Rubik's Cube
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20011 minute 20.95 secondsDaniel ChenI was bored so i started doing the cube and I'm kind of ameture but I got really lucky because after I got the conners right on the bottom the cube just suddenly finished and I was like WHOA. Yeah thats my record.20070407
20021 minute 21 secondsGregory HellingsChris MoyerGrice is a great teacher. Someday I'll be as cool (read: good, fast, etc) as he is. Been a while since this time, but I picked up the cube yesterday and got a 1:22, so I guess I haven't lost it yet. 
20021 minute 21 secondsErik WildemanGoing better all the time.20080224
20041 minute 21.25 secondsMatt VargaBeen cubing for 3 weeks. 20071201
20051 minute 21.30 secondsJackson Turnleyyeah dawg20080227
20061 minute 21.38 secondsIlaria RigolonWith the time and the training my times decrease. Happy new year!!! 
20071 minute 21.39 secondsBriana VisoneTook a break for a few months after learning but I will break a minute soon. (Jaspers). 
20081 minute 21.95 secondsMarie-Françoise TroncThere is a beginning for everything. 
20091 minute 22 secondsDamien Benoistn/a 
20091 minute 22 secondsMichael SmithI really did it! i thought that I WAS FAST!! How can u possibly turn the cube fast enough to do it in under 30 secs?????? MINE ALWAYS STICKS!!!!!!!!! 
20091 minute 22 secondsChris Kellyive only been cubing for like a month. trying to learn the Fridrich20051123
20091 minute 22 secondsJohan Plantinn/a20060904
20091 minute 22 secondsBrian BarretoI learned the cube about 2 weeks ago and did it by layer..
Want to learn faster way :-)
20091 minute 22 secondsPieter Verhoevenstill improving my times, but i am already quite happy with this.20090214
20151 minute 22.05 secondsBrian WangWelp, that's about as fast as I can go. Time to ice my wrists. 
20161 minute 22.38 secondsLee Cheungn/a 
20171 minute 22.42 secondsJosé Domingo Peña y LilloI was bored on facebook, and I decided to cube a little, with the "PC Chrono", I measured time, and it is my best time!20090214
20181 minute 22.60 secondsJonathan HelmusFirst Time timing myself. 
20191 minute 23 secondsChris ThomasI am well chuffed I finally got it under 1 min thirty. I think to get it under a minute I need to learn some new moves. 
20191 minute 23 secondsPiotr KaczorekMy personal record with some stupid layer method shown to me by my cousin, long, long time ago . ) Now I'm trying to learn some other and faster methods. I hope my next record will be sub minute )20060425
20191 minute 23 secondsCraig Coxright after i posted one record, i broke it. im still using a beginners method. got really lucky20070201
20191 minute 23 secondsHannes MayerhoferStill using Jasmine Ellen's beginners solution.20070314
20191 minute 23 secondsDanny Castron/a20080127
20191 minute 23 secondsPaul Sullivanyes i have finally got a good record. I previously got 1min 13seconds but my friend said it was lucky. But i have got 1min 23 twice so i am proud. This is only after 2 and a half weeks of cubing!! So i think i could do better!!20080206
20251 minute 23.47 secondsLachlan ChampionI'd be interested to know how any cube can be physically solved in under 30 seconds without luck. I'd also suggest that the vast majority of records in this list with times greater than 60 seconds have been achieved without inspection (as mine is), but I'm only guessing. 
20261 minute 23.50 secondsRenan Silvaactually this is the time of my brother. i know that is just not a great time but he is just 720071116
20271 minute 23.79 secondsRonald Angelo T. Palmai know that anyone can beat me with my poor record, but the important is i can solve a rubik's cube20080116
20281 minute 24 secondsJamie Allainthis is my best time using begginer method and a slight bit of algorythm im jsut learning still so hopefully next year ill be under 20 seconds :)20051018
20281 minute 24 secondsDavid KimballI'll get better :P20051120
20281 minute 24 secondsLebo MphahleleI learnt to complete a Rubik's cube in high school cos a handful of people could do it. I have now bought a cube and was surprised that I can do it under 2 minutes. I'm interested to see how fast other South Africans are. My average is 1 min 51 seconds. 20071105
20281 minute 24 secondsKyle ZinsserMy best time so far. Now I'm starting to move on to Rubik's Revenge : )20080124
20281 minute 24 secondsTsuki Lorauntn/a20081127
20331 minute 24.07 secondsMikel RobbinsThis was a while ago but i just barely found this site so i wanted to post it it was when i was in sixth grade now im 15 and in 9th.20090214
20341 minute 24.27 secondsSteve Philbrickn/a20060111
20351 minute 24.38 secondsDanie ViljoenUsing the Leyan Lo method, with a few shortcuts of my own.20080809
20361 minute 24.54 secondsRu Moranon/a 
20371 minute 24.68 secondsItsaraphong InlaoMy old record : 2.02.42 minute
Very Lucky !!!
NOT OLL and PLL !!!
20381 minute 25 secondsAlexander ForsmanGetting better! 
20381 minute 25 secondsJordan TuckerWhat an awesome puzzle.20050120
20381 minute 25 secondsVlad Dumitriuat school while i was waiting the bell to ring for P.E. :) this is my best time.. (now i need new stikers.. so i cant try).. but i will try later )20061223
20381 minute 25 secondsMujtaba ParachaThis was the best time i've got (so far)20070529
20381 minute 25 secondsAna Catarina Madriaga GualterHappy that I'm averaging under 2 minutes!!20071125
20431 minute 25.25 secondsRodolfo Valdesn/a20050115
20441 minute 25.54 secondsNelson ZhangI practiced with my Rubik's Cube for two weeks. In the second week I memorized all the algorithms and started off with a time of 2:30 and now 1:25:54 is my fastest.
Video of my record:
I used the beginner's layer by layer method.
20451 minute 26 secondsPeter ColesJust the layer by layer method. The cube didn't seen to stick at all this time! 
20451 minute 26 secondsPrafulla RawalThis posting is just to include my name here, I routinely solve cube in 1 min 30 seconds ( using Dan's method of averaging 10 ), and I know I will do better in near future ) .as m giving day and nights.I also solve 3x3 blindfolded in roughly 40 mins ( including inspection time):) 
20451 minute 26 secondsSean MorriseyPretty good for only a week with the cube, I figure. I'll definitely keep practicing! 
20451 minute 26 secondsStephan MullerUsed the moves from the official Rubiks Booklet, except 1 I learnt from this site. Still not lubricated so I should be able to break it when lubricated :) 
20451 minute 26 secondsDavid BallI'm still getting faster. Maybe one of these days I'll beat my Rubik's Cube teacher, Brent Morgan (fastest cubist in our whole school). I'll get faster one of these days. 
20451 minute 26 secondsDorothy JeanProps to Vlad Adzic (Qubemaster) and Terry Chen, my mentors. =) You make Yak the Cube happy. 
20451 minute 26 secondsTibor Szucsn/a20050411
20451 minute 26 secondsScotty Longmireworking on getting it lowered but its a start20060312
20451 minute 26 secondsKelly Lon/a20060827
20541 minute 26.23 secondsAren GatesI know that it is really slow. but i am working on it.. 
20551 minute 26.45 secondsKlaas de BoerIt's difficult!20060115
20561 minute 26.73 secondsSiu King HayI prectise it for 2 months only!!!!20071213
20571 minute 26.86 secondsPedro PalettaI getting better so fast C:
Started just a week ago with a time of 7 minutes! XD
20581 minute 26.96 secondsCalvin TardyKind of lucky, Normally average 2 min20060814
20591 minute 27 secondsKelly HickmanWanting to get faster.20060506
20591 minute 27 secondsVincent LauriaI could barely see my hands myself. This one wasn't a lucky solve.20060906
20591 minute 27 secondsDiego Serranomy fastest time so far.i no it isnt so fast but im only 11!20070627
20591 minute 27 secondsJulius Bachmannn/a20080818
20631 minute 27.05 secondsStephanie Cabahugmy brother told me to time myself and so i did
i used the old school LBL method hahaha
the simplest and easiest way to solve the cube ))
20641 minute 27.31 secondsPablo Balubabasic method. i bought the cube about 3 weeks ago and i'm improving. it's a stiff and ordinary cube. i wish i'll get a professional one :)20070703
20651 minute 27.46 secondsEric LinPretty Good for a 14 year old. 
20661 minute 28 secondsRobert BaumanMy new record. Pretty good, I think, for my age.(15)
Didn't need to do the last step in my method.
20661 minute 28 secondsZak McLureI have only been cubing for a week.20080211
20681 minute 28.15 secondsAnthony BarkasyThis is my best time so far.i've pretty much mastered solving the cube layer by i need to learn the better moves so my time can get better20071217
20691 minute 28.65 secondsJimmy LearyIm sure that is not fast compared to other kids my age, im 13.20060417
20701 minute 29 secondsDaniel Christien/a 
20701 minute 29 secondsJoshua MiaoWas getting faster and faster and got this.20070217
20701 minute 29 secondsWorawut Pitakpongpanan/a20070822
20701 minute 29 secondsDavid Schottn/a20080130
20701 minute 29 secondsZachary WeissI am 11 years old!20080627
20701 minute 29 secondsRajant MeshramThis is the best I have ever done. But there was also a bit of Luck in this. I solved using the F2L method.20081021
20701 minute 29 secondsFernando Acaso RomeroWorking on a better time!!!20090214
20701 minute 29 secondsKenneth SvendsonI also maneged to solve 5 3x3 cubes during a commercial break (7-9min)20090308
20781 minute 29.23 secondsMatthias DePoorter1 week ago i couldn't solve it at all !
So I'm getting better :d
20791 minute 29.64 secondsBrendan EichholzerGot my first cube at christmas, it took me about 3 months to learn to solve the cube, done on a new 'speed cube'.20050625
20801 minute 29.82 secondsRyan MeadI have tried this many times, and I have solved many times. I can now get below 1:30.20080321
20811 minute 30 secondsEric WhiteIts not that fast but pretty good for me having started it 2 weeks ago. 
20811 minute 30 secondsAJ KiefteGot it 2 times. Based on a method the writer of the book solved the cube with in 5 minutes, I found many 'speed-ups' for myself and know the cube pretty well. Scoring most times betweeen 1:30 and 2:00. Above 2 minutes accidently happen. I'm Dutch and 15 years old.20050109
20811 minute 30 secondsKenny RichardsonThe first time I could solve the cube from memory at all was last month. I brought it to my high school, and my classmate Trey Westrich became interested in it. He bought his own cube shortly thereafter, and now he's faster than me! I'm currently working on algorithms for top corners and middle edges solved simultaneously. 
20811 minute 30 secondsMichael LauferThe cube is like a drug. It's so much fun, but the addiction is hell. 
20811 minute 30 secondsSebastien Hubertn/a 
20811 minute 30 secondsMichael EatonThis is using the vanilla layer system. Very ineffecient. 
20811 minute 30 secondsSujay KrishnaWatch out I come!!! 
20811 minute 30 secondsMatt Greenn/a 
20811 minute 30 secondsRebecca SchaferThanks, Yoda! 
20811 minute 30 secondsJarryd KerssCool. I'm on my way to being Pro. Been cubing for 1 month.20051113
20811 minute 30 secondsLloyd Perezi just started cubing 2 weeks ago and im proud of my time. my inspiration and desire to get girlfriend Charity20060323
20811 minute 30 secondsPavel Tarasov
20811 minute 30 secondsJeff Yuyeah.all right20080327
20811 minute 30 secondsAbhay RanaGot very very lucky in this. Timed it with Not Gonna Get Us- tatu20080820
20951 minute 30.05 secondsSean ClarkMeh.20071112
20961 minute 30.11 secondsJoshua EssigThe fastest in my school of students and teachers20080321
20971 minute 30.16 secondsBen MartinThe first time i did it it took almost a month.. finally got my time down 
20981 minute 30.45 secondsJainash PrakashMy best solve ever, so proud of this one!20071205
20991 minute 31 secondsPerry WhyteI don't know how people do it in 15 seconds. 
20991 minute 31 secondsIrsyad TahirAt my school me and my friend were challenging each other on who would be the fastest in the cube. so he set the record of 2 min and 17 sec. so then he scramble for me and then ask me to solve it. it was so fast next thing i know its finish.. but it took the smiles away from my friend when i beat his record by almost a minute.20071026
21011 minute 31.04 secondsBrian Abenesn/a 
21021 minute 31.07 secondsChristian Spencerim up in the 1801-something but now im going down now hope to see you in the san diego open
21031 minute 31.59 secondsHolger Nägln/a20080331
21041 minute 31.80 secondsKe WeiliangI lubricated my cube and this is my new timing.20071222
21051 minute 31.95 secondsMike EstradaDone on a stopwatch with no lucky breaks. Cube even got stuck on a few moves. 
21061 minute 32 secondsSebastian Thomn/a 
21071 minute 32.13 secondsKacey Dods
My F2L is really sloppy. I need to work on solving without stopping.
21081 minute 32.43 secondsDavid ForbesMy fastest time. Only been cubing for about a week. 
21081 minute 32.43 secondsSandro SchillerThat is the way it is. 
21101 minute 33 secondsSebastian Verschoorn/a20060215
21101 minute 33 secondsAlejandra Ramírezn/a20071011
21101 minute 33 secondsGerald Stillmann/a20071123
21101 minute 33 secondsSteven Huynhi just started, now im learning the fridrich method20080120
21141 minute 34 secondsDavid Harshbargern/a20050524
21141 minute 34 secondsChris KennedyMy fastest time, im new20070628
21161 minute 34.11 secondsArnoud BleesOn the way from the Rubiks Booklet from 1999. 
21171 minute 34.23 secondsChris PattersonMy third official timing. I haven't come within 10 seconds of that yet again and its been a week. I'm only 14 and I can solve the cube. My brother told me age matters so much in the cube world! 
21181 minute 34.25 secondsEddie Bentallon my good cube
other cube is 2:00.5
21191 minute 35 secondsPete Wojciechowski4th flo Southeast OwEN! 
21191 minute 35 secondsWade GorderMy fastest non lucky time to date. I am going to try a faster method to see if I can improve my time. I have been placing one peice at a time to achieve this and have been starting with the top corner pieces. I hope to have a faster time posted soon. 
21191 minute 35 secondsDalton Claybrookn/a20051215
21191 minute 35 secondsJohn Brockbest time. I'm hoping it will go up when my new stickers and lube arrive. I've got a long time to go.20081127
21231 minute 35.91 secondsDekker DeaconMy personal best by 7 seconds not lucky, just smooth. 
21241 minute 36 secondsJainash DhanaYay, I beat my own record by nearly 30 seconds, practise makes perfect!20060315
21241 minute 36 secondsAnnas RahmanI learned a new algorithm and now I can solve the cube much faster. Yay!20070127
21241 minute 36 secondsWuqiong Fann/a20070715
21271 minute 37 secondsKyle E. BuffI learned how to solve the Rubik's cube while serving over in Iraq. A buddy and I would time each other for the fastest solve. This is the fastest time recorded between the two of us and I acheived this time while idling in an up-armor humvee waiting to go out on a mission.20060827
21271 minute 37 secondsAnnie HallA few days after learning how to solve a cube.20070402
21271 minute 37 secondsMike LisakAverage time is about 2 minutes, but I'm really happy with this time. Its the first time i got into the 1s.20071121
21271 minute 37 secondsBruce Gardnern/a20071204
21271 minute 37 secondsMichael SoutoThe best I have ever done solving this cube. I was so excited when i solved it in this time.20080427
21321 minute 37.67 secondsCornelius Dieckmannit's my first day...20090214
21331 minute 37.86 secondsJoseph KimIt's amazing what you can learn from the Internet20080709
21341 minute 38 secondsChris Kelly (2)n/a20060706
21341 minute 38 secondsRonald HoUsed Petrus to get the 2x3x3. Finished the last side face to finish the 1st and 2nd layer with the basic algorithm: putting the corner in first, then the side. Did LL with Niklas, Sune, and Allan.20070328
21361 minute 39 secondsAlex X VelascoI would like to thank my bird gilbert for being quiet and allowing me to focus on my cube. Now that I have found this site I will work even harder at reaching my goal of under 1 minute so watchout. 
21361 minute 39 secondsSunwoo BanI'm SunWoo Ban from KOREA. I solved Rubik's Cube when I was 5 years and 3 months old. My father taught me how to solve it.
21361 minute 39 secondsAndy Forsbergn/a20070111
21361 minute 39 secondsJohnny Chaun/a20080627
21361 minute 39 secondsThomas Zaragozai should get better. soon20081130
21411 minute 39.28 secondsJordan LambertThis is less than a month into attempting this puzzle . just wait I will be closer to the top of this list soon. 
21421 minute 40 secondsAaron SilvermanGroovy Cool Yeah! 
21421 minute 40 secondsNoel FallstromI'm slow, but at least I can solve it. 
21421 minute 40 secondsVittorio Paternostro100 seconds is my best time obtained in 2004. usually I solve in about 2'30" :-) and I look forward to solve the 4x4x4. I am ALMOST there! :-) Even if I were the 999.999.999th in the world, I'm still proud to be a cuber! :-)20061230
21421 minute 40 secondsSudhanshu Singhn/a20080318
21461 minute 40.26 secondsBobby LancasterThis was my first time under 2 minutes and i think i can go faster 
21471 minute 41 secondsLucile SchreiberThank you Jori !20050304
21471 minute 41 secondsLorenzo Monteleonen/a20080321
21491 minute 41.56 secondsMike MarcusaOk. So I'm far behind, but Im catching up. Hope to get to sub 1 minute by end of the month. (LIONS!!!!) 
21501 minute 41.59 secondsJonathan Ginni want someone to teach me how to get faster20060110
21511 minute 42 secondsMitch SmithDid it while I was grounded.(Wolverines!!!!!)20050215
21511 minute 42 secondsTony Hamernickn/a20051226
21511 minute 42 secondsQuentin Lecomten/a20080605
21511 minute 42 secondsPrithvin MurugiahUsing the normal beginners method. ) Gonna learn the friedrich method now. )20080926
21551 minute 42.58 secondsRei IdekawaMay 2000. She was born in Tokyo.
Oct 2005. She has begun to struggle for a puzzle.
Jan 2006. She said that "I could solve a puzzle". And it was solved in about 5 minutes.
Feb 2006. She participated in a JRCA meeting and solved it in front of audience.(1min42.58sec)
Her height is just 1 meter.
If height of a table is more than 1 meter at the time of competition audience cannot watch her.
21561 minute 43 secondsCarl GoughNot bad for a 12 year old 6th grader back in 1982. My teachers couldn't believe it!1982
21561 minute 43 secondsAntoine LefebvreI'm 17 and my cube is a little slow but just a little. 
21561 minute 43 secondsDavid CasagrandeBeen playing with a rubiks cube on and off for about a month finally got it three days ago, and I'm working on my method and time. 
21561 minute 43 secondsJason Gardnern/a 
21561 minute 43 secondsMichael EvansI did it at Applebee's in Mesa Arizona with Mark, Brittany, Alyse, and Erik as witnesses. 
21561 minute 43 secondsChen Wu JuangI broke my 2:13 record! (I didn't time myself for a bit of
time and i must have improved in that time)
21621 minute 44 secondsSteve Barbern/a 
21621 minute 44 secondsNicholas DeRoyI just started recently and this is my fastest so far, but i'm working on it.20050130
21621 minute 44 secondsRyan KaginAfter doing it 5 times in a row as fast as I could, you get the hang of it real quick. 
21621 minute 44 secondsLyall CooperMy friend just taught me over the summer it turns out to be very easy.20071125
21661 minute 44.08 secondsVincent JacobsThis is my fastest non-cheat time so far. Average of ten no inspection fastest is 2 min 06 sec, down from 3 min 30 sec of a month ago.
Using essentially "new solution". My goal is to eclipse 1 min 30 sec. After that may try to learn F2L and/or LL to get to sub minute. My cube is not lubed but is broken in, springy cube. Have to get my "first two layers" to 40 or 30 seconds. happy cubing!
21671 minute 44.49 secondsAmanda RobinsonTry try again. 
21681 minute 44.83 secondsMatthew CommonisHaven't posted since my first posting, I've gotten better :D20060123
21691 minute 45 secondsHell RavenWell, what can i say, i suck =0(, but two days ago i couldnt solve it, im not doing that bad. my cube is a little crappy too (pointless whining). I never use my real name, I'm to modest. 
21691 minute 45 secondsCãtãlin UrsachiYes! 
21691 minute 45 secondsFuzzy NevilleI just lubed my cube a few days ago so I'm starting to get faster. I still use the book's method so.yeah. Please e-mail me a recommended method if you fast people ever wander this low in the charts. 
21691 minute 45 secondsSteven RussoGo Jaspers. 
21691 minute 45 secondsMatthew Richardsgimme the cube! 
21691 minute 45 secondsVaughan Weatherallw00t. yeah I'm getting better. Slowly20050509
21691 minute 45 secondsRaphael Ryoon/a20060607
21691 minute 45 secondsBevan GoldswainMy site20060825
21691 minute 45 secondsErin DeWittn/a20080407
21691 minute 45 secondsQiana BartonI want to learn to do it in under a minute! :D20080627
21791 minute 46.46 secondsBrad SummersWoo, doesn't sound that great but it is for me!20080414
21801 minute 47 secondsMathieu CransacMy record with the layer-by-layer system. I do not think I can go faster with this method, and therefore I am going to look for another one. 
21801 minute 47 secondsAndrew Hodgesbest solve timed ever average around 2 minutes and 30 seconds trying to work best time to 1 minute 30 seconds.20060411
21801 minute 47 secondsTim best time!20070323
21831 minute 47.13 secondsCorey GriffinThe day after my first attempt at a speedsolve I ended up cuting my record time in half, and doing it consistantly. I'm actually sort of proud for getting under two minutes with the beginner's method (y'know, cross, bottom layer, middle, top, corners, sides). Now I must memorize more, as I think this is my limit with that method.20050517
21841 minute 47.28 secondsJoseph ChouYeah, not very good, but oh well, I solved it!!!20090214
21851 minute 47.74 secondsSibel Köksaln/a20050128
21861 minute 47.78 secondsThanasit SakpladisaiT'm lucky man..20070913
21871 minute 48 secondsDianne Mae M. FerrolinoI won this round against my classmates Erwin Catarus and Vince Santolaja.20090308
21881 minute 48.34 secondsMaya IrvineLearned how to solve the Rubik's cube last weekend from the greatest guy in the world, Matt Walter! Maybe I can get under a minute someday? :) Thanks Matty, love you!20060917
21891 minute 49 secondsLars NygårdSelf learned. Random scrambled cube.seems like I have something to learn from this site. :-)20051213
21891 minute 49 secondsVirgile Andreanin/a20060824
21891 minute 49 secondsDan Monn/a20071228
21921 minute 49.32 secondsTodd Eversn/a 
21931 minute 49.51 secondsMatt PoreIt took me awhile to get it my first time, but I got it. 
21941 minute 49.98 secondsMichael SullivanI just used the method that came with the pamphlet. After doing it a few thousand times like this, I got down to my record. I am going to get into speed cubing now. 
21951 minute 50 secondsMei Chauvn/a 
21951 minute 50 secondsXumgiangI never see any people can beat me with the rubiks cube. I really want to play with you guys. 
21951 minute 50 secondsMarc MuntanéMy average is 2min. 10sec. I'll improve it!!! 
21951 minute 50 secondsRuslan AlabaevI had better time (1:32), but it was with 1 step less I think. Not sure. This is with the "non fast" method.20060209
21951 minute 50 secondsAbola Aloban/a20060218
21951 minute 50 secondsJim SteinbergUsing complete beginners method.
Will get much faster once I completely learn Fridrich method