Rubik's Cube
1-200, 201-400, 401-600, 601-800, 801-1000, 1001-1200, 1201-1400, 1401-1600, 1601-1800, 1801-2000, 2001-2200, 2201-2400, 2401-2600
99831 secondsIvan Baldomarn/a20090214
100231.01 secondsMichael Stegmeieraghh sooo close to breaking the half minute barrier, still goin for it
mike stegg-[reppin bohemia ny]
100331.02 secondsMarcin Rosadzinskin/a 
100431.05 secondsIsaac Walkupgot a slow method but fast hands. Time to learn fridrich method.20050720
100531.06 secondsKim HongulHere is my homepage
its not completely maded.
hello my name is Kim Hongul, 12years old.
ha English is so hard
100531.06 secondsAndrew PyperAwesomeness!20090308
100731.09 secondsJoshua StarbirdI'm new at it (by a couple months) I don't know the whole fridrich method algorithms yet but 31.09 is when I got the oll and ppl's I knew )20080725
100831.19 secondsDavid Pooleim only 11 and ovesly im the fastest according to this web site.i was doing oll and after i was done it was solve.
also practice is what got me this fast i practice 90% of the day
100931.25 secondsJustin Kaon/a20070503
101031.26 secondsEric Gouldn/a20060508
101031.26 secondsJunior TaittTotally unexpected! I can taste that sub-3020071116
101031.26 secondsRahul Kadukarn/a20090214
101331.27 secondsKyle SpringmanThis was a fast solve, I got an easy cross, the F2L practically threw itself together, and one of my favorite permutations. 
101431.35 secondsCharles BlackThis was an amazing record for me! Timed with my friend's stopwatch on his watch.20080816
101531.36 secondsSebastian DumitrescuI think sub-31.36 is possible :D. Are there any Romanian cubers? I sure would like to meet one, since I'm a Romanian too :) My website. 
101531.36 secondsNeil KarpeI had a bunch of slow 40 plus times, and then got this solve. I was able to put to use my new F2L slot algs. :)20071112
101731.40 secondsGelo Gamboan/a20080331
101831.42 secondsKalvin LeeStill going, not using the Full Fridrich method, unfortuantely. Learning new algorithms soon..20070410
101931.46 secondsStephanie AligbeHaven't touched the cube since the start of the winter break but I picked it back up yesterday and that's what happened. //007!20080109
102031.5 secondsAndy BellenirStill too slow.but getting there. 
102131.51 secondsAlan ZhuLBL. done on stackmat. ALMOST lucky, but not. performed on my ultra-loose cube, that sucks a lot.but its ok20061106
102231.63 secondsMarco Königsn/a20090214
102331.68 secondsJoe Shamahn/a20070415
102431.74 secondsJass MurutaluA lucky case. Set on 11.01.2006 with Jess Bondes web timer.
102531.83 secondsChaz Strangen/a20050905
102631.86 secondsHwang-JongkyooLucky 
102731.87 secondsSteve CarterIt took a long time, but I finally did it. 
102831.92 secondsBen WilsonFirst timed session after a LOT of practice since the last one, was amazed to see this much improvement though.20080703
102931.94 secondsDoowon JooWell..It wasn't lucky because this case was the worst case I've ever seen. Because this case had the worst PLL and OLL (that I haven't used it before). Anyway it was faster than any other records.20060202
103032 secondsDon HarperI never could quite get under the 30 second barrier. I had around a 45 second average at the time I did this.
Visit my Rubik's Cube page.
103032 secondsBen ReichHooray! 
103032 secondsHyun-Jun JiSurely, it is not lucky time. Not only LBL solution but also speedcubing was used. 
103032 secondsJeff Changn/a20060801
103032 secondsLawrence XingI had just lubricated my cube and had a faster than usual solve finished with antisune + sune to skip the last step. 20061211
103032 secondsMax MaupinAWSOME!!! luckiest solve ive ever done. I just lubed my cube for the first time using clock gear oil and it was smooth as can be. The additional time was cut off due to skipping the pll.20070220
103032 secondsKyle Buddenyeh!!!!20070323
103032 secondsJustin WeiWas using a friend's cube for a competition because my cube has a habit of exploding into pieces. Started cubing and went into a blank mind-state and, before I knew it, a 32 second time popped up.20070403
103032 secondsTommy Hunteri had a really lucky last layer and a pretty fast F2L, I really need to get faster though.20070517
103032 secondsDanny Whiten/a20070814
103032 secondsEmerson Cabrera11 sec F2L with 21 sec last layer.
Done with all Dedmore method.
103032 secondsAlan WongIt's my fastest move at the moment. I will become faster!!!!20080508
103032 secondsRogiemar Tarapii need to become more faster20081009
104332.32 secondsOscar Roth AndersenYep. It was a fast solve (or it was a fast solve in my opinion) but it won't stand much longer -)20080817
104432.34 secondsScott LeslieI haven't posted my record in a while but I've gotten a lot better since last time :)20070522
104532.45 secondsNathan ViningThings just flowed. 
104532.45 secondsTim AndersonI did this about 3 or 4 months ago when I used to practice. I recently got into doing it again and I lost all my speed so I'll post this record for now20070925
104732.47 secondsJonas MagnussonF' D2 F L R B2 R L B' L U2 R' D2 F2 L U' L' F2 B2 R' U B2 U' R2 D2 All steps were encountered :)20070128
104832.48 secondsBen LuoLucky solve, with my own n00b-ishly slow beginner's method. Flipped LL edges, and it was done. 20060327
104932.50 secondsJeff De LeonI'm sixteen now, but during track season last year, I had the school record of 45 seconds. Now, I blew my own record away with a time of 32.50 seconds. Which, by the way, was timed by my Track Coach/World History Teacher the other day IN CLASS. We had a few extra minutes before we left, so he comes out with a stopwatch. And then to let everyone know the new record, he posted the time in big numbers on the chalkboard in the back of the room.20071210
105032.54 secondsLevi LinvilleMuch better than my last solves, but still needs work.20071125
105132.55 secondsMartin PlančsUsing SLOW CUBING only !!! And without lucky cube !!!20050416
105232.64 secondsKyle BlissUsed Jessica's Method it was a lot easier than layer by layer. 
105332.75 secondsGlenn FordDid this one using a corner's first method modified extensively by yours truly. 
105432.80 secondsWojtek Swidzinskin/a20090106
105532.85 secondsMac GinithanUsed Dan Knights advanced method, hard work is key for any speed cubist, every day I solve it at least 45 times working on my finger shortcuts and applying the algorithms without thinking about them. 
105632.93 secondsBartek KlimczakAfter 2 months with cube!20060626
105732.95 secondsSimon SörmanSub 30 soon!20080407
105832.97 secondsDennis BrenzelEasy F2L with 1 Look PLL20080208
105932.99 secondsDuy DangI was using the fridrich method and got a free pll. :)20070602
106033 secondsJason NewportI normally average around 45 seconds. This one just turned up easy (but not lucky!) 
106033 secondsBill BriereThis record was set in about 1982 using a Vaseline-lubed original Rubik's Cube. Average times were about 45 seconds, with a sub-40 about every 15th attempt. I had just begun working out shorter algorithms for the third layer, but only had a few really good ones, before discontinuing my work. So, my sub-40s were not lucky, but came only when I hit one of the new algorithms I was working on. Had I continued this work, I could have eventually completed any solution in an average of 35 seconds. Maybe I'll get around to finally finishing the project I started 20 years ago.1982
106033 secondsJoshua Alcantarareally good solve.20071113
106033 secondsAlex Badgerreally smooth run20071205
106033 secondsAntoine PiauI love rubik's cube20080104
106533.02 secondsMatt Odum10 second drop from last best time20090214
106633.05 secondsRafael ChanD B D' L' U B2 D' L2 F' D B2 R2 U' D B R U B2 R B2 R' D L2 U' F .hehehe one of my best records20080519
106733.08 secondsBrandon J. VasosEvery improvement counts.20051208
106833.16 secondsMichael Deesen/a20071107
106933.21 secondsJan GeysenI achieved this record in the presency of all my friends.
It was a great moment for humanity!
107033.22 secondsEmmanuel Phua Sheng QiangI did this in singapore open.20080915
107133.33 secondsKoji Takahashin/a20070311
107233.44 secondsPeter SandorYeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhh..that's my best TIME..YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE20061025
107333.49 secondsStephen Chenlucky solve. ]20070613
107433.50 secondsDoug Blackdone with fridrich method. it's been four months since i started. My best average is 50.2 so, as you can see, this was an incredibly lucky solve. 20060918
107533.53 secondsWen Haoa lucky solve.. i usually avg a 40s to 45s.. (:20080328
107633.60 secondsChristy Cockerhamn/a20050103
107733.63 secondsAlex DiTuroMy best solve. I usually average around 40 seconds20080326
107833.69 secondsTaylor HodgesThis was so lucky. I do a 4 look last layer, so after i "v"ed a "kite," i had it done. PB BABY!!!20080608
107933.71 secondsDavid KleemansMy last record was 33.72 seconds. It was a lucky time.20090308
108033.79 secondsDavid Telitchkon/a 
108133.80 secondsJesse LeimgruberThis is my fastest solve yet! I am only 12 so I still have some time to get faster! I used the Friedrich Method for this solve. The video20071123
108233.87 secondsRyan Sanchezmore practice!!!!!20070614
108333.94 secondsRobbin KlerkxA bit lucky but I don't care.20080715
108433.95 secondsAlex MoonT-orientations are the fastest :)20060106
108533.98 secondsJeong Son YeonI love cube.20060805
108634 secondsJeremy SalterGot this time while waiting for a plane in DIA, had a few spectators timing to confirm it. I'm unique! Just like everyone else!20031024
108634 secondsSharif Younesn/a20060423
108634 secondsEmad Totarinon lucky, i was really into it, i dont get nonlucky sub 40s very often20070519
108634 secondsAustin Pennern/a20071106
108634 secondsBrian Barrnice solve. very fast.20071222
108634 secondsPierce VallieresHey! 3 move cross, F2L in 18 moves, PLL then OLL!20090308
109234.04 secondsDan Mucklownew PB20080627
109334.05 secondsSanteri VanhalaFirst "official" sub 35sec. Unofficial record 33.3320071024
109534.18 secondsConnor GoldNEW PERSONAL BEST :)20080308
109634.21 secondsEzafat Khanwell, atleast its progress.i havnt finished learning all the PLL algs, so i guess i cant expect much improvement. i think im averaging low forties.20071029
109734.22 secondsChris Franzn/a 
109834.23 secondsPeter HoffmannHungarian Speedsolver's Site
I came from a Rubik meeting when I did this time, and I was watching the world cup quarterfinal:)
109834.23 secondsIan Gregory-Davisn/a20080811
110034.24 secondsMárk Járaiwith lbl20060814
110134.27 secondsDavid LinMy new cube is really smooth. Its only 19 RMB20090308
110234.28 secondsJason GossMy average jumped from around 50 secs to 42! 20070627
110334.38 secondsWilhelm DahlbergU2 L2 F U R L F2 B' D' F2 B' L R B2 L R' D2 R F2 D2 F2 B' D2 R2 F20070430
110434.41 secondsAlain Trinhn/a 
110434.41 secondsBrandon Garnerslow F2L. but 3 algorithm last layer. my new record20080828
110634.50 secondsIsaac Firesmithhad the teacher time me. i freaked her out because she's never seen anyone solve it before.20070220
110734.59 secondsKyle Barrymy personal best, skipped pll, not very interesting20070126
110734.59 secondsJansen Vasconcelosno skips easy f2l good permut20070206
110934.65 secondsDaniel CravenDuring take-off in an airplane. I had the entire plane watching, and upon completion heard remarks like "wow, he's good." it was pretty cool.20060126
111034.66 secondsJang Jae Hon/a20060516
111034.66 secondsSam WeissIt's a new record for me. Randomized alg from my mac.20080306
111234.78 secondsJoe BloggsStill using the beginner method. Everything just fell into place perfectly. NOT a lucky solve.20060303
111234.78 secondsJames Adamsi got 48.89, and 44.655 and stuff..i was thinking.i should finish memprising the algorithims for the fridrich method when i got 34.78!!!!!! everything flowed..20071011
111434.79 secondsJake JungI learned some PLL and OLL. 
111434.79 secondsNeutrals FongStarted cubing on 25th may 8 learned PLL 2 days ago and manage to get this record currently this is my fastest record. still hoping to improve. if possible I try memorize OLL too(which looks hard to me)20080806
111634.82 secondsKee Jia Xuann/a20090214
111734.84 secondsTyler AasFirst non-lucky sub-40 time. 2 look OLL and 2 look PLL. Hope to get sub-30 soon.20090214
111834.85 secondsDavid OzennePetrus method. This is my fastest by far. Average high 40s/low 50s.20050714
111934.90 secondsSimo Terhon/a20061122
112034.94 secondsAlex Mondine CerpeCuboVelocidade20070905
112134.96 secondsJonathan TanNOT THAT LUCKY..i solved cross then 2 correct corners were there so i just did f2l then lars then after 2nd last method DONE!!!!WOOHOO (iam only 12..)20071204
112235 secondsJonathan BretonDamn. I had luck and I don't think I'm going to do better 
112235 secondsMatt Rublegetting under thirty soon!20060209
112235 secondsCharles-William Fradetn/a20060228
112235 secondsJoel Molinai am currently memorizing the OLL and PLL of fridrich method but i think igot a problem with the F2L.
help me please.
112235 secondsShawn FoxhillI was hanging with some friends at a bar and they bet me the next round of drinks if I could not solve it under a min.
112235 secondsDustin BrownI did this at work. It may have been a lucky case I forget now. I was pretty impressed. I remember braging to my friends when I could finally solved it in 3 minutes --- I average about 1:05 maybe 1:10 now give or take. 
112235 secondsQuinn L'HeureuxThis was during an hour long merathon cubing thing. Extreme Cubes20080301
112235 secondsDavid EdwardsNot a lucky solve my PB to date. It was done on a train with my watch as timer and was video record.will be on youtube soon. rubiks4life is what it will be under.20080317
112235 secondsWayne SmithI was practising at lunch time and after a string sub 45 second solves I get a 35! Non lucky but easy cross.20080710
112235 secondsJoe Woon/a20090308
113235.04 secondsJacob Daughtryn/a20070603
113335.05 secondsDan HungI LOVE SUSAN! 
113435.12 secondsLaura JonesI love my boyfriend!! 
113535.18 secondsVincent NgoThis one was crazy fast! I got a few lucky cases.20080627
113635.22 secondsJorge Bestn/a20050815
113735.27 secondsColin SchnackerNo lucky cases.20070924
113835.28 secondsChester LeeQuite a lucky one since I'm using a six steps method which is quite universal and slow but I will try to improve more and achieve a better one I hope. Make it 4 steps I guess.20080224
113935.30 secondsKrzysztof MatajThis is a link to another solve. A little bit slower.
114035.36 secondsBobby Glotfeltyaverage time is around 45 seconds. just started to solve cube w/ plus sign on bottom. its sposed to be faster.. need help w/ solving tips.. email me w/ some out a 45 second solve i have: hope someone can help me out? thanks20080224
114135.40 secondsMike BradfieldRegular layer by layer method. Got lucky and skipped PLL corners20071120
114235.41 secondsLogan LeavittIt was a fast f2l and a fast pll.20080926
114335.42 secondsGavin NelsonFastest time ever!20071112
114435.44 secondsRoland Hellström Keyte16 y old, after 3 months of cubing I did this score.. Layer by layer using parts of Jessica Friedrichs methods.. Soon very soon I'll be under 30!!20050331
114535.45 secondsDupax RabbonI'm still using the beginner's method. Don't have time to learn intermediate or advanced methods. I have a very bad cube.20081206
114635.47 secondsPatrick TreviasYay my best solve time to date. I'm using LBL with a little Fridrich F2L and a few algs for OLL. I haven't quite learned some important algs for PLL. I gotta get faster on F2L and learn more algs for PLL and OLL (mostly OLL). Yay but I'm on page 2 :(20060119
114735.48 secondsMiroslav TuzhikB R' F' R' L B2 U2 L B' R D L F' B L2 R2 U' F D B L F L' R2 B'20080707
114835.55 secondsKevin CurranResult of an intense study of Fridrich's method over three days. 
114935.6 secondsYzza Lzernew records for new algorithms^^20050124
115035.62 secondsJustin Lylen/a20060629
115135.67 secondsGavin Stevenspretty sure i must be one of the fastest in south africa.20080308
115235.77 secondsJared McGowanI use layer by layer with a few F2L and I kinda got lucky cause I skipped the last 2 steps. My normal time is just under a minute.20070529
115335.78 secondsRodney StatlerFull solve, easy solutions. Under 200 in the rankings now. Oh yeah! (Jaspers). 
115335.78 secondsCaleb Summerhaysthis was lucky. i did this for a police man at school, he timed me with his watch, he was amazed that a 6th grader could do that ( this was a while ago).
i havent been doing it thhat much, so now i avrage about 1min, oh well.
115535.91 secondsMichael Macijeskin/a20060118
115635.93 secondsBoivin RenaudLayer by layer. so happy, my last record was 37.63. now, I'll try to learn a new technic.20040908
115735.94 secondsMichael MontgomeryI have gotten 7 or more other times just seconds behind it, not a lucky solve20080828
115835.95 secondsJason GardinerCube it up. 
115935.97 secondsMichael Lambertonn/a20071219
116036 secondsJesse VanNoordDid this in 4th hour at school using Ron's online timer. 
116036 secondsNathan Vanderhorstn/a 
116036 secondsAl MatteiThis was done a loooooong time ago, like, 1983, with a superbly-lubed (i.e., Vaseline) Cube.1983
116036 secondsMarcus SimmoniteThis time I did in 1989. I used to get down to average times of sub 1 minute.1989
116036 secondsTim MartinsonI got this solve after about two months of serious speedcubing and I hope to hit sub 30 soon20071102
116036 secondsDavid Sadlern/a20071201
116736.02 secondsPaul McConnellIm Getting Better And Better Hope To Get In The Top 100 Soon20061110
116836.03 secondsRalf Lauen/a19910319
116936.12 secondsManan ThakkarBest non-lucky time. Used the layer-by-layer method, since I'm still pretty slow at finding the F2L corner-edge pairs.20070416
117036.17 secondsMark McLeod"Working Corner" for F2L, and Fridrich for LL. Working on ZB which should knock off 10-15secs from my F2L.20050429
117136.25 secondsZach Hardygetting faster.20080414
117136.25 secondsJake ChongJessica Fridrich Method.20081231
117336.30 secondsBJ WhitedI've had three times under 40. I'm self-taught and extremely interested in getting under 20. After I learn about 10 or 15 more algorithms and figure out finger tricks and triggers, expect to see me at competitions. I WILL be the best some day. I'm 19. 
117436.33 secondsBruno JorgeHOW, new best time, really fast and easy but not lucky. I always knew what to do next. I use the same method and the same algorithms of my 2 minutes solves.20070210
117536.34 secondsMichael Roxasn/a20070529
117636.50 secondsRamis WadoodUsed layer method, skipped some OLL.20080211
117736.58 secondsSean Donnellyduring math class again..20060508
117836.66 secondsJoe EisenmengerPLL was Ab which decreased the time by 1-2 seconds I would suppose20080601
117936.81 secondsDaniel EilerWorking for the sub 30. 
118036.88 secondsGary BethersI have been working on my times for 3x3x3 and 4x4x4 has helped me alot for looking ahead. Need to work on OLL and PLL algs.20060829
118137.00 secondsTom BoltonI've done the exact time twice now and Im now learning full OLL and PLL to try and beat it :)20090214
118237 secondsLuis CupidoMy best time (no luck). < Portugal >  
118237 secondsDylan MooreDid it as part of my fastest average so far. Did it on the plane back from vacation. It was cool to turn some heads. :-) 
118237 secondsJérôme PouilleNot very lucky. 
118237 secondsJacob JaegerMy best time ever!! I'm pretty happy with it! I don't use a speedcubing method yet! I'm in the process of learning the Friedrich method but until then im happy with this.20060107
118237 secondsGrégoire JouetBAHBAHBAHBAHBAHBAHBAH20060223
118237 secondsJeremy GrimwoodShoot the people who peel the stickers.20060718
118237 secondsMatthew SanchezMy friend asked me to solve it, and it attracted an audience. I was pretty surprised I had a best time under that pressure.20060902
118237 secondsDanny Constablen/a20081014
118237 secondsSam Smithintermediate method20081103
119137.01 secondsChatdanai Ruekritronn/a20080224
119237.08 secondsQuin UrquhartMy fastest time. I usually get under a minute (like 50 sec)then i got this and i was freaking out. I've only been cubing for 2 months!!20070601
119337.09 secondsFulvio Tornaghinew cube to test. wow?20071202
119437.16 secondsBrian Kerbyi was racing my friend and all i had to do for the last layer after i did the first 2 was flip 3 corners and i was done.20080627
119537.22 secondsRaimo PostiDid a new record today. Just started cubing since march of 2006 I think.20060725
119637.24 secondsJosiah WangThis record was mostly out of luck. I used the old fashioned layer-by-layer method, and learned from Mark Jeays solution page. 
119737.40 secondsJames P. Fallonn/a20060116
119837.43 secondsLuis ChardonStill trying to lower my speed. After watching my first video I noticed that I had lowered my speed on the last layer, but where I waste most of my time is on recognizing the F2L patters when doing both first layers at the same time. More, more, more practice. 
119937.45 secondsArturo MariscalI used corners first method with a twist , i added some personal moves20061220
120037.46 secondsJohn SeongStarted cubing a month and a half ago. is this time good, cause i heard of people who could do sub-30's in like 2 weeks. i wonder if I can get into top 50 average by the time i turn 13. I'll beat you, Ian Winokur!:) btw this was done with Jasmine's beginner method.20050525