Rubik's Cube
1-200, 201-400, 401-600, 601-800, 801-1000, 1001-1200, 1201-1400, 1401-1600, 1601-1800, 1801-2000, 2001-2200, 2201-2400, 2401-2600
40117.25 secondsMarcin Jakubowski:)20080130
40217.26 secondsBrad SampsonIt was a sweet solve, non-lucky. While Training for the Utah Open.20080429
40317.30 secondsSullivan Savoyinin/a20080117
40417.33 secondsEnric GrauR D2 B2 F2 R L F2 R2 B2 R2 U' B F' L' F' R L' F2 R F' B R2 B' U' D
i didnt knew the first OLL xd then i got the SUN with PLL skip.
No sabia el primer oll despues me salio el SUN con PLL skip.!
40517.41 secondsPutti OrungrochkulGreat!20080607
40617.48 secondsBartosz BieleckiIt was OK but not perfect.20070209
40717.53 secondsZack MorrisonWas having a cubing session with a couple buddies. Was having a pb average of about mid 20's and then out of nowhere I slam down a 17.53. Next goal is sub 20 average :p20080312
40717.53 secondsVishal Aruln/a20090214
40917.54 secondsMichel ChabaneixThis is my new Pb im avg around 2320090214
41017.55 secondsUmar Qattani was just scrambling my cube with the coputor and had quick f2l 2 look oll and fast pll. this is my pb20071209
41017.55 secondsDavid Gugln/a20080426
41217.60 secondsRodrigo Ybarrausing fridrich.
not luck
scramble : F' D' U F2 L' R2 B L' B2 D' F2 U2 F' R2 D B' F R2 L D2 L' F L' B2 D2
41317.66 secondsHans van der ZijdenNon lucky and no pre inspection.20080808
41417.70 secondsWynne Chyouafter nearly a year of cubing, not much practicing, though. Cross took only 3 turns, one pair was already set after 1 turn, and i did 3 regular F2L moves, and OLL and edge switch PLL. perfect.20050525
41517.84 secondsCyrille CornuFast F2L, OLL:Sune, PLL:T
Still learning & training OLL/PLL .
41617.85 secondsRyno KotzeI guess i'm the only oak in South Africa that can do it this fast, cause there is no other south africans i know that can even finish the cube. If you are a south african that can do the cube please drop me a mail as 
41717.90 secondsAlex VersterNon lucky.20080206
41817.91 secondsMike DeGrafftook about 8 months off of cubing. like riding a bike.20081007
41917.93 secondsTim Chong12)17.93 - D L' R2 F' L2 B2 R B' D2 R' B' L' B F' R2 B F U' B2 U B' D U B' L'
I kind of went for an extended cross type plan I presereved an F2L pair and that cut off a couple of seconds for this new PB.
42017.39 secondsDavide Macrin/a20080926
42117.94 secondsCristiano AlbaI use the Petrus method!20070402
42217.95 secondsMatteo Colombon/a20090214
42318.00 secondsOmas Abdullahfourth time i hit 1820080130
42318.00 secondsMason NewsteadI got to class. Did a few solves in the high 20's. the kid next to me was like hey i'll time you. I told him to count 15 seconds for me as I inspected. it was like a 6 move cross. then one of my fastest F2L's ever. I think right after my cross there was one already made then When I put that one in it made another and the last two I saw right away. Then it was the T for the OLL and i actually dont remember if it was a PLL skip or not. I dont think it was. whatever it was my PLL was really fast. haha. Right as i finished i looked at him and he was like dude! 18! and i just went nuts and shouted 2 my friend across the room and then my teacher took my cube away i didnt even care I was so excited. and then a minute later I just pulled out another one!20081016
42518 secondsYuri PertsovskiMeasured with a regular clock.20040629
42518 secondsJoe Ted Nguyenthis was nuts for me, 13 secs to the LL and the LL took 5 more secs20070326
42718.03 secondsSupakrit PaoliwatI do it very fast rubik's good and I can see all slot F2L easy20081214
42818.06 secondsLuke Maynyea just fast20080519
42918.08 secondsTommy GustavssonDone about six months ago. 20080828
42918.08 secondsTeo Kai Xiangquite nice20080927
43118.09 secondsBen WhitmoreA bit lucky but not much. The only reason it was lucky was i normally use lbl but on this solve, i did f2l all at once. all 4 f2l pairs were quite easy. Someone please tell me if this counts as a lucky solve or not by sending me a message on my youtube channel.

My youtube page

Sorry if the hyperlink thing dosent work. never used it before.
43218.25 secondsMáté Horváthn/a20061215
43318.26 secondsCham Chenn/a20070927
43418.27 secondsClément GalletAbout 5 sec. (Sune + U pll). 
43518.28 secondsYudi Begegmy fastest lucky time but not skip20071119
43618.29 secondsShane Springern/a20060306
43718.32 secondsLuigi Yotokoim grade 6(11 yrs old) slow f2l. just very lucky!!20080808
43818.33 secondsAlex RamirezJust did good, wasn't lucky.20070625
43818.33 secondsTami Sayangfastest cubergirl in indonesia!20080523
44018.34 secondsZoltán LábszkiThere was a fast F2L and there wasn't PLL20060717
44018.34 secondsRachel FongJust cubing at lunch. Non lucky, but the F2L was pretty nice.20080429
44218.35 secondsMathieu Terrienn/a20070408
44218.35 secondsJoshua WoelmerDone at lunch today. No skips, but really easy f2l.20081021
44418.37 secondsGreg Austinive come a long way since november, and i hope to go further :)20070313
44518.38 secondsYang Hae Chan
44618.40 secondsJeffrey ZhangBeat my old record by 0.03 seconds. I'm not sure if I'll beat this in a while :20080106
44618.40 secondsJoshua GeiWow! First sub-20! Quite nice, everything was smooth. Got an H perm at the end.20080926
44818.41 secondsJeremiah RielyNon lucky, extended cross and easy LL cases. Six months since I first solved a cube. Best average so far is 24.02. I use Jiri method. I made up my F2L "algs", and I've learned most of OLL cases, I think I have about 12 more to learn.20050208
44918.42 secondsRyan MahYou have many reasons to be scared.. MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 
44918.42 secondsNed WilliamsonI'm doing alot better. I hope to beat this record one day.20050613
45118.47 secondsEduardo VallespirMy second sub 20 no lucky :D
My avg is sub 28.
45218.53 secondsPaul LinNot lucky, just perfect :).20050523
45318.55 secondsBill McGaughUsed a computer scramble. Easy cases for the last layer. Done on a Stackmat.20040501
45418.57 secondsJoël Heymbeeck4 moves cross, 1 f2l already done and my favorites OLL and PLL, and a new cube =)20050622
45418.57 secondsCarlo D'Innocentevery lucky case.simply F2L, orienting edges and sune
Italian Rubik's Cube Group
My website
45618.59 secondsAymeric Nguyennon-lucky = R D' B L B' D B' U B U2 B' R2 U D' B2 D2 R' D U' B' F' U2 B L F20051103
45718.61 secondsJibril Caratini-SottoPas de chance, juste de bons enchainements. Ce serait bien d'en arriver lŕ en moyenne. 
45818.63 secondsEvan Gateso yeah. 
45918.65 secondsAustin Kimn/a20090214
46018.67 secondsRobert SchlichtGetting better, 4th sub-20 solve ever. Hope to break 17 soon.20071206
46118.69 secondsRafael AlgarinAverage 26.5 seconds. Don't take any of this too seriously. 
46218.70 secondsEric AlmirolAwesome solve. My first sub-20 solve. Non-Lucky. Benn cubing for five months. Tips please. Email me @ 20070709
46318.73 secondsJohn Phungn/a20070602
46418.74 secondsSuphajit PankamonsilThis is my best time20090214
46518.75 secondsChristophe ThiriotMy first sub-20 not lucky but very smoth F2L. In my first average of 2006.20060101
46518.75 secondsVincenzo MilemaciNot skipp. My first sub20.20081021
46718.76 secondsMathieu Farriern/a 
46718.76 secondsBob PetersMy average time is now at 25 seconds and I look forward to putting it all on the line in Toronto in 2003. 
46718.76 secondsJMson J. Calalangi was just practicing using the jnett timer. scrambled it from the scramble given and suddenly i got this time. i average around 25secs less. hope i could get an sub20 average soon.20080428
47018.78 secondsJoe AllenMy best non-lucky time. Was also part of my best average, so far.200404
47118.79 secondsTan Yu Songn/a20080206
47218.83 secondsMikkel Riise LundI had an okay average and thought I would have a nice time. Then I made this one :D First real sub-20. Feels goood20070116
47318.86 secondsDavid Keathleyn/a20060503
47318.86 secondsMichel HopYessss!! First sub 20! Easy. but not lucky. Normal F2l with very fast last layer the sune and A-perm.20070202
47518.89 secondsCallum MoseleyOMG! Right before this solve I got 20.06 and it was my first sub-20.20081127
47618.94 secondsChris ThiessenOnly have 4 sub-20 times. Fastest lucky is 18.16. I made these records practicing for the 07 Winter CalTech and never got around to posting them.20070303
47718.98 secondsCameron WebleyMy first under 20 solve, and was technically not lucky. I had to go through every step of my solution, just had the easiest cases for each step. 
47718.98 secondsBrian Foartn/a20060113
47918.99 secondsRichie Wongn/a20060224
47918.99 secondsKenny KornI got this at school with the new speed stack timer i got.20071024
48119 secondsJarno BrunoMy average is now 27,1 seconds
World of Rubik's
48119 secondsRomain HugonieI love that! 
48119 secondsKenneth BrandonIf only this was my average . perhaps someday. 
48119 secondsTyler DicouYeah! I finnally did it! I used Petrus method with my own little spin on things.20060821
48119 secondsBrandon Menningern/a20061217
48119 secondsTrey WestrichIronically, this is my fastest time for a non-lucky solve, and my best lucky solve is very close to this. Not sure on the exact hundredths or even tenths because I was using my phone's stopwatch. Previous posted record: 26.2420070913
48719.01 secondsShane GaitleyDid this a while ago during one of the few averages i actually care to do. Im all out with the Magic baby.20051115
48819.02 secondsTor RobinsonRubix Cubes RULE! And always remember, PRACTISE makes PERFECT!! :-) 
48919.03 secondsNikko Decembranowww.pinoyspeedcuber.com20080225
49019.04 secondsGuillaume Colinn/a 
49119.05 secondsKarlson PfannschmidtAt the moment I am improving much of my PLL and OLL Algorithms. I do not take times often, so I think I can do it much faster.20060220
49219.07 secondsGunnar OlgrenHey I admit it, I was lucky!20060301
49319.08 secondsSimon WillisDone during my old best average of 10, 19 July 2008. Non-lucky, easy F2L, sune, 3-edge cycle.20081021
49419.11 secondsThomas Le RouxYeah !! My first sub-20 solve ever ! I done the first layer in about 8 seconds the second in 7 and the last (3-look) in 4. A not very good second layer but a perfect last layer ! This was not lucky at all.20050908
49419.11 secondsAdam EgertonFinally My First Sub-20 Solve!! =)
3 Move cross, slightly fast F2L
very fast OLL, and PLL Skip!
49619.12 secondsBrendan Trinhyayy!! timed on a stackmat! wow.. this was completely unlucky. my second sub 20 solve!20070602
49719.13 secondsMichael Gottlieb6-move OLL and an F permutation. It was a very fast solve for me!20070304
49819.16 secondsMichael SablotnyMy third ever sub-20 non-lucky solve. felt good :)20061029
49819.16 secondsJosh JamesNon-lucky solve achieved during an average of 25.60 seconds on 9/11/07. This is my third non-lucky sub-20 solve.20070911
49819.16 secondsAlex CourrauYeah!! SUB 20!! Good cross execution, paired all 2nd layer edges, fast LL algs!! This was AMAZING!
Take that CodeRed
-Presidente Cubin
50119.20 secondsAndy WongD B' R2 B' F R2 F2 B R2 F' L B R' D' F2 U2 D2 B2 U' F U' B2 R2 U' R
50219.23 secondsJorge SanchezNot bad20081206
50319.27 secondsPelle NordforsFLF'R'F2 DB2D2R'D R'F'L'DR D'B2L2F'D2 B2U2RF2R'
I'll learn LL algorithms soon, so watch out!
50419.28 secondsKegham KhosdeghianI was trying to see whether or not music makes me cube faster, and getting rick rolled made me break 20!!20081116
50519.29 secondsKoen Arensvery very lucky20090214
50619.30 secondsEzekiel InocencioFinally i beat my record from like a year ago!!I thank God, my family, all my friends, people i met at places and ofcourse my instructor peter. wow i got this record and i'm only 13 years old.yeah!! still learning F2L.adults watch out!:)20070426
50719.31 secondsVernon Rodriguezwebsite
not lucky.
50819.35 secondsOliver AnderssonA littlle bit lucky on F2L, OLL: FRUR'U'F' PLL: T- permut.
50919.36 secondsDaniel RaloffGot this over christmas break, non-lucky.20090214
51019.44 secondsLoic FremontNice ! Fast f2l (for me) and pll skipped. Therefore it was a little lucky but it's my first sub20 time. Now the fast f2l algorithms of Bertrand Bordage are available on my site ! My site. 
51119.47 secondsLuc Yefirst time under 20 seconds20070322
51219.51 secondsKeith SauerFirst non-lucky sub-20.20040515
51219.51 secondsBen LamSurprising solve!20070404
51419.53 secondsJasmine LeeMy first non-lucky sub-20s solve! Did this at the Mid-Atlantic cuber gathering in Maryland.20070413
51519.55 secondsJon Ranesn/a 
51619.56 secondsPeter LiebhardtSort of lucky20071116
51619.56 secondsConnor GrievesMy Current PB :)20080423
51819.60 secondsZe Chenn/a20080706
51919.64 secondsAdam FieldThis was just a really good cube for me. It feels really good to get real fast ones and now I'm past the 20 sec barrier. 
52019.66 secondsPrabhat PutchakayalaOh wow, I jumped 5 seconds in a week. Not lucky at all. I solve using a Fridrich 3 look LL, and I anticipated one of the looks.20040820
First sub 20!
Finally ).some more will follow:).
52219.69 secondsSean ConnollyWoohoo! Finally broke the 20 seconds barrier. Only took me 4.5 years since I started cubing again to do this! However, it was a little lucky. I got an easy VH cross on inserting my 4th F2L pair, skipped corner positioning. Had the easiest rotation of the final corners and a 3-cycle of LL edges to complete! -) I don't expect to beat 20 seconds anytime soon. My average is around 31 seconds now!
Cosine-Systems Website
52319.70 secondsJosé A. DomínguezIt's my second sub-20. I hope reach an average near this time soon!20050916
52319.70 secondsNick CrawfordGood cross (not lucky), 2 F2L pairs were already done, 2-look OLL, 1-look PLL (T perm).

Very good for me! =)
52519.71 secondsRyan Lockwoodgood scramble my first sub-20 i was so excited!i average high 20's and low 30's20070505
52619.75 secondsDerrick Chann/a20050610
52619.75 secondsRadu Faciumy first sub 20 solve. OMG. :d i'm so excited. it wasn't lucky but very easy scramble in my opinion
here it is
B2 L2 D L2 U2 F' U L' B2 D' B2 F' D R D' U F' U D F2 D R B U B2
52819.77 secondsZachary McWilliamsMy first sub-20!!20080627
52919.82 secondsLeif SabellekThis was my first sub-20 time. That is much better than my normal times, but it wasn't lucky! I've just always seen the next step immediately.
Visit my homepage!
53019.83 secondsChun Hei Uwe WongIf you guys remember me from caltech fall, I am a newb, I started cubing in september 2004 and it is now november 2004 and I can sub 20! no lucky cases.200411
53019.83 secondsChip BruchezMy fastest solve yet, done on my transparent DIY cube.20070131
53219.84 secondsRoss HalleyF2L virtually solved themselves, all I had to do was position and orient LL.20060329
53319.85 secondsAleksi SillanpääPractising for upcoming Finnish Open :D20071203
53419.86 secondsChris ParletteMy first sub-20 solve! It took me 3yrs 6mos to get sub-20. Looking ahead is key!20051120
53419.86 secondsTan Beng KaiMy first sub-20 solve! Like ZOMG I thought I would never break the 20 second barrier in forever! Seeing that some guys took about 3+years to reach their first sub-20, I'm quite happy! Though I'm not fastest in school yet with a best average of 24.24 seconds..20071018
53619.89 secondsGrant TregayI got this time while doing the Sunday Contest. It wasn't technically lucky, but the F2L just fell together nicely, and it ended with an easy 2 look LL.20030427
53619.89 secondsDusan PudisFinally, I have broken 20s barrier (non lucky case).20050601
53819.91 secondsAxel Thurgod bad times and then this one happend first sub-20
Cross: F2 L R` F2
OLL: R2 D' R U2 R' D' R U2 R
PLL: R U' R U R U R U' R' U' R2
53819.91 secondsGriffin KinleyMy best non-lucky solve20090214
54019.93 secondsOlivér NagyIt is my first sub 20 record!!
It was wery fast, but non-lucky! The cross was only 3 turns, and the F2L's was almost only just a paste.
In the LL I had two easy algorithms.
54119.97 secondsPeter BabcockYAY!! Sub20 at last. This was just sooooo good.20050509
54219.98 secondsFabricio Gaman/a20080930
54320 secondsSapan UpadhyayIn front of a crowd.. man it was awesome. 
54320 secondsKimmo Kuitunenn/a 
54520.04 secondsPhilippe FarrierSo close from sub20 ! 
54620.09 secondsRioan Jasminn/a20081029
54720.10 secondsMark Kangn/a20060214
54820.14 secondsYannick MartinTimed with a stackmat.. next will be sub-20!20071015
54820.14 secondsMarcus Naslundn/a20080329
55020.15 secondsJak Sonesits ok20080714
55120.17 secondsBlake O'HareRubik's Cube Solution at nerdparadise.com20050724
55120.17 secondsQiaochu YuanNo skips.20090308
55320.20 secondsMarco Nardinbest unlucky solve20090106
55420.25 secondsBryan LoganNeed to learn more algorithms. 20060910
55520.27 secondsTakeshi AkuzawaI'm gonna break the 20seconds barrier.20070311
55620.32 secondsMike HugheyRecognition was really quick and easy throughout, and two of the corner/edge pairs were pretty easy.20080426
55720.34 secondsSimon RahtzYay I am from Australia (my fastest lucky is 17)20060708
55720.34 secondsDuncan McNeilMy best before that was 24.91, pretty large jump.20080502
55920.36 secondsPontus AhlqvistI've had some times around 15s but I average 25-30s. 
55920.36 secondsMatthew FenimoreI'm from Australia also :) Smoothest solve so far, and first 20.xx- Just beat me this time Simon, but thanks for lending your cube to me :D20060731
55920.36 secondsSuchot Subwilawann/a20071114
56220.43 secondsCasey HurlburtRecorded using quick cross, smoothe f2l spent last three months swithing from petris to fiendrich f2l not to mention learning the otther 50 oll withouth the cross. pretty happy with this20080627
56320.45 secondsArtur Justyńskinear sub20. but the best LC is 18.24!! but avr. is not good.. :P20060621
56420.46 secondsKaoru MaedaNot a lucky case.20020719
56520.47 secondsMikael Nyberg9th scramble in the Sunday Contest 22th of May. The solve was in no way lucky, just very fluent :D20050522
56620.50 secondsStefan Schönwälder.wasn't lucky by definition as I did not jump any step. But isn't a fast time always lucky? 
56720.55 secondsRishi KumarWow this was awesome, almost got the sub-20 mark. Special thanx to Yinjia Qiu, my cubing idol. 
56820.56 secondsUmmon KarpeEasy 2x2x3 block. I was able to visualize the 2x2x3 block formation in my head while inspecting! The rest was nice and smooth. Too bad it wasn't sub-20. Did it while preparing for Berkeley Fall20071117
56920.57 secondsGauthier Auben/a 
57020.61 secondsMilan KantesariaAnother one while studying bio. Maybe its magic.
F2 R D2 U' F2 B R B' L D2 U F' L2 B D' L' F B2 D F2 R' B' F' R' U'
57120.65 secondsJacob RuethI ate a cookies and this is what happened. 
57220.68 secondsPaul Dangmy fingers where hot.20070209
57320.69 secondsBrandon ShawHOLY CRAP, that felt good. Not overly lucky either. Though I would say the moves were much easier than normal. 
57320.69 secondsFrancisco Huhnn/a20081231
57520.70 secondsHamish Wattmy first 20.xx. have been under 20 seconds twice now, both pll skips. need a new cube with decent stickers and thats not loose as. fastest in New Zealand???20060123
57620.75 secondsWim Lambrechtsno lucky solve.20060622
57720.76 secondsChristophe Woittequandnext is single sub 20.20060802
57820.78 secondsPatrick Fong F2L was very smooth with no delays, OLL and PLL were normal.20061008
57820.78 secondsFabio FeoMy fastest time for solve my rubik's cube (DIY type A)20090106
58020.82 secondsMackenzie BlakeMY NEW PB!!!!!!!!!! Not very good though. learning fredirich f2l and the OLL's and PLL's should be around 15 soon!20080627
58120.87 secondsBenjamin OpazoI dont remember much, it was on january of this year (2007) but i remeber that was very fast20070710
58220.88 secondsRay WangEvery time I do a 100 solves average I get a new record.
Maybe I should do the 100 solves more often.
58320.89 secondsEmilio HemkenI got this during the first day of spring break. I had another solve at 20 sec but it was with a hand watch so i don't know the decimal. I'm working on getting sub 20.20060414
58420.95 secondsJason PreissigI use an almost Findrich method. I know most PLL and a few OLL algs. No skipped steps.20060906
58520.98 secondsKonsta JukkaI'm relatively new speedcuber and my next best non-lucky solve is 23.55,
but I normally average about 30 sec.
I don't have that good finger tricks yet: 20.98 video
58621 secondsRhodri Mativoim very proud of my time. i hope to break 20 seconds very soon20060523
58621 secondsMichael SeteraNot a lucky case just went very smoothly from start to finish.
The Proxy Bay
International Academy 2010
58621 secondsWill Klauslerfastest solve in a really long time.20081214
58921.03 secondsBruno AzevedoYeah! Brasil20060205
58921.03 secondsAlex Kumakin/a20080506
59121.08 secondsHeidi Schatzi just found this record in my e-mail outbox. it never sent. oh well. october 30th was a good day.20051030
59121.08 secondsJonah D. Cidrohayyy mahinay na ak asenso-gusto ko na ini it ak ave pls give me tips20080911
59121.08 secondsYandong Lin/a20081121
59421.09 secondsOrso de VeroI'm sorry but i haven't any link for show my record.this is my best.very lucky case:
cross and F2L done in 11 seconds then in the LL i was too excited so I've done a lot of mistakes.
59521.15 secondsJoel StĺbisMy fastest non lucky solve. Fastest lucky solve is 18.15s.20040609
59621.19 secondsTakahito Domonn/a 
59721.25 secondsAaron ChungFastest I have EVER moved my fingers ^^~ 
59721.25 secondsKolos KántorI achieved this time at a Hungarian Rubik's cube competition but unfortunatelly it wasn't official. It wasn't a lucky solve rather a normal one so I very proud of myself. Now I'm trying to go under 20 sec. Good luck for everyone!20051108
59921.33 secondsJimy Marky Yeomn/a20060210
60021.34 secondsNicky LewisNon-lucky, 3look LL.20060506