! 
156151.93 secondsLi LiI have learned to solve a cube for 3 weeks.So far, it is my fastest time.I'm loving it!20071207
156352 secondsDavid FariaMy average time is about a minute, just moved this up from 54 sec.20050129
156352 secondsThibault PignonJ'ai une moyenne d'a peu prè 1 min 20. sa depend comment on me la. 
156352 secondsAndy HeinI think this is the current fastest time in the world. 
156352 secondsSina AlmassiI FINALLY broke 1 minute!20050402
156352 secondsBen Forbesn/a20051022
156352 secondsDavid YoungFastest time I could manage, back in 1983 when I was 12 years old, and I've never beaten it.20051127
156352 secondsSaurabh AgarwalI think i can improve the speed and i use my own algorithm.20070904
156352 secondsAndy YoungI got a tutor from friend.20080307
156352 secondsPatrick Wongtook me at least 3 months to work on my new record20080427
156352 secondsRattaphon Unnopwaleen/a20080605
156352 secondsLiam PeetersI have improved since my last record of 1.15 Minutes
Visit my website
157452.03 secondsJose LuisThis was using the beginner method still although I customized some of my algorithms. Lucky scramble though because after I finished F2L I ended with all the edges oriented and permutated + the edges were permutated. I just oriented 2 of them and that was it!!20090308
157552.25 secondsS. ShivagnaneshwarI'm 15 and started cubing 4 months back. The cube I use is not very good. Still working to get below 30secs.20060812
157652.31 secondsSeith TroisiI'm in the records!!!20080121
157752.52 secondsWilliam AzizThat was funny. And I was happy.20090106
157852.57 secondsJohn-Austin ShepardI just started speed cubing last month and this is my fastest time right now. I'm trying to understand the Friedrich method but its confusing to me.20070502
157952.60 secondsHenri MoyermanI've only been doing this about a month, I'm getting faster by the day!20060928
158052.62 secondsAndy Mastersnew PB20090214
158152.73 secondsLogan CoffillMy best time so far. Just got a new really quick cube, and everything seemed to fall into place nicely.20080118
158252.76 secondsJames LaGarden/a20080105
158352.89 secondsJaime LiewWhen I got this time, my average was around 1 min 20 sec, but it wasn't a lucky case. I just went through every step faster than normal. Now my average is about 1 min.20041101
158452.90 secondsJoseph Gignacfastest so far w00t under a minute20070115
158553 secondsJosh RoodI've come a long way since first starting with cubing. I'm now breaking 1 minutes almost every solution, but am stuck in the 50s. I am looking into a new method (right now I just solve layer by layer). If anyone has any ideas or comments, feel free to email me. 
158553 secondsDan FederOn my birthday I got my time down to 53 sec. I think this is the fastest I can get my layer method to work. goint to learn a new method and get s real speedcube, right now I use the one off rubiks website.20040618
158553 secondsNick CianciUsing layer method. Learning the Petrus now. Getting faster. I'm COMING!! 
158553 secondsAlfredo AragonLearned this Christmas and finally broke the 1 minute limit!20070305
158553 secondsNicolas Geerjust chillin in biology and i finished my work so i desided to time myself and i beat my old record of i minute 4 seconds.20070309
158553 secondsSimon SalmonOrangesteel.oRg
New speedcube from ebay dropped my time by quite a bit :)
158553 secondsMark ThiébautFrançais : Je ne suis pas un professionnel du cube j'ai appris a faire le rubik's cube il y a environ un mois et j'ai réussi il y a peu a depasser la barre des 1 minute simbolique.
English : I'm not a professional of rubik's cube i was learning one or two month ago.
158553 secondsIan Powellmy last pb was 1 min 11 secs so this 1 was probably a fluke but i did use a lubricated cube with grip stickers20080410
159353.01 secondsTay ShawnThis is the fastest i can do, but i will try harder to go under 30sec 
159453.09 secondsJarrett CogginI have had my Rubik's Cube for about 3 weeks.20050621
159553.12 secondsJosh Johnsonn/a20090308
159653.18 secondsDamien Jezequelnot lucky20060304
159753.20 secondsAdam LarsonBy no means professional, but I've only been at it for about a month or so, and know about 20 algs. This was my first time after lubing my cube.definitely a huge recommendation. Knocked a good 10-20 secs off my average.20061006
159853.26 secondsMichael Henningn/a20070607
159953.48 secondsSimen BrynI'm working on the record and hope to solve it under 45 seconds.20060619
160053.50 secondsKeegan Sim Yi HangWOW!I'm less than 10 years old!seriously.20080601