Rubik's Cube
1-200, 201-400, 401-600, 601-800, 801-1000, 1001-1200, 1201-1400, 1401-1600, 1601-1800, 1801-2000, 2001-2200, 2201-2400, 2401-2600
60121.40 secondsManuel Menapacen/a20080426
60221.45 secondsTheodore ChaoFast cross, decent f2l, and smooth OLL and PLL.
60221.45 secondsKenneth WongHad to partially backtrack a 3-edge when I started doing it CCW when it should have been CW, so I could have gotten my first sub-20, but didn't.20071011
60421.47 secondsMicael HellbergI think it is rather good time. But I will aim for 15 or so! 
60521.58 secondsEvan Sparksvery challenging puzzle, first u need to understand the way the cubes is functioned around the 6 colors, then make the neccesary arangmets20070102
60521.58 secondsSam Chapmannon-lucky. scramble from jnet cubetimer. sub-20 isn't far away!20080119
60721.60 secondsJoe Woestendiekn/a20080320
60821.63 secondsDan SmithI was at an ice rink. again.
Previous record: 23.96
60921.64 secondsJoey WoestmanThis was a fast and efficient solve for me. The cross went in with little effort, efficient (for me) F2L, two look LL. It was great! My site. 
60921.64 secondsPierra GagnonMy friends were with me and I told them to shut up while I was solving because I knew this was going to be my new record D20080716
61121.67 secondsNathaniel Wongn/a20081214
61221.71 secondsKevin Lau
It was sune and easy pll
61321.72 secondsFrancesco MasseiAnd I can do even better. Oh yeah. 
61421.73 secondsGangyu SongMy first solve close to 20 secs, I just need to go a bit faster to get sub 20.YAY20081206
61521.77 secondsBen Liuuh. yay. working corner, I know all the PLL except for the ones that are combinations of three edge and three corner shuffles. don't know 1 look OLL, so orient edges then corners.20070503
61621.78 secondsAlex Kwiecinskino luck short alg's on the last layer. practiced just F2L for a few days and it really paid off on this solve. My website.20051119
61621.78 secondsBrad DavisMy puzzle does not turn very fast.20080707
61821.8 secondsMatt Lagrandeur ) 
61921.81 secondsTeruki MiyazakiI need to practice more to get sub 20 seconds.20060816
62021.84 secondsMickael LatoccaJessica friedish method, very good, my best personnal20080830
62121.85 secondsHiroki Nishidatenot lucky case. I'm satisfied with this result very much.20060830
62221.87 secondsRyan TeetsI had a 11 sec. F2L, but slow PLL.20090308
62321.89 secondsThanakrit Tongdeelertn/a20080124
62421.9 secondsChris GilsdorfUsed preinspection. My timer only displays seconds, but this solve was right at the end of the second. Sub-20 is in my sights. 
62521.96 secondsBastiaan Malotauxn/a20081121
62621.97 secondsLian ParkDid the F2L and the Three-look LL(Last Layer)20070901
62621.97 secondsMads Mohr ChristensenU2 B' U2 L2 B U2 F L' U2 L2 B' F L F' U2 B' D2 L B2 F' D2 R' U F' B20080331
62821.99 secondsChristopher LesterI love Lilly! Just finished learning OLL, dropped my average by about 3 seconds.20060827
62821.99 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinWOW! I finally beat my old record. My old record was 23.25 seconds and now it is 21.99 seconds. I am now have solved the cube faster than the 1982 Worlds winner. I am so happy right now. It was a great solve. It started out great and the F2L went together so fast. I only had one piece to place. In inspection I noticed one pair was done so that always helps. And the Final Layer went together with about as easy as you could get. Great Solve and Great Time. Wow I can't believe I beat my old time. Maybe it was my new Rubik's Cube. Just bought it and got it lubed. and the first time was 27.54 seconds then I had a 34 second. Then on the third timed solve I pull out the 21.99. Great. Now it is going to be Sub 20. I love my new cube and Emma Reed.20070219
63022 secondsNathan "N8" ChristieIt is so nice when you solve your F2L so slow and effeciently and then just fly through your LL. Everybody check out my new new site!20031004
63022 secondsJameson O'ConnorThis was my fastest time ever. Unfortunately, the person that was timing me counted in his head, though I believe he was counting at about the right speed, also, the cube was mixed up very badly so I didn't have to do anything for the first three steps. I accomplished this record at Wildhorse Canyon. 
63022 secondsKassie AleenIt is hard but anybody can do it!! 
63322.07 secondsJaroslaw KrzyzanowskiI'm happy.20060824
63422.11 secondsRowan Kinneavynot bad. am sure ive done faster just not with a timer around.20080727
63522.14 secondsMartin Singsondang. ive done faster but this one wasnt lucky. just learned F2L and hopefully gonna learn a 2-look. i cant wait to get a legit sub-19. happy cubing FTW!!!20051203
63522.14 secondsBarng Yong-baen/a20051220
63522.14 secondsZachary Kartzov-RoyNot a lucky solve, I was just able to look ahead on every step (which usually doesn't happen).20070430
63822.15 secondsLeon Schmidtchenn/a20090308
63922.17 secondsJo Eun GwangI'm korean. Very lucky time. Average around 35 sec. be happy~ lol20050225
64022.18 secondsZeke Pullannon-lucky. My fastest time!! Fridrich method, I will improve.20081029
64122.19 secondsIman RastegariWow! I don't even remember if this was lucky at all or what happened -- it happened so fast! I've been working on cutting down delays between steps . . . and it appears to be working! I've been a bit rusty as I haven't been practicing much recently but I've finally beaten my record of 22.28 (it's been a while). I'm still amazed that I've achieved faster than the old Guinness World Record (now more than once) which had seemed like such an unattainable dream when I first started cubing. Hopefully I'll have enough time to keep up my edge and continue improving my times.20051006
64222.24 secondsKevin KellyWow! I can't believe I broke the old World Record (1982). F2L went very fast because I was relaxed and could look ahead really well. 
64322.26 secondsMatthew Lockwoodi got a decent scramble i didnt skip any thing but i got a 9sec f2l20070416
64422.30 secondsIsaac Kanevery smooth solving. located all posts quickly20080403
64422.30 secondsBjrn KorbankaI'll be back again.20080910
64622.32 secondsHayden Laceybreaking sub 28 avg finally. this was a non lucky solve. 1st 2 f2l were rur' and the last tw fell into place. I love these solves20071228
64622.32 secondsChristopher Mullern/a20080517
64822.37 secondsLeon KeijzersGood time.20050221
64922.38 secondsTristan WrightI love solves like this, simple F2L and a fast easy recognition OLL and PLL.20061004
65022.40 secondsStefan BayensI finally broke my old personal record which had been in the books for more than 20 years! Now I have to get faster again to regain my place in the top-100. 
65122.41 secondsChris Dzoann/a20060130
65222.50 secondsAlex PowellAfter a short break in cubing, I finally break the old world record.20031222
65322.55 secondsSiegfried Alexander Benthienthis really bad and my really really worst cube20090308
65422.57 secondsJosh Rogersim on my way20081121
65522.60 secondsBrandon ShelineMy friend matt was timing me at a track meet and i was averaging about 32-35 then out of no where. bam!
And it wasnt a lucky case because i didn't skip a single step.
65522.60 secondsJan MachalskiPoland is the best :D20080627
65722.67 secondsDidier Savanah23 years SpeedCubing, and still going strong!! 
65822.68 secondsJoseph StallardThis is was a time i set the other day. i was cubing for about 3 hours to get this. but i average about 29 secs.20080915
65922.73 secondsMason SaucierSolved in the middle of class. I'm just glad to have gotten it lower.20071121
66022.74 secondsAllen WinslowMan this didn't even feel like that great of a solve then I looked at the time and was pumped. I didn't even really warm up this was only I think my second or third solve of the day. I can't wait for my first sub 20 solve!
66122.76 secondsGrant Kendrickmy best time but probly just luck20080403
66222.79 secondsConnie Chen22.79 is my fastest, but you can see a video of a 26.74 solve HERE20070518
66322.85 secondsMike Kotchimproving, non lucky20081231
66422.87 secondsSteven Dengwow i got sooo lucky20080910
66522.91 secondsBrad Zankeln/a 
66622.93 secondsPhil KouU2 B' F L2 U2 L2 U2 D' L' U F R2 B' R D L' B R2 L D2 L' B' R2 B' U' I need to analyze scrambles more throughly.20080105
66722.96 secondsFrdric MartineauAt toronto last summer, I did 58 seconds.I still remember, in winter 2002, I was doing 1:40.and now here I am ! :D2004
66823 secondsBrock LoganWow. This happens here and there, I'll be solving, going pretty fast, finish, look up and. wow that was not pretty fast, that was really FAST. Anyway, I keep figuring out new algorithms for the bottom, I know about 85 percent of the bottom algorithms, but most of them are longer than Jessica Fridrich's (why I am too stubborn just to use hers, I don't know) anyway, I'll crumble sooner or later, and then you'll see me in the top ten (I'm using my own solution right now-first layer and middle layer separate, hold with first layer on top entire time). 
66823 secondsPayton Tyler HatchThis was a Solid 23 seconds. Solid. Don't forget all ya'll, it takes two to tango, but only one to mango. Hey, you can't kick a duck for trying. It's like they say, better in the hand than in the mouth. How Now Brown Cow? 
66823 secondsCiro Alessio FormisanoI made this record on the bus.20080601
67123.02 secondsJeff GoetzI got this time at Ron Jon's surf shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I was asking random people to pay me a dollar and in return I would solve the rubik's cube in under 40 seconds. When I got this 23 second time, the person who paid me the dollar had a camera with them to film. But they left right away, so I wasn't able to see my fastest time on film. CORNERS FIRST RULES!!!!!! 
67223.03 secondsBas Tullemansn/a20070513
67223.03 secondsAndrew RoleyIf I only get 9.91 seconds faster, I can be in the top 100! LOL
Done in line for my PB roller coaster solve. That was a good day. :)
67423.06 secondsDaniel Belarminon/a20060401
67523.10 secondsAlex LockwoodLucky solve :D. I might not get this again for quite a while.20070530
67523.10 secondsAlex LeQuick OLL short PLL20080505
67723.13 secondsAlex Egandone for the sunday contest but never posted my results.
non lucky. look ahead on the f2l was amazing and the oll and pll were qucik
67823.15 secondsArjan BosseThis was done in my avg record at 20050821. Submitted it now to stay ahead of Sean in this category :D20050821
67923.23 secondsDennis Wongn/a20080322
68023.25 secondsWerner NelUsed my own F2L and no OLL or PLL algs (cause i dont know any.) got this one to video too.. =)20060730
68023.25 secondsChain Chomton/a20080917
68023.25 secondsStefan HenningI started cubing about 3 months ago. So it was a good time for me. I'm averaging in about 30 upto 33 seconds.20090308
68323.32 secondsFrdrick BadieSet during 2003 world championship.20030824
68323.32 secondsRobert SmithVery, very smooth solve using Roux's method. Unfortunately, it is no where close to where I average. I will get down there sometime!20070328
68523.34 secondsNoah HeveyFastest non lucky. Still average around 30 seconds though. I really should get out of my 4 look into a 3 at least.
68623.37 secondsCaleb KlingerI'm 15, and have only been cubing for 2 months, so I was pretty excited about this time. I don't know F2L but I use the Fridrich OLL and PLL algs. I broke 30 for the first time a few days before and really started practicing alot. I hope to break 20 soon. 20070207
68723.38 secondsLeandro Baltazarvery nice fluent and fast solve. I got 24.55 seconds on the same day as record. before my record was 25.48 seconds. and then i broke my record again with my 23.38. since 2 weeks i stop the time with the stackmat timer. better than stopping with the keyboard.20090308
68823.40 secondsJohn Cloningern/a20080801
68823.40 secondsIlya Shevchenkon/a20081121
69023.46 secondsKenneth GustavssonPractising for next competition. I usaly get about twice my record in competition average so I'm soon sub 45 =) =) =)20061110
69023.46 secondsAlex SterlingPretty easy F2L, I only use 13 algorithms. F2L is intuitive, LL cross is 2 algs, corner orient is a system of 3 algs, corner perm is 3 algs, edge perm is 5 algs. 20070303
69223.50 secondsThomas KohnI had that time two times that day.20050728
69323.51 secondsJacob Huangn/a 
69423.52 secondsTomasz Tomaszewskisub 25 done20050806
69523.54 secondsAtte TanskanenGetting faster. 
69623.55 secondsFranois CourtsFirst unlucky sub-25 :-)20081231
69723.58 secondsMichael DennyI just let it flow! If there's time on the clock, there's time to cube!! 
69823.59 secondsJulien BochatonLucky..20060101
69923.60 secondsJulian TayThe solved20080408
70023.61 secondsKevin Wangn/a20070611
70123.66 secondsMohammad FuaathProof
70223.67 secondsMattias BerglundFast first two layer, and then the FRUR'U'F orientation and the Z-permutation. 
70323.89 secondsHwang-YongheeAt first korea sinkwang.corp solution, at last permute last layer solution. 
70323.89 secondsCristian GramaThis is my fastest time. I did it after lubing my DIY cube. Anyway my average is somewhere between 33-38.20080414
70523.92 secondsJulien RicaudNon lucky but very easy. Method: Layer by layer without F2L, OLL and PLL20050825
70623.93 secondsAndrew NelsonI was shooting for sub-30. Well, at the end of 12 solves, average was 30.03. I was livid. Then devin reminded me I could roll it. Ended up losing the first time (a 35.xx) for a 29.21. I'm happy for now.20070304
70723.95 secondsTim WongDid a couple of warmups (hitting low 30's) before this solve. The cross took only 2 seconds to form then I used a logic based F2L/beginner hybrid method to solve F2L (approximately 16 or so seconds). Managed to pair 4 edges up using F2L but had to use layer by layer method to solve 2 edges. Used 2 look OLL (~3 seconds) and full PLL (~3 seconds) to solve 3rd layer.20081021
70823.97 secondsAndrew Shenn/a20071230
70923.98 secondsOlivier MaryThis record was done in front of Gilles Van Den Peereboom's eyes, with an Stackmat timer.20061122
71024 secondsGurmeet HunjanThis happened a good few years ago, but after trying for ages and averaging about 30 seconds I managed to get 24 seconds. My friends at school where amazed and there used to be a huge crowd watching. I ordered the moves from the rubik's web site and I'll be practising again. So watch out !!!! ps If anyone can tell me where to get a rubik's cube, please e-mail me, I live in Glasgow, Scotland. 
71024 secondsOliver WolffSlowly improving . 
71024 secondsSatoru J. NodaNot including lucky cases. 
71024 secondsNathan VickeyDone a couple of times. Best lucky time is 21.5. 20070511
71024 secondsLszl Takcsn/a20080707
71024 secondsRoyce Saton/a20081231
71624.02 secondsTyler FoxHaven't posted in awhile. Just met Justin Vining, Owen Hall kicks butt! 
71624.02 secondsClayne HawleyFinally picked the cube back up and I'm back to memorizing algs. Hopefully the times will continue lowering.20070209
71824.19 secondsChomboon Lapanantvery easy oll and pll20081003
71824.19 secondsJavier Daz-CanoVery good time with a PLL Skip : DD20090214
72024.21 secondsAlan ChangAverage around 32 seconds. 
72124.25 secondsThanapat Boonrawdn/a20080926
72224.34 secondsCarlos RamartMy video!!20080523
72324.39 secondsSander Hendrickxn/a20051110
72424.40 secondsBrent HaferkampOld school.1983, not lucky, in high school calc class, timed by teacher with stopwatch, no preview, using move intensive solving solution (probably 90-100 moves). My avg then was around 30-35 sec, now using same (bad) method (and only solving 10-20 times a year)is about 40-45.want to learn Fridrich, but at my age don't have the time to dedicate to understanding new system.1983
72524.42 secondsDavid HoggeGetting better all the time..  
72624.45 secondsCleo Davis IVslow compared to others but it is my record hopefully i can improve.the fridrich method helped a lot20060910
72724.47 secondsMichael RingenSlowly improving!!20071220
72824.49 secondsAlexander ZinnWith Very Easy Cube:) My record for now, still beginner F2L20080427
72824.49 secondsMichael TrasenteHadn't cubed for weeks due to not having one. Broke mine XD but ugh got one of my older ones wasn't too bad. Broke my previous record within one day of picking it back up lolz so I guess I didn't lose much skill. =] 200820080607
73024.50 secondsJeff WangHaven't learnt Fridrich OLL and PLL.working on that to get faster20071020
73124.5 secondsJean-Baptiste VincentI use the jiri fridrich method with two steps for the last layer ( orint all, permute all). 
73224.54 secondsTimo KarvonenPetrus-method.20070430
73324.56 secondsDaniel RufenerUsing the timer at, non-lucky, but well under my average. Fridrich F2L, 3 look LL. Beat my old pr set 4 years ago.20070623
73424.60 secondsHoward HuangYEAH! i didn't think id be able to get that fast. my average is still in the 30s..20060304
73524.62 secondsAndrew Leungeh. my best solve, no luck =0 i used all of fridrich method, f2l, oll, and pll20071207
73624.63 secondsNate BucharI managed to get this time right before I went to bed xD.20081206
73724.64 secondsMika Muranushin/a20061109
73724.64 secondsZuqi Cheni'm a chinese boy. i'm 12 years old.this is my best time before today!20080409
73924.67 secondsKamran JehleNot a lucky solve, just part of an average (of 33.83). This is my best time so far, my avg is just above like 33-34. LIONS (david erani try and catch this)20041115
74024.69 secondsDan Sealthis is currently my fastest time with no luck. my fastest with luck was 18.35 (skipped PLL). i use friedrich method. hope to have faster times up soon. need to learn more OLL's and faster F2L's.20051126
74124.75 secondsTaylor Jonesi live in texas and i want to know who in the state is faster than me email me if you are20070816
74224.76 secondsDanny WrightThis wasn't a lucky solve either! Had a 15 second F2L and a 9 second LL. Still gettin' better!20080310
74324.77 secondsRyan JewStill using LBL, just modified. I am also not using a DIY. I have never even touched a DIY. I ran into my favorite 4 LL cases.20081231
74424.78 secondsSun ParkI broke my record!! 25.83 > 24.7820030301
74524.80 secondsMatt BychowskiAhhh, a nice smooth cube will do wonders for your times.20061221
74524.80 secondsAmit BilgiPretty good solve for me. i do two step PLL and got Sune then 3-corner swap. nice solve overall.20080328
74724.81 secondsAlex ChenMy best non-lucky solve.20080101
74824.84 secondsNeil FleckThis was kinda funny. I was doing an average (with JnetCube) and I was do everything so carelessly and quickly, that I didn't even realize that I had gotten this time until I had posted my average record! Peace out.20060312
74824.84 secondsCameron BriskiNice solve cameron.20070209
74824.84 secondsDillon BeesleyThis was done on a very easy scramble, but it was not lucky, even though i average around 39 secs.20090214
75124.87 secondsEirik StrmScramble: R2 U2 B' R L D U' L' U B2 U D2 L B' D' F' R L U R2 D2 F2 R F2 U'
Cross: z R U x y D
F2L 1: U L U L
F2L 2: L U L U L U L
F2L 3: R U R U y L U L
F2L 4: y L U L
OLL: U R U R U r R U R U r
PLL: U y2 R U R U R F R2 U R U R U R F
My first non-lucky sub 25.
75224.91 secondsTom Weinreich4-look LL, both PLL skipped if I remember right. This solve was not perfect, which makes it even more exciting.20070418
75324.94 secondsBrandon IlesIt took awhile, but I finally broke 25 seconds! 
75424.98 secondsStefan KodrnjaFinally made it past that illusive wall that is sub 25! By the smallest of margins but still. Timed with Stackmat gen2 timer and using Petrus with 2LLL (OLL/PLL).20050612
75525 secondsRichard Carrn/a 
75525 secondsJulien SanchezVisit my site and the Liste francophone du cube !! 
75525 secondsLonci Lun/a20080210
75525 secondsHugh GillI was sitting in Spanish class today, doing my Rubik's Cube. When I got finished with it looked at it and set it down the clock said 30-33, so I assume that it was around 25secs., big improvement from my 32 before.20080423
75525 secondsHajnalka Btorn/a20080926
75525 secondsBen RohrigI was showing my math teacher that I could do the Rubik's Cube. Everyone was watching. My average at the time was about 35 seconds. Out of nowhere, I find myself finished way before I usually did. It was around 25 seconds.20081206
75525 secondsNumaru Lazinskin/a20081206
76225.01 secondsPter Oroszvrisub30 yaay20090308
76325.02 secondsBrandon GautierI haven't timed myself in a while.20080317
76425.06 secondsJan Carlo Calmanot bad for a boy of 1220090214
76525.10 secondsCorentin GrellierL je me mets monter coins+cts en mme temps pour les 2 premieres couronnes, alors il va me falloir un peu de temps pour refaire des temps en dessous des 30 sec. 
76525.10 secondsJames MertensFastest non-lucky solve. A timer I made and use.20050305
76725.11 secondsQuinn LewisBeen cubing for 2 months, I'd say this is pretty impressive. 
76825.13 secondsMay Khawn/a20080308
76825.13 secondsTim McMahonNon-lucky, almost sub-25 :-)20080926
77025.17 secondsEtienne MillonI'm now in the top 20. Next month I will be in the top 10.. 
77125.20 secondsManuel de Jesussigo mejorando espero que los demas speedcubers de mi pais se integren a este site20060227
77225.21 secondsMike TryczakI've had a lot of time to dedicate to cubing recently. The last layer was not particlarly fast, about 10 seconds I think, although the PLL was an edge 3-cycle. The F2L flowed very smoothly though. Once I get the last few LL algorithms down, I'll start concentrating on F2L. 
77325.23 secondsDavid PavlikGuttermouth12346 
77425.25 secondsErik Wallinn/a20050507
77525.27 secondsDylan Knightn/a20090214
77625.28 secondsCloy PlumoR2 U D R2 D F L2 B U D2 R2 F2 B2 D2 R B R' F2 R2 L2 U' F2 R L2 U
Easy F2L. 2 algorithm OLL and 2~ sec PLL.
77625.28 secondsKerlin Dossgood solve20081206
77825.31 secondsTimothy Nesherkeep on trying20070820
77925.33 secondsAndrew SturkiePretty easy cross :)20070711
78025.36 secondsChris Tandionocurrently my record. actually i set 2 personal records in one day.20071022
78125.38 secondsBenjamin TitzeNot a lucky case.20030708
78225.41 secondsGergely FarkasI used the Timer 2.1 for this time. After 8 month of cubing. KEEP UP HUNGARY!20051214
78325.46 secondsZarqa MalikI can't believe it got this time(non-lucky)..once i actually get all of the algs. for fridrich my times are gonna be fast!!Yay!!Go Me!!20060329
78425.47 secondsJohnny Auyoungsmooth F2L20071226
78525.48 secondsChristophe GoudeyI want to be faster.
I never use pre-inspection time. See Cubeland
78525.48 secondsBorys PielaYeah.!20080108
78725.50 secondsThomas ArnouxIt's an excellent time, but best average is only of 39 seconds. 
78725.50 secondsAntonio Becerraeasy cross and first layer easy middle layer easy oll. I've had some times around 30-40s but I average 35-55s. I'm spanish. my f2l not complete. oll not complete. pll complete.20050925
78725.50 secondsRob SokolowskiYo. I first solved the rubik's cube when I was seven. Now, seven years later and I got 25.5 seconds woohoo!20051217
79025.57 secondsMorten ElleyConverted to Jiri's. You can see this record on 
79125.60 secondsBradley Davisn/a20071102
79225.64 secondsTom Taylorn/a20060426
79325.67 secondsWittawin Ruangsinsathaphonn/a20080727
79425.70 secondsAmir Mustaqimnot too lucky, and hey, please teach me how you guys solved the cube in a second? i'm still wondering! how fast your hand eh?20081213
79625.81 secondsElias Johannes List13 years old, Austria, Roux-Method20070801
79725.82 secondsSeiya Andan/a20060614
79725.82 secondsIan Zhengn/a20070717
79925.88 secondsLeonardo MartinezMy personal best. It was an easy cross, but nothing was skipped Average around 35s.20061012
80025.95 secondsJacob WoelmerI used the fridrich method. This wasn't very lucky, but I went pretty quickly through the f2l, and it was an easy oll.20070328