Rubik's Cube
1-200, 201-400, 401-600, 601-800, 801-1000, 1001-1200, 1201-1400, 1401-1600, 1601-1800, 1801-2000, 2001-2200, 2201-2400, 2401-2600
18011 minute 4.70 secondsSydney LiuIt was a lucky day.20070918
18021 minute 4.71 secondsJoy MohnotDont't make the mistake of solving the Cube too fast because you can get "Cube Thumb". Ouch.20060511
18031 minute 4.73 secondsCorey FryNot great, but I'm improving it. =)20070120
18041 minute 4.77 secondsDaniel FodorI was in the school, on an informatics lesson, and i decided to try to hit my personal record. The first 3 solving was about 1.50 min, and then BOOM oh ye :D
and i got a new personal record! 1.04 min Im so happy:DD
18051 minute 4.91 secondsJonathan CheungRepresenting Rubixtreme from UC Irvine - the best Rubik's Cube club EVER. 
18061 minute 5 secondsKen MillsGetting closer to the one minute barrier. Best personal was 47, but it was a lucky one.20050125
18061 minute 5 secondsZoe AnastassiouI would like to thank Dan Knights for personally teaching me the cube on our way to Colorado one spring break. I haven't put it down since, and perhaps one day I might be a threat to the teacher himself, although, the promise back then was marriage if I ever broke a minute! Never underestimate a Greek girl! 
18061 minute 5 secondsDaniel Stephen Saucedawooohooo.getting closer to 1 minute..yay Age 12.20040417
18061 minute 5 secondsEmily SixMy usual best average is 90 seconds. i don't think it was very well mixed. i'm brushing up on my speed cubing techniques so hopefully i'll be posting more sub-60 solves in the near future!20050122
18061 minute 5 secondsBjörn Persson Mattssonn/a20060605
18061 minute 5 secondsMichael Barrowmann/a20070706
18061 minute 5 secondsJacob GautierI used the beginner layer by layer method.
18061 minute 5 secondsSarabjot SinghI have been cubing for three weeks now and this my best. have so much to improve.. so will post better times in near future20080123
18061 minute 5 secondsRalph CabralI'am so Happy20080320
18061 minute 5 secondsDan Martensyay ive started 2 weeks ago :p will get better and better and better :P20081029
18161 minute 5.03 secondsMatt MartzUsing only algorithms I came up with myself. 
18171 minute 5.78 secondsDrimit Pattanayakn/a20061108
18181 minute 5.79 secondsSam PaulinBeen getting steadily better, I was 13 when i did this (now I'm 14).20050408
18191 minute 6 secondsAlbin ThorningClosing in on one minute . Working on moving my fingers faster, but I'll soon have to bite down and learn more pll and oll algs :( 
18191 minute 6 secondsMike TackenbergI did this by getting all of the sides the same color! OOOORIGHT. 
18191 minute 6 secondsJason GrochmalHaven't broke the elusive minute barrier.someday : ) 
18191 minute 6 secondsRamzi ZahreddineAnd I still suck. 
18191 minute 6 secondsDavid BelickiMy personal record, although, it is a lot slower than my brothers who has his PR is 58 seconds.20060617
18191 minute 6 secondsCody Schaefern/a20070430
18191 minute 6 secondsWinnie Triaisawhat took me so long.20070504
18191 minute 6 secondsGarret Ryherdn/a20080523
18191 minute 6 secondsAlex EllisOld pochmann20080808
18281 minute 6.31 secondsDennis WebbBeen using Petrus method for about a month.20050418
18291 minute 6.35 secondsViktor Zwaenepoelso close to sub 1 min
reg layer by layer method
18301 minute 6.40 secondsÁron TálasWith Fridrich method20060908
18311 minute 6.45 secondsColin Jokischn/a20060512
18321 minute 6.50 secondsKunta GustafssonI used an online stopwatch, so the time isnt exact. This is about 20 secs better than my average solve, but this time I got very lucky on the l2l.20080910
18331 minute 6.56 secondsRian KatoenUsed the layer by layer, first cross then U corner then middle edges then bottom corners then bottom edges. I average about 1:23.45 (of 12 with slowest and fastest didn't count). Now learning Fridrich, and I'm 15 years and live in Holland =] 
18341 minute 6.58 secondsAleksandar Karaivanovn/a20070801
18351 minute 6.59 secondsAlfred FerwerdaI want to get under 1 minute hopefully.20061210
18361 minute 6.60 secondsJan SmoldersSpecial thanks to Lars Vandenbergh, my personal teacher. 
18371 minute 6.73 secondsMatthew Medasi am 10 years old, and roughly 8 1/2 months. My first fast solve of the rubik's cube was when i was nine, about 2 1/2 minutes20090214
18381 minute 6.93 secondsDaniel MaderI have been cubing for many years, and this is not my best. I will probably be posting better scores in the next few weeks.20051203
18391 minute 7 secondsDave PageSo close to the 1 minute mark! 
18391 minute 7 secondsGreg BoadenThis was probally a pretty lucky time since at that time I was averaging about 2 minutes. I haven't been solving my cube much lately so my time has slipped a little. I haven't lubricated my cube or used algorithms, just a method from an older how to book that I lost and don't remember the name of. I have solved it one handed, but I have never thought about timing it that way. I will have to do so and post it. 
18391 minute 7 secondsAndy Hollowaygetting better, nearly got the 1 minute mark.20060323
18391 minute 7 secondsSimon MacFarlanehad and eight hour layover in Houston. had nothing better to do than cube, so I beat my previous best by twelve seconds. I hope to get under a minute, maybe with inspection )20060513
18391 minute 7 secondsDavid OmoghanI'm getting better every day!! =)20060614
18441 minute 7.35 secondsIsaac YostDid this in class the other day, pretty good (for me), considering the top took about 30 seconds (not a good time for top for me). If I could trim that, I'd be alot better. Age 16.20050125
18451 minute 7.97 secondsClarke HawkinsonIt was awesome!!!20090308
18461 minute 8 secondsDror VombergBetter? 
18461 minute 8 secondsMatthew HarrisThis was a fluke. Lol. I was using Lars Petrus' method, and I was lucky enough to have no bad edges and the pieces seemed to fall into place at almost every turn.20050127
18461 minute 8 secondsTom BurrUsing the layer by layer with about half a dozen algs. I want to learn fridich now to improve.20060329
18461 minute 8 secondsVincent CatajoyTHIS WAS MY FIRST TIME EVER TO SOLVE A RUBIK'S CUBE!!20080206
18461 minute 8 secondsNick Hysellthis is my fast and closest to sub one min wicth is my goal20080802
18461 minute 8 secondsLisa BerryFalse. Black bears.20081214
18521 minute 8.25 secondsNick MorseI've been solving for actually about two weeks and I have it down to under two minutes .. I actually cheated and had to look up some algorithms. I guess a lot of people do but I think it would've been cooler if I didn't. 
18531 minute 8.37 secondsJessica Federicoit's an official record I resolved it at the french championship 2005.
birthday : 07/13/94. I was ten and 9 months
18541 minute 8.39 secondsJeroen LaarmanAllmost under 1 minute. Hope to beat the minute soon20090308
18551 minute 8.70 secondsRyan Vidaln/a 
18561 minute 8.73 secondsDan Swiftn/a20051119
18571 minute 9 secondsTroy Romillon/a20060505
18571 minute 9 secondsNiclas Rosenkvistn/a20060831
18571 minute 9 secondsNick TreybigI did it after a baseball game in the bleachers and I was able to skip the last step luckily.20070515
18571 minute 9 secondsJarod Smithn/a20070519
18611 minute 9.03 secondsNathan Henkelfinally beat my friends time20090106
18621 minute 9.22 secondsPhilo Jewettyay20060318
18621 minute 9.22 secondsJacko Curtisit was a good sech, big thanks to all the old mates20080309
18641 minute 9.25 secondsAdam MaddoxI have only been cubing in my spare time for three weeks untill I was able to solve it in this amount of time.20060228
18651 minute 9.42 secondsTod Hoskinson14 Year Old. Had The Cube For 2 Weeks :D
(Partially Tutored By Heath Litton)
18661 minute 9.50 secondsDaniel HuangI have a horrible record time but i will get better20081214
18671 minute 9.76 secondsJared SampsonBorrowed my friends cube and broke my old record twice. First time 1:12.27.20080213
18681 minute 10 secondsAlex DeneauI am 15 and have been cubing for 3 months. I use a layer by layer approach: cross, corners, 2nd layer, position LL corners, orient LL corners, orient and position edges (all in numerous sequences). I hope to bring my time down and am going to learn some new methods and algs to hopefully break a minute. 
18681 minute 10 secondsMichael CramerI'm 14 and I've had the cube for just over a week. Check out the Sam Loyds 15-puzzle records. 
18681 minute 10 secondsTim NyborgI'm 15, and have been able to solve it for about a month 
18681 minute 10 secondsAjit BuradLayer by layer method
My website
18681 minute 10 secondsNicolas Chevaliermaybe under the minute one day .20060411
18681 minute 10 secondsJeran Mooreuse hair conditioner to lube your cube!!!!20060725
18681 minute 10 secondsMatt Glanfieldn/a20070404
18681 minute 10 secondsBurt van DinterGetting faster20080403
18681 minute 10 secondsMarcus Smithn/a20080523
18681 minute 10 secondsJon NorrisBeat my last timed solve by 20+ seconds. Getting faster.20081109
18681 minute 10 secondsAlex MeltonI still use the beginner method since i don't want to memorize all that for the other methods. But i think this is extremely fast for the method i am using.
My tutorial videos
18791 minute 10.06 secondsAdam HornungOwen Hall SE4 rules!! 
18801 minute 10.23 secondsZhijiang LiI'm a kid! Don't you think I'm a geek!!!
Go Me! Go Me! Go Me!
18811 minute 10.37 secondsJosh Sonesn/a20080721
18821 minute 10.80 secondsJameson TaylorZu Sui Tchle Tchle Fatige Konichiwa hoshningnen fishkinki heshdende skidalopopeturet flubb blubb flubber 
18831 minute 11 secondsTimothy CrossIn serious need of a better cube - nearly blew the thing!! Using old-style layer method. 
18831 minute 11 secondsCurtis GahimerThat makes me feel all wiggly! 
18831 minute 11 secondsPrzemek Piotrowski1 month after learning to solve the cube.
Note from Tomasz Piotrowski: my brother is 10 years old.
18831 minute 11 secondsBrian DarrStill working on getting below 1 minute.20050714
18831 minute 11 secondsClint Regeoni got better20070616
18831 minute 11 secondsMoose LaceyI was finally able to clock my slef with my new timer and about 1 hour in a got this time. only about 10 or 12 seconds faster than my average. I hope to get much better. I was useing a basic layer by layer method also.20070625
18831 minute 11 secondsCharlie Geei keep trying and getting better20071023
18831 minute 11 secondsRebecca Heartyeah that's right it was video taped20080407
18831 minute 11 secondsLinkesh AnandYeuh!!! my best record after 2 weeks of cubing...20090214
18921 minute 11.21 secondsKyle HadcockTrying to break a damn minute!!!!20050301
18931 minute 11.43 secondsPhil Lehmannn/a 
18941 minute 12.06 secondsAlexander BrooksI think this is pretty good for olnly cubing for two months.20060326
18951 minute 12.16 secondsPaul CastañedaTrujillo - Peru20071201
18961 minute 12.37 secondsSamuel LeeAfter about 3 weeks of cubing. 
18971 minute 12.72 secondsAhsatan Gnown/a20080719
18981 minute 12.90 secondsRoger DuongGetting faster and faster everyday. 
18981 minute 12.90 secondsAlbert ComoOne small step for man.20060304
19001 minute 12.95 secondsWilliam EshlemanThis is a solve with a basic layer by layer method. I got lucky considering I did not have to orient the corners and 2 of the 4 corners were already solved.20080721
19011 minute 13 secondsOddgeir KolsethYay, have been doing the cube for 3 weeks. I am satisfied.20050102
19011 minute 13 secondsDale EvansJust started speedcubing.the first time i lubed my cube got me this record, still using a basic algorithm not meant for speed. silicone lubricant is my new god. 
19011 minute 13 secondsMichael WilcoxWorking my way down to under 1 minute--almost there!20050509
19011 minute 13 secondsAnne Tullemansn/a20070311
19011 minute 13 secondsJoseph Kaddissin/a20071121
19061 minute 13.46 secondsArnold Jungim gonna get a revenge and professor cube next!20070826
19071 minute 13.45 secondsFlorian Manngern/a20060323
19081 minute 13.46 secondsArnold Jungim gonna get a revenge and professor cube next!20070826
19091 minute 13.50 secondsWiktoria ZborowskaPozdrowienia dla wszystkich malych Polakow w Polsce i na Swiecie. Wikusia.
Wiktoria is 7 years old.
19101 minute 13.53 secondsAdam HoffI've only been cubing for about 2 months! I dont think thats too bad!
My Cubing Page
19111 minute 13.69 secondsBen Marksmy site20071214
19121 minute 13.99 secondsLasse EckstrømLock and stock, moving stones.20080710
19131 minute 14 secondsMiguel OrtizI am a blazin' cuber from Owen SE 3!!! 
19131 minute 14 secondsMichael SilvaEasy beginners solution.. no notation. I used this technique. 
19131 minute 14 secondsDuane EsselstromI started cubing because my teacher could do it and I wasn't about to let him be better than me. I sure showed him.20050525
19131 minute 14 secondsBrandon Griffithten seconds off my last record.20080523
19131 minute 14 secondsOliver PetterssonNo comments, Richard släng dig i väggen! ;)20090214
19181 minute 14.01 secondsEmilio Akira Morones IshikawaI could do a better time if I had a professional Rubik's Cube. I have been practicing since I was 7 years.
Now I am 14-year old and I will improve my time.
19191 minute 14.12 secondsRodney PressleyIm trying my hardest to get under 1 minute. I need a faster way to get the last layer.20060126
19201 minute 14.17 secondsLoïc JançonMéthode basique20070703
19211 minute 14.64 secondsSylvain Ogern/a20041012
19221 minute 14.82 secondsDamian Myobn/a20071203
19231 minute 14.91 secondsMegumi Konichihello20080523
19241 minute 14.96 secondsMax SassenI using the beginner method so its slow xd But I wanted to give it a try^^20090308
19251 minute 15 secondsJonas BackströmAfter 2 weeks cubing20050104
19251 minute 15 secondsDrew RobinsonI usually try not to look at the cube too much when solving it. It distracts me because I want to check and see if I'm doing it right. When I don't look, I can't check myself and I usually go faster. 
19251 minute 15 secondsJus LombarI am cubing only for 1 month now In Slovenia I can't get any good cubes for speedcubing. I have the original Rubik's Cube from netherland (Jumbo) but it is not good.. and some others which were very very cheap and they are fakes. they broke if u cube too fast. Plz tell me how and where could I get a good cube? my MSN: 
19251 minute 15 secondsAndy KingI'm twelve and I can solve a 3 by 3 faster than people on this list that are adults.20050401
19251 minute 15 secondsJefferson Moraes SoaresI use layer method without stolen algorithm anywhere (own method).20060106
19251 minute 15 secondsChris NessAfter only 1 week of learning. I got quite lucky but still not a bad time for a beginner20070210
19251 minute 15 secondsEdson Pé
19251 minute 15 secondsBrian Limthis is the fastest I can solve the rubik's cube. it ain't too fast but i'm faster than any of my schoolmates.20080403
19251 minute 15 secondsRichard LuongMy new record. The time taken with my mobile.20090106
19341 minute 15.2 secondsMark ArmstrongWow I need a life. 
19351 minute 15.26 secondsRobin SaersI just wanted to know how to solve the cube so i started and got better and faster each time i tried and now it take only a few minutes when i try.20070620
19361 minute 15.32 secondsWill Frasern/a20080206
19371 minute 15.42 secondsJon GrayThis isn't a great time overall, but my personal best. 
19371 minute 15.42 secondsIan O'Leary I really need to learn all OLL. Also get my cube lubed!
Still love the cube! -Ian, 13 yrs. Old
19391 minute 15.50 secondsCorinne Mesadon/a20050110
19401 minute 15.51 secondsAdam Emiligetting closer to my 1 minute goal20071212
19411 minute 15.57 secondsYves VadormirI'm very lucky when I did. And I say "thank You Master". Now my record is next my Master's record. 
19421 minute 15.76 secondsAdam BuschI beat my old time by a little over seven seconds. I'm still aiming for under a minute.20070611
19431 minute 16 secondsKenny WrightWon the Rubix Cube championship in Sidney, BC, Canada (back around 1981 I think). 
19431 minute 16 secondsSimon RobertsMy best time ever. 
19431 minute 16 secondsStéphane JourdoisThanks to David Pagis. 
19431 minute 16 secondsBenoit VandammeI'm very glad to break Thibaut's record ! I think I am better than him !! 
19431 minute 16 secondsPraneet Katipallytotally lucky
forming 2x2x3 and last layer took minimum no of steps
my previous best was 1:47.xy
19431 minute 16 secondsRoma KudinovThats with the n00b method :)20080307
19431 minute 16 secondsEdi PranzAfter months of cubing and many sleepless nights i finally got my new personal record.
My next goal is sub 1 min.
19501 minute 16.12 secondsPierre LucasVery happy because it's my new record with the novice's method! Now I'm learning J. Fridich method to pass under 01:16 )
Me in my room when I resolve the cube in 01:19.55 : My 3GP file
19511 minute 16.20 secondsMichael BarryThe rubik's cube is so hot. i hope one day i'll break a minute. till then, gonna keep on keeping on.20050103
19521 minute 16.23 secondsVladislav AdzicMop and Mow. You heard me, MOP AND MOW 
19531 minute 16.55 secondsRiley WoycenkoHaha
I'm new to solving
19541 minute 16.68 secondsRobert Gillespien/a20060406
19551 minute 16.95 secondsJerald Chamone of the fastest, but then i know this is a really lousy score, used the cross, corners, middle, then cross, corner. The basic method20080326
19561 minute 17 secondsThibaut DeclercqThat's it I've reached my goal. I now want to solve the cube in less than 1 minute. I think I was faster than Tristan Mallec and that makes me even more happy. 
19561 minute 17 secondsStephan Bechtel84-80-77 within the last week, and absolutely not a lucky game this time. 
19561 minute 17 secondsHamzah Zaidistill practicing and getting better.20081214
19591 minute 17.21 secondsJuan Bustoslayer by layer method.with a brand new cube.20070201
19601 minute 17.23 secondsClay CorsoVery very suprised! Non-lucky solve.20071201
19611 minute 17.45 secondsJoel EdgecumbeIm 12 and i did it with loads of people filming me20071011
19621 minute 17.47 secondsDihoux PoloI was lucky , generally I do it in 2 or 3 minutes. 
19631 minute 17.52 secondsLawrence Le"Being able to solve Rubiks cube very fast is a near useless skill, that takes a lot of time to acquire, and does not typically impress the opposite sex. If you think you have better things to do, I can only agree." ~Lars Petrus20060124
19641 minute 17.84 secondsAlvaro ProañoI am a 14 year old Peruvian. I started the cube some months ago, I started with 8 min. One day later went to 5 min. One month before today I was in 2 min 20 sec. One month ago my record was 1min 48 sec. and now it is 1min 17 seconds sweet.. 
19651 minute 18 secondsBjörn JohansonI am 16 years old, han have been cubing for a week. I usually solve it about 1 min and 40 sec but now everything went perfect, the easiest possible solve regarding it wasn't a lucky case. 
19651 minute 18 secondsChad Mahakiann/a20060528
19651 minute 18 secondsDodge Reidn/a20070304
19651 minute 18 secondsChristie Ann CabahugI was bored, grabbed a cube,
I cubed and I got this time. yey!
19691 minute 18.40 secondsMorgan BarksdaleGot sorta lucky.. cube was solved after 1 PLL corner rotation, LL edges were oriented and permuted right after I finished F2L.20080122
19701 minute 18.67 secondsAndy ChongMy fastest time without being lucky :)20060820
19711 minute 19 secondsDan CalinescuI know two solutions, anyone would like to share their solutions? 
19711 minute 19 secondsCaesar ManyaricUBIE RULES! 
19711 minute 19 secondsRanoh Kimwow!!! lucky though. 
19711 minute 19 secondsRoosevelt Huntn/a 
19711 minute 19 secondsStephane VosgienI think I have to progress 
19711 minute 19 secondsJason SoSet at an informal Cube competition at Stanford. No luck. 
19711 minute 19 secondsAndrew WebbHad to go back once still my fastest, yet slow compared to others time.20050823
19711 minute 19 secondsRafael Gonzalez Pardon/a20060307
19711 minute 19 secondsJason MattsonOfficial website of Jason Mattson20060703
19711 minute 19 secondsChad KeenanBeat my previous best by 10sec!20081214
19811 minute 19.03 secondsDaniel Moravecn/a20070213
19821 minute 19.21 secondsNathan Gassn/a20070407
19831 minute 19.36 secondsHung-chieh ChangSolve in a lucky situation by a beginner20080510
19841 minute 19.50 secondsChristian Körbern/a20090214
19851 minute 19.61 secondsLee Fogeln/a 
19861 minute 20 secondsHernan GiraudoI won't stop trying till i reach 30 seconds
Hasta no llegar a los 30 segundos no paro
19861 minute 20 secondsAndrew BakerI learned to solve the cube in less than 24 hours by my wonderful teacher-girlfriend Zoe Anastassiou, but movies are better than cubes. 
19861 minute 20 secondsMarco HernandezOmar Gamez me cronometró el record. Saludos. 
19861 minute 20 secondsNathaniel Malmrosevideo -> I'm only 13 years old, Hope to be as good as you guys some day. Tell me, which is harder Rubiks Revenge or The Proffesor cube, I'm thinking RR might because it has no center, contact me if you can, and sorry if this is a little long. 
19861 minute 20 secondsKirill MorozovImproved 20 seconds in 1 year, lol.20050501
19861 minute 20 secondsAaron WigintonI don't use a good method for speed cubing, but it's still fun to try.20061103
19861 minute 20 secondsRoshan ParikhBefore school everyone was watching it was great to get a new very fast time.20070226
19861 minute 20 secondsMarie Cobain I shaved 16 seconds off of my record! I still have a minute to work out though. Keep cubing and God Bless!20070322
19861 minute 20 secondsNopparat Kortaweesakn/a20071011
19861 minute 20 secondsBenjamin BarnardI timed it on a mobile so i don't have an exact time20090308
19961 minute 20.30 secondsNikolai KlebanovI am not that fast, I know.20060725
19971 minute 20.4 secondsRyan PereraSolved with Beginners Algorithom, in 1 Min 20.4 Secs, its possible!
-Ryan Perera
19981 minute 20.41 secondsErnesto HernandezI'm not so great. Gee I wish I could get to 11 secs one day.20070529
19991 minute 20.56 secondsLorenzo La CognataAt my 6th day of cubing :D20080627
20001 minute 20.74 secondsJon Moyer-Gricen/a